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Best Iftar Places In India


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Best Iftar Places In India

Best Iftar Places In India

Iftar is the daily meal consumed after breaking the Ramadan fast. Fast is broken at sunset by the Muslims who keep the fast during the holy month usually after the prayers. Nevertheless, Iftar along with a religious ritual has emerged as a vibrant occasion to celebrate food. It is all about enjoying succulent kebabs with fried parathas, rice, fruits and vegetables. Dried fruits are a crucial part of the feast too. It is a spread that is mainly non-vegetarian but there are a lot of vegetarian dishes included in the menu too. Sweets in particular are given a lot of emphasis when Iftar is done.

The meals are divided into two main parts. One is taken before sunrise and is called Sehri. It is a very simple and healthy meal that is consumed to ensure that the people who fast are able to sustain themselves throughout the day. It comprises of either milk or tea with biscuits, some cakes, jams, etc. Some families also have eggs, porridge, or flat rice or poha along with lots of fruits and dried fruits. Many kinds of juices, flavored milks, smoothies, etc. are also added to the Sehri to ensure that the people get some nutrition before commencing their day. Roza is then broken after sunset, with some water and dates. It is after this, that the people have a hearty meal. One is served an array of other dried fruits, colored and flavored sherbets and milk along with a range of foods. Here are some of the best places in India for Iftar-

Old Delhi

Iftar in Delhi

Everything related to Iftar is located near Old Delhi. You will be amazed to see the fanfare that takes place around the area especially near the Jama Masjid. One really has to struggle to get a seat during Iftar and bookings are made in advance. Here are some of the best places in Delhi to have Iftar-

Karim’s (Karim Hotel)

16, Gali Kababian, Jama Masjid, New Delhi
Rs. 800 for two people

This is one of the most popular destinations in the city in terms of culinary flavors. It is located in the narrow and old streets of Delhi and you can certainly get the best Iftar spread here. It comprises of items Mutton Burra, Mutton Qorma, Brain Curry, Chicken Mughlai, Ghost Curry, Nahari and Chicken Jahangiri. Additional Iftar specialties are added everyday so that one doesn’t get bored.

Ashok & Ashok Meat Dhaba

5820/42, Subhash Chowk, Sadar Thana, Sadar Bazar, Near Azad Market, New Delhi
Rs. 500 for two people

The food here is all about getting started with a feast. They use excellent quality desi ghee for preparing their biryanis and other Iftar foods. Yes the menu is restricted and includes Biryani (Mutton and Chicken) along with a Curry (Mutton and Chicken) and Roti. So you can have your fruits and dried fruits at home before heading here to complete your meal.

Al Jawahar

8, Jama Masjid Matia Mahal Road, Matia Mahal, Opposite Gate 1, Jama Masjid, New Delhi
Rs. 800 for two people

It is said that Ramadan is not really complete with Nihari and this place serves the most tasty and spiciest of Nihari served with Khameeri Rotis. This is one of the most frequent Old Delhi restaurants during and even after Ramadan.

Haji Shabrati Nihari Wale

Shop 722, Haveli Azam Khan, Chitli Qabar, Jama Masjid, New Delhi
Rs. 350 for two people

This one is a legendary eatery in the city that serves some of the freshest and tenderest meats. Some of the must try items here include Bheja Nihari, Nalli Nihari and Paya Nihari. All of these are cooked in tasty spices. It also has a special beef preparation.


Iftar Meals in India

On any given night in Ramadan, Mohammed Ali Road, under the JJ Flyover in Mumbai is one of the most popular hangouts. It has foodies from around the city surrounding the area to search for some Iftar delights. The food forte here includes chicken, mutton and beef dishes. Some of the classics of course are the kebab and korma for which Mumbai is famous. At Mohammed Ali Road you can get everything from flavored milk to rolls or biryani for the Ifrat meal. 

Persia Dubar

Persia Darbar Jogeshwari, Mumbai
6-7, Lily Tower CHS Ltd, R.B Sharma Center, S V Road, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai

This one is located in West Mumbai and is very popular for its meats. The murg zafrani kebab in particular is a popular dish along with rabdi. During the months of ramadan, the place is ever crowded and it is best to reach here on time to avoid the rush.

Bar-B-Que Corner

Bar-B-Que Corner Byculla, Mumbai, India address
Khara Tank Road, Mohammad Ali Road, Byculla, Mumbai

This place is another Iftar specialty restaurant that is ever crowded. Here you can get some of the best kebabs in Mumbai along with the Kheeri-kaleji. The prices here are dirt cheap and the taste definitely high. You can get Mutton Seekh and Khiri for just Rs. 55.


