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Best Bus Journeys in India


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Best Bus Journeys in India

Bus Journeys in India

If you are from India, and someone suggests that you need to travel by bus to your destination, you would not be thrilled about it. However, buses are quite popular in India, and due to diverse routes that buses take, and the scenic and aesthetic beauty offered all over the country, some of the bus tours might be the greatest travel experiences that you can ever have. Irrespective of where you are, and where you want to go, there will always be at least one route that will blow your mind away. Buses are generally synonymous with crowded uncomfortable journeys, delays in the schedule, jerks all the way, and nothing to see or feel except pollution and dust. However, some of the greatest journeys you can find in India can be made on buses.

India is a big country, and each corner of the country has its own specialty. If you plan to visit the southern coastal regions of the country, you will find great bus tours that cover the beaches and the beautiful oceans and seas. If you go to the north western part of the country, you can find a bus ride through heritage buildings, artifacts and establishments from the Mughal Empires and even before. On the foothills of Himalaya, you will find a great number of bus rides that are highly adventurous in the narrow roads with sharp turns. The north and north east India offers some of the greatest views that you can ever see. In the eastern part of the country again you come to see of the establishments from British reign in India, some heritage and a glimpse of real Indian culture, all in a bus tour. Some of the must bus tours that one should undertake in India are:

Chennai – Puducherry Bus Tour

Best Bus Routes in India

One of the finest rides on the Indian coast line on the side of Bay of Bengal, the rip from Chennai to Puducherry is an unforgettable journey. When you start out from the city of Chennai, all that you will notice is the busy streets and the heavy traffic. However, as you slowly pull away from the city, the scenic beauty hits you. On parts of the journey, on side of the road you can catch a glimpse of the Bay of Bengal, and on the other side, you can see large lands of plantations stretching till the horizon. If you take an evening bus, you will get to see the sunrise on the horizon just before you pull into Pondicherry. If you take a morning bus, you might be able to see the orange sunset over the plantation fields as well.

Approximate duration: This short ride takes only 3 hours to complete, but the memories you make are going to last you a lifetime. There are different buses that leave at different times.

Approximate Fare: Depending on which bus service you are taking, the fares might vary a lot. The AC seater Volvos has a fare close to INR 300 at an average. The AC semi sleeper Volvos are a bit costlier, close to INR 500.

Bengaluru – Ooty Bus Tour

Bus Trips in India

One of the all time favorite bus route encompassing a part of the coastal India, the trip from Bengaluru to Ooty is going to show you how different two cities so close by can be. Bengaluru is one of the busiest cities in India, and the roads are narrow and cramped with cars end to end. However, when you reach the city of Mysore, you can see the roads widen and realize the historical significance of the city with just a glance. The monumental establishments will leave you mesmerized as you slowly pull away and make your way to Ooty. Not only will you see a change in the sights, the pollution free air and the wide angle views, but a sudden drop in temperature as well. Even the cuisine changes during the journey and you will find the effect of local spices in them. On the way you will find the Banipur National Park, where you can see the vegetation and if you are lucky you might come across some wildlife as well.

Approximate Duration: The bus ride is approximately 7 hours long on smooth roads. Although you might have enough time to catch a nap, keep your eyes wide open and take in all you can of this beautiful ride.

Approximate Fare: The fare on both Non AC sleeper and AC semi sleeper are close, approximately INR 1000. You might find different prices from different bus services.

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Bengaluru– Goa Bus Tour

Bus Journey from Bengaluru to Goa

Goa is all fun, sand, surf and enjoyment. If and when you need a good rest, you can always head to Goa, the bus ride from Bengaluru to Goa is enchanting in ways more than one. First of all, during the ride you can see the slow transition from the busy city life in Bengaluru, to the easy going carefree vacation in Goa. On top of that, you move along the west coast throughout the journey and get to see some of the best views. Moreover, you will pass some great cities and villages on your way which will let you understand the true value of rural India. The highways in both the states of Karnataka and Goa are marvelous so you need not worry about a bumpy ride. The ride from Mumbai to Goa in a bus is equally enticing. You can make this trip on any day as regular bus service is available.

