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Ancient India Timeline


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Ancient India Timeline

There is a series of various milestones in the history of Ancient India which makes India what it is today. Listed below are some important years in the history of Ancient India:

Beginning of the Indus Valley Civilization

3000 BC

Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro established

2500 BC

Use of iron tools by Indo-Aryans

1100 BC

Beginning of caste system

700 BC

Upanishads were composed

527 BC

Prince Mahavira establishes Jainism

500 BC

Alexander the Great invades Indus valley

327 BC

Maurya dynasty established

304 BC

Ramayana was composed

300 BC

Mauryan emperor Ashoka converts to Buddhism

259 BC

Maurya dynasty expands to the whole of India

220 BC

Mahabharata was composed between

200 BC and 200 AD

Maurya dynasty ends

184 BC

Bhagavata Gita was composed

100 BC

End of Sunga dynasty

78 BC

Buddhist stupa constructed at Sanchi

50 AD

Hindus divided into four major castes

200 AD

Pallava dynasty established in Kanchi

300 AD

Kumaragupta builds monastic university

450 AD

Aryabhatta writes Aryabhattiyam

499 AD

Beginning of Bhakti cult in Tamil Nadu

500 AD

Chalukyan kingdom established in central India

550 AD

Harsha Vardhana builds kingdom of Thanesar

606 AD

Harsha Vardhana defeated by Chalukyas

647 AD

Pallavas establishes Mamallapuram

670 AD

Chalukyas defeats the Rashtrakutas

775 AD

End of the Pallava dynasty

888 AD

Mahmud of Ghazni conquers Punjab

998 AD

Chola Empire conquers Srivijaya, Malaya and Maldives

1050 AD

Chalukya Empire splits Hoysalas, Yadavas and Kakatiyas

1190 AD
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