Shalimar Byculla, Mumbai, India address
Vazir Building, Shalimar Corner, Bhendi Bazaar, Sandhurst Road, Byculla, Mumbai

Located at Bhendi Bazaar, this is a bustling commercial area filled with business and family people. You can easily try some of the kebabs here along with North Indian delicacies and korma and bheja fry. The mouth-watering biryani is another delicacy, especially the Raan Biryani or slow cooked whole leg of lamb.


Iftar in Kolkata

Kolkata celebrates Ramadan all across the city and you can find Muslim shopkeepers sharing their meals with non-Muslims all the time. In fact, many eateries also host a special Iftar meal to lure people from all backgrounds. Since fresh meat is easily available here along with fruit, the spread is always lavish. Most people have their fruits and milk at their stores or offices before heading out for an Iftar meal. Food in Kolkata is not restricted to the classics of Iftar but includes puchka, muri and even mishti doi, rosogolla, machher jhol. One of the most popular places here includes Aliah, a small place on Bentinck Street that serves the tenderest haleem along with mutton rezala, soft rotis and melt-in-the-mouth biryani. Eggs and potatoes are served with almost all Iftar dishes here. 

Restaurants in Zakaria Street

Located in Zakaria street, near Nakhoda Mosque are some of the most quaint and authentic shops that prepare a special Iftar feast. The ‘Special Aminia Haleem’ is available only during this time of the year.
A tad away from Zakaria street is an eatery called Royal India Hotel. Here you get a selection of spare ribs along with mutton chaap or mutton chops. These are so delicious that you don’t mind waiting for breaking your fast a bit more.

147, Rabindra Sarani, Bara Bazar, Kolkata

Food Stalls At Colootola Mosque

There are specialty food stalls set up around the Colootola Mosque during Ramadan that offer a range of satiating meat preparations that the locals swear by. It is a complete destination for all your Iftar needs. You can try out the roasted chicken and kheeri kebabs. Another specialty of the stalls here is meat stewed in spices called Rezala. Shahi Tukda is another specialty here.


Rahmania is most popular for its selection of finger licking foods like biryani and haleem. You can find many other outlets in the city but this one remains to be one of the most popular ones. Be ready to face a long queue here, though it is worth the wait.


Park Street Area › 56, Park Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata
Cost for 2: Rs. 500


Iftar in India

Everything associated with Iftar is available in Hyderabad. Be it the delicious biryanis or the haleem that was once served to the Nizams here, Hyderabad is a city that offers cuisines that are worthy for a king and breaking the ramadan fast. Hera are some of the most popular eateries for Iftar:

Pista House

Kotla Alijah, Moghalpura, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002

This is one place that is best known for their Hyderabadi haleem. It is a famous preparation here that is also exported to many countries in the Middle East, along with Europe, American and Canada. Pista House also offers a range of sweet dishes to complete your meal along with good service and top-notch food.

Hotel Shadab

22-71 Old Mumbai Road, Lingampally, Tara Nagar, Chandanagar,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500019

This is one of the most popular places for desserts and you can lay your hands on soft and melting loaves of sheermal along with the qubani-ka-meetha. It is the perfect way to finish your fast or even start with. Along with the sweet specialties you also get an assortment of meat preparations and biryanis here.

Madina Hotel

Pathergatti Rd, Rikab Gunj, Ghansi Bazaar,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500066

This is another popularly frequented places in the city of Hyderabad. Along with the classics like biryanis and local meat preparations you can also get an assortment of sweet dishes during the Ramadan months. Do try their mutton preparations as they are succulent and tender.


Iftar in Bengaluru

Bengaluru or‘Silicon Valley’ is a delight for any food lover and during the Ramadan months, it just offers something for everyone. The Iftar gourmet galore during Ramadan is spread all around the city offering a range of lip smacking dishes.

Stalls In Mosque Road

Mosque Road close to Frazer town offers top quality Ramadan food at throwaway prices. They offer kheema rolls and chicken sticks that are delicious and can be eaten quickly. Then there are also multiple kiosks being circulated and sold like milk sharbat, rose falooda, matka phirni and strawberry cheese-cake and the famous shahi tukda. Other delights during the season include chicken samosas, kheema parathas, biryanis kebabs, kathi rolls, etc. So keep checking out the different stalls for assortment of dishes.

Albert Bakery

Albert Bakery Frazer Town, Bangalore, India address
93, Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore

In the midst of all of this hustle and bustle is a small eatery that is ever flooded with Iftar delights. Here you can have something that is authentic along with a continental delights. Popular items include bheja or brain puffs that are like soft balls with cream cheese.