Approximate Duration: The trip from Bangalore to Goa takes about 10 hours. The roads are great and the views are majestic, you will not feel bored for even a moment in the whole journey.

Approximate Fare: This ride is going to set you back by INR 70 approximately, but the journey is totally worth every penny that you spend on it.

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Delhi – Manali Bus Tour

Bus from Delhi to Manali

One of the most popular bus trips in India, one that is without fail the best in summers, is a trip from the national capital of New Delhi to Manali in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The Delhi crowd and visitors to the city can never bear the summer heat, and Manali is the best trekking destination in India. However, the main reason for taking this bus ride is to enjoy the wonderful route that you see during the whole journey. Although it is a busy route and there might be some traffic on the way, this ride seldom deviates from the schedule. Travelling from a busy city to one of the cleanest places in India, on the foothills of one of the most majestic mountain ranges in India, Himalayas, this ride is a must that you need to take at least once in your life.

Approximate duration for ride:
It takes approximately 12 hours to go to Manali from Delhi, but different bus services might provide different schedules depending on the number of stops in between. You start at early evening and reach Manali at early morning.

Approximate Fare:
You will find Volvo AC buses (semi sleeper for this ride. You can advance book a ride or find a seat once you reach. There are many bus service providers and the fare varies quite a lot, but it is close to INR 1000.

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Delhi – Agra Bus Tour

Bus Routes in India

Delhi seems to be the all time favorite for exquisite bus tours and the most frequent and common bus ride is that from Delhi to Agra - the place of the great Taj Mahal. Its beauty is unparalleled and people from all parts of the globe pour in to just get a glimpse of it. This bus ride from Delhi to Agra, via majestic roads and especially the recently opened Yamuna Expressway will zip zap zoom to your destination in no time. You start your journey from Delhi, a city which is home to some of the greatest historical monuments like Red Fort and Qutub Minar and move on to Agra, another place of rich historical importance. Then you enter the state of Uttar Pradesh and travel through a part of rural India to reach your destination, Agra with the Monument of Love just waiting for you.

Approximate Duration: The Yamuna Expressway from Greater Noida to Delhi has reduced the travel time to just 150 minutes without stopping or much of traffic halts.

Approximate Fare: There are about a hundred different bus services that can get you from Delhi to Agra. The fare varies a lot, but it is mostly between INR 450 and INR 700. Check to make sure you are not being cheated, for this fair you are supposed to get an AC Volvo semi sleeper.

Manali – Kaza Bus Tour

Road Trips in India

One of the best, most beautiful and adventurous bus routes in India, spanning from one side of Himachal Pradesh to another, is going to take you through some of the best mountainous rural scenes that you can ever imagine to come across in your lifetime. The road can be treacherous that it is open only during the hot summer months from April to September, and then again buses get cancelled on a daily basis, more so during the rainy seasons. On your way you will be passing through some of the most beautiful places that you can ever expect to see, including Roothan La, Gramphu, Kunzum La and Losar until you finally reach Kaza in Spiti. Do not expect good smooth plain roads. Only true enthusiasts and adventure loving people should take this ride, but it is totally worth it. Once you reach Kaza, you can set up a trekking base their, or enjoy the rural scenes, but you will never be able to forget the ride in your life.

Approximate Duration:
The bus ride is scheduled to take about 10 or 12 hours. However, it varies greatly depending on weather and road conditions.

Approximate Fare: The 210 kilometer 10 hour long bus journey will cost you something around INR 300 to INR 400 for ordinary buses.

