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National Parks and Sanctuaries in India


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National Parks and Sanctuaries in India

According to the report of Forest Survey of India 2008, 23.68% of India’s land area is covered by forest. A wide variety of trees and animals are found in these forests as diverse as cultures and religions in India.

National Parks and SanctuariesNational parks are established by the government to conserve endangered species of animals. Hailey National Park or Jim Corbett National Park is the India's first national park and was established in 1935. By 1970, India had only five national parks till 1970 but now the number has increased to 97. All national parks altogether covers 38,029.18 km² of land area.

India has over 500 Wildlife Sanctuaries. Among these, Project Tiger administers 28 Tiger Reserves established with an aim to conserve tiger. Some wildlife sanctuaries are specifically named Bird Sanctuary. Many Wildlife Sanctuaries are later on converted into National Parks.

Some sanctuaries are dedicated to some specific animal species, like the National Chambal (Gharial) Wildlife Sanctuary for conserving the Gharial established in 1978.

Some of the famous national parks and Sanctuaries are enlisted below with their home state or territory and the date that they were established.

Corbett National Park
Famous National Parks in India

S.No.National Parks
 StateYear in which established
Area (in sq. Km)
 Gir National Park Gujarat
 Bandhavgarh National Park Madhya Pradesh 1982 448.85
 Corbett National Park Uttarakhand
 1936 520.82
 Dudhwa National Park
 Uttar Pradesh 1977 490.29
 Ranthambore National Park
 Rajasthan 1980 392
 Kaziranga National Park
 7. Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh 1955 940
 8. Nagarhole National Park Karnataka1988
 9. Sundarbans National Park West Bengal
 1984 1330.10
 10. Manas National Park Assam 1990 500
 11. Bandipur National Park Karnataka 1974 874.20
 12. Sultanpur National Park Haryana 1989 1.43
 13. Sariska National Park Rajasthan 1979 800

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India
Famous Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

 StateYear in which established 
Area (in sq. Km) 
 1. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary Rajasthan 1971 29
 2. Sariska Tiger Reserve Rajasthan 1955 800
 3. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary Kerala 1950 (as sanctuary)
1978 (as tiger reserve)


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