MM Road

Located in MM road are two of the most popular and frequently visited places during Iftar. One of them is Zaikaa that offers 7 exotic kinds of mutton dishes and the other is Richies Rahhams that has a whopping number of 31 tandoor cooked delicacies. There are some exotic items on the list that you can really try out including kulfi kebab, khatta mittha kebab and kalimirch kebab.

65, M M Road, Near-Ismail Sait Mosque, Frazer Town,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005

82, MM Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore


Iftar in India

Iftar in Srinagar is all about celebrations with friends and family at shrines and places nearby mosques. Some of the most popular and visited place here include streets near the Hazratbal, the revered shrine. And the favorite Iftar meal here is its gastronomic delight halwa-parantha combination. These are not any regular parathas because they are fried deep and served with halwa made with pure ghee. Savory breads and sweets are available at local bakeries too.

7’s Cafe

Sangarmaal City Center, M a Road, Srinagar 190001

The 7’s cafe is a contemporary kind of themed restaurant that welcomes Iftar with delight. It is all about providing quality seafood along with other Iftar delicacies. They welcome you to the Mehafil-e-Husne-Qirat followed by Iftar on special occasions.

Ahdoos Hotel

Residency Road

This place serves classic Kashmiri food along with a range of mughlai delights. You can head here after having your fruits and dates for a lavish meal.


Iftar in UP

Even today, Lucknow has some areas that serve traditional and sit-down Iftar meals while the others offer more contemporary restaurant themes and ideas. The feast starts after Iftar and continues for long. Fruits are a specialty here because they are easily available, especially mangoes that remains a popular fruit ever. Along with this, Iftar includes the classic kulchas, parathas, rotis, biryanis, kebabs, meats, etc. But Lucknow is also very famous for their Iftar chaats. In particular the fruit chaats along with dal and potato tikis are famous here. You can dig into desserts like kulfi, nihari, sheermal, paya, phirni, etc. Pakodas are fried out and served with doodh pheni. Areas apround Akbari Gate and the Aishbagh Idgah are most frequently visited during Ramadan.


L.G.F, Rohtas K's Trident, Rana Pratap Marg, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Located in Hazratganj this is one of the places that offers a bit of everything. You can pick from a buffet meal or go for the a-la carte menu.This is one of the places that has evolved as a popular joint for those who want a break from the traditional meats and kebabs and want to try out something more contemporary for Iftar.

Wahid Biryani

Beside Tunday Kebabi, Aminabad Market, Aminabad, Lucknow

This is one of the most popular places for Biryani after prayers are said. The food here is succulent with  touch of the classic flavors of Lucknow. The prices are affordable and the flavors high on taste. You can pick from a range of meaty dishes and kebabs along with korma and curries. So there’s something here for everyone.


Iftar celebrations in India

It may be a walled city otherwise, but when it comes to Iftar, Ahmedabad is a melting pot of flavors and celebrating with much pomp. There are so many places to try out here during the Ramadan period that you will probably get tired. One of the must tries includes a hale that is made with mutton and lentils. The best place to dig your hands into this would be the stalls near Jama Masjid. If you want something more then head to the stalls that sell keema paranthas near Shah-e-Alam Dargah. Another road side venture here would be the Bhatiara Galli in Khas Bazaar that has the most delicious seekh kebab and naan along with silli gosht and chicken dana. And finally finish it off with some sweet from Sheetal Ice Cream in Jamalpur that has desserts like falooda and sheer khurma.

Shahi Masala

Opposite Electricity House, Relief Road, Ahmedabad

This is not one of your typical plush joints but it is a place that serves almost everything that one could want during Ramadan. You can dig into specialities of the season or simply savor something from the menu, which also includes Chinese dishes.

Barah Handi

Address: Near Kalupur Police Station, Ahmedabad, India

One of the must try dishes here is the bara handi, which is a traditional dish comprising of 12 pots (Handi) that are made using a wood-fueled fire and set under the ground. Each of these 12 pots comprise of 12 different meat cuts and gravy that are slow-cooked overnight. You can pick any one of these 12 meats or opt for something that is known as Bhel or mixture of these 12 gravies and cuts.

Streets around Dargha

Shah-e-Alam Dargah is the place to be during Iftar. Here you can find different kinds of stalls that sell all of your Iftar meals. It includes fruits, dates, dried fruits, masala milk, keep parathas, biryani, etc. All of the dishes are made fresh and served with local spices.

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