Delhi – Udaipur Bus Tour

Bus Routes in India

There are many routes that might take you to your destination, but never fail to choose the most beautiful one. Going to Udaipur from Delhi, the best route goes through Ajmer. Although your journey commences at Delhi, this is a bus ride that introduces you to the diversity of Rajasthan. You are going to start from Delhi, and as soon as you enter Rajasthan the first thing that you are going to notice is the extreme climate change. At first you are going to be greeted by the Pink City, Jaipur which will greet you with old palaces and buildings. After that you can reach Ajmer, a religious place where people from all walks of life visit to fulfill their dreams. By the time you reach the lake city of Udaipur, you will be mesmerized by all its beauty.

Approximate Duration: It is going to take you around 12 hours to make this trip.

Approximate Fare:
For a standard AC sleeper in a Volvo, you will have to spend around INR 1000. There are a few different bus services that provide this service, and you can choose any one of them.

Kolkata – Darjeeling Bus Tour

Bus Routes in India

One of the longest popular bus routes in India, the trip from Kolkata to Darjeeling via Siliguri is a lovely trip on a super-fast bus service. Darjeeling is an all time favorite holiday destination, especially during the simmer seasons. It is a long and hard trip, but it takes you all the way from the state capital down south of West Bengal to the extreme north of the state in Darjeeling. On the way you pass through many districts and see all the diversity that the state of West Bengal has to offer. You can feel the touch of red soil, the real rural lifestyle, the different accents amongst all the other wonderful sights and sounds. You pass some majestic rivers on the way, some great plantation fields, small forest areas, lush green vegetation as you climb to the foothills of Himalayas. After you reach Siliguri, you see mountains all around you and climb steadily until you reach a strip of plain land in Darjeeling. You will come across some wonderful tea gardens along the slope of the mountains as well as you climb the spiraling roads with hairpin turns. It is difficult to put into word all the different experiences that you will experience once you set out on this journey. You will be travelling by the National highway 34 for most part of the journey.

Approximate Duration: The total time taken for this journey is about 13 hours. It might get a bit tiring and difficult to make such a long journey at a stretch, so you might want to break your journey at Siliguri for a day before you take a 2 hour ride to Darjeeling.

Approximate Fare:
The non AC buses to Darjeeling via Siliguri are going to cost you a total of about INR 400. The AC sleeper and semi sleeper Volvo buses are a bit costlier but the total prices will lie within INR 1000.

Mumbai to Goa Bus Tour

Road Trips in India

One of the most frequented journeys and a scenic one too is Bombay to Goa. This journey takes about 14 hours on an average and takes you through the beautiful highways and roads that are filled with nature. You will come across fields and farms along with small towns that offer some of the best local seafood delights. More than 12 operators provide luxury bus routes to the town of Goa. Most buses leave late at night and reach early in the morning so that you are able to save time and hotel fares too. In fact, the late night journey routes might take lesser time as compared to day buses. Unless you really want to enjoy the scenery, it makes sense to travel at night. But for those who believe in the journey than the destination, a bus route is most enjoyed during the day.

Approximate Duration- The journey may take anywhere between 10-12 hours depending on whether you travel in the day or at night. The buses take a break midway so you can stretch your legs and enjoy some local food and hot tea.

Approximate Fare -
The bus fares start at Rs.350 for standard bus journeys and go up to around Rs.900 for luxury buses that also provide food. There are sleeper buses available too that offer optimum comfort.

Bus and Bollywood

Bollywood movies shot in buses

Buses have been such a big part of the Indian culture that they have been repeatedly used in Indian cinemas. The most prominent use might be the 1972 movie Bombay to Goa starring Amitabh Bachhan, that was shot entirely based on a bus journey from Bombay (now Mumbai) to Goa. A film by the same name was made in 2007, again based on a bus ride from Mumbai to Goa. Another big multi starrer movie to be based on a bus tour from Mumbai to Goa is Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd. Buses and bus tours have been featured in many of the regional films as well. The most important thing about these movies is that the bus itself plays a major role in the movie. Based on a different route, Mr and Mrs Iyer is yet another movie that has a bus journey play the central role. Even songs and sequences have frequently choreographed inside buses and on the top of buses. Movies like Kick, Commando and even movies from the earlier days like Nayak have great fight sequences based on buses.

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