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17 Awesome Places For Underwater Adventures In India


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17 Awesome Places For Underwater Adventures In India

India has a stunning coastline spreading over 7,000 km bordering by the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea from its east to south to west. The stunning coastline has more to offer than just some great scenic beauties. The beautiful beaches of the national shoreline offer some of the most amazing underwater sporting facilities like scuba diving and snorkelling to the adventure seeking tourists. These beaches give you the chances to explore the enthralling sea-world with all its unique and beautiful floras and faunas.

The best beaches for the underwater sports in India:

1. Wreck of Suzy’s, Goa


One of the most popular places in Goa mostly known as a heaven for Scuba Diving, Suzy’s Wreck has some of the best diving facilities in India. With the underwater visibility range between five to ten meters, a beautiful sea-world and proper safety measures, the Wreck of Suzy’s tops the list of the finest beaches for the underwater sports in India.

2. Bat Islands, Goa


The beach at the Bat Islands is perfect for snorkelling. The site is only around two kilometres far from the international airport near Bogmalo. The clear blue water of the beach offers an exciting experience of deep water activities.

3. Cove of Shelter, Goa

Cove of Shelter

Another place for experiencing a wonderful scuba diving, the Cove of Shelter is also a popular beach destination in Goa. Cove of Shelter not only offers a great opportunity for scuba, it is also a good spot for snorkelling.

4. Locker of Davy Jones, Goa


This one is another famous scuba diving spot in Goa. The Davy Jones’ Locker is a broken up metal wreck which is approximately 14 meter deep. It has a underwater visibility around six to eight meters so the divers get quite a clear vision of a stunning underwater world. The most frequently seen fishes here are the deep-water schooling ones like tuna, jacks, mullelts etc. Diving here at the Locker of Davy Jones needs experience.

5. The Jetty, Goa


The Jetty is situated at the north western mouth of the Grand Island and a great place for the shallow-water diving. The maximum depth of the water here is between six to eight meters.

6. Reef of Uma Guma, Goa

Uma Guma

The Reef of Uma Guma lies under the water around the Grand Islands and offers brilliant opportunities to experience the amazing sea-world. Uma Guma Reef is a famous spot for the scuba diving activities in Goa. The chief attractions of the reef are the jacks, surgeon fish, tuna, big barracudas, snappers, porcupine fish, reef sharks etc. the beautiful hard corals at the shallow part of the reef make some wonderful sights. The depth of the reef extends to a maximum 14 meters.

7. Havelock, Andaman & Nicobar Islands


This mesmerizing beach offers some of the most intense experience of underwater sports like scuba diving, snorkelling and sea walking. Scuba diving is the most popular underwater sport in Havelock and interested tourists can take the fun experience with the help of professional guides around the stunning natural coral reef areas.

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Another exciting way to explore the deep water world is to have a walk under the sea. The sea walking facilities at Havelock are the safe medium to enjoy the underwater world with the whole family together. You can walk through the corals, inside the reef and survey the sea-world on your own.

Snorkeling is another fun way to discover the versatility and the uniqueness of the underwater universe. Havelock gives you the amazing opportunity of snorkeling where you can float on the ocean and swim through the beautiful corals and reefs for around 30-40 minutes with the proper breathing apparatus required for the activity.

8. Turbo Tunnel, Goa


Turbo Tunnel is a perfect spot for the beginners to do a scuba diving. The depth of water here is around seven meters. The clear azure water, the colourful coral mounds and the amazingly unique underwater creatures would certainly amaze your ever wandering souls.

9. Bangaram, Lakshadweep


Bangaram is the best place at Lakshadweep to enjoy scuba diving activity. This shallow lagoon covered by the beautiful coral reef is a perfect spot to explore the sea-world. Apart from the corals the puffer fish, morlay eels, hermit crabs, manta rays are some of the other unique members of the marine world here which make the dives so fascinating.

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10. Kalpeni, Lakshadweep


Kalpeni is another chief attraction of the Lakshadweep Islands which offers some great underwater sports opportunities. The stunning coral banks, the coulourful marine world could be enjoyed thoroughly while doing the scuba here at Kalpeni.

11. Kadamat, Lakshadweep


The serene beach at the Kadmat Island provides with a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of the sea-world with all its splendour. The deep-water visibility in this area during the months of April to August remains from 15-40 meters, hence the experience becomes excellent.

12. Kavaratti, Lakshadweep

Best places for watersports in India

The beautiful beach of Kavaratti is the most stunning beach in Lakshadweep. It is one among those few beaches in Lakshadweep Islands where scuba diving is allowed. Interested tourists can take this opportunity to wander around the underwater and to get an experience of a lifetime.

13. Bay of Bounty, Goa


The Bay of Bounty is a great sight for the beginner divers trying to explore the beautiful underwater water. A large number of see floras and faunas and corals are the main attractions here at the Bay of Bounty. Like any other beaches, the Bay of Bounty also offers the best of underwater sporting facilities from the month of April to the month of August.

14. Grand Central Station, Netrani Island, Karnataka


This small yet beautiful island is located 10 nautical miles off the coast of Bhatkal in Karnataka and gives the breathtaking sights of the deep underwater world of the Arabian Sea through scuba diving and snorkeling. The place is popularly known as the ‘Diver’s Paradise’ and has the most abundant presence of the great barracuda, turtles, black tip sharks, napoleon wrasse, stone fish and stingrays making the sea-world so colourfully crowded. You should visit Netrani island during the months of April to July to make the most of the underwater sporting activities.

15. Dini’s Delight, Netrani Islands, Karnataka


Embellished by the amazing assortments of cowrie shells and several types of multi hued slugs, wrasse, angelfish, parrot fish, butterfly fish and sergeant major everywhere under the water, Dini’s Delight is truly a delight to the diving enthusiasts. Dini’s Delight offers some exciting chances to discover the stunning sea-world from the closest distance.

16. The Abby’s, Netrani Islands, Karnataka


The Abby’s is the deepest diving beach at the Netrani Islands which is also popularly known as the Abby’s Aquarium for housing a huge variety of marine floras and faunas. The maximum depth of the Abby’s is 35 meters. The depth makes a wonderfully clear visibility for the tourists to experience the enchanting underwater of the Arabian Sea.

17. Pondicherry


The only scuba diving beach along the east coast is at Pondicherry. The current and the unevenness of the water of the east coast normally does not provide with a great underwater sporting opportunity, but the beaches at Pondicherry offers some good facilities to quench the thirst for exploring the deep water world. The visibility of the deep-water remains from five to forty meters and due to such good visibility the interested enthusiasts get the stunning chance of experiencing the mesmerizing sea-world of the Bay of Bengal.

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