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Best Solitary Holiday Destinations in India


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Best Solitary Holiday Destinations in India

solitary holiday destinations India

India is one of the most populous countries in the world. But in spite of being surrounded by people almost anywhere you go, there are some destinations here that still give you a peek into serenity. They are secluded and hidden from all the crowded tourist areas. These are destinations that are perfect for individuals who want some me-time. Be it on their honeymoon, or simply heading out into new horizons where no one knows you. Sometimes, all that you need is to spend a little holiday on your own or even with just few people, while avoiding the crowd. Here are the best and most popular solitary destinations in the country-

Secluded Hideaways on Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman islands

If you just want to get lost without bothering about time or getting back to your resort, then the Andaman and Nicobar islands are the place to be. It is a zone that satiates your need for being alone without people intruding in your privacy. Here there are tiny groups of islands that comprise little heavens spread across the area. There are more than 300 little islands in this chain that gives you an ideal getaway from the crowds.

Things To Do

In your solitary getaway here you can try spending time indulging in an array of water sports like snorkeling, diving, etc. If you want to just hang out by the beach then take a mat or a beach chair and relax for hours. You can also take long walks on the beach and explore the flora and fauna here. A word of caution though- avoid venturing out too deep into unknown areas as their are tribals who reside their. You don’t want to intrude on their privacy.

Where To Stay

The Serai
Coffee Day Hotels and Resorts Pvt Ltd
23/2, Coffee Day Square,
Vittal Mallya Road,
Karnataka, India

Dew Dale Resorts
Sundergarh Village,
Baratang Island, Sundergarh
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744210

The Barefoot Group
c/o Serai Resorts
Vittal Mallya Road (near UB City)
Bangalore - 560001

The Peaceful Lakshwadeep Islands

The little clutter of islands is the perfect getaway for anyone looking for some solitude. In fact, the pristine water here and the beautiful climate provides you with a distinct insight into nature. Kavaratti is one of the most developed island that is also the home to many mosques and structures. You can head to the lagoon or simply enjoy in the tourist huts. Kalpeni island has the biggest lagoons here and is perfect for all kinds of water sports. Watch the coral debris along the eastern and southeastern shoreline. Then there is also the Minicoy that is geographically isolated from other islands and offers perfect solitary enjoyment. It is an island that is dominated by women. The Kadmat is another popular island here to enjoy unexplored terrains and shorelines. The narrow lagoon on the east here is ideal for water sports.

Things To Do

Explore the vast shoreline here or just hang out at one of the lagoons. You can paint, read a book or simply do nothing for hours here. If you want complete solitude then venture out into one of the beautiful beaches and hang out there with family or on your own. Just make sure that your hotel is aware of your whereabouts. Do take pictures of the coral reef or write your own diary about the amazing experiences here.

Where To Stay

Lakshwadeep Homestay
Syeed Jaffri,
Kasim’s homestay,
Gandhi Road, Agatti Island,
Union Territory of
Lakshadweep - 682553
Phone -+91 09447900541,
+91 08129734322,+91 09446572268

Agatti Island Beach Resort
Behind HPO, Market Road,
Kochi - 682 011, Kerala, India
Phone: +91-0484-2362232
Fax: +91-0484-2362234

Thar Desert in Rajasthan

Thar desert of rajasthan for solitary holiday

If you are one of those people who really like being on their own then the Thar Desert of Rajasthan is a place that you shouldn't miss out. As you venture into the sand dunes sitting on the back of a camel, you are really not going to be alone, but these dunes are the places where few people are seen. Ideally, you should head out here during the winter months as the summer months are rather harsh. You can hang out in the remote places here during the evenings by being on your own, even as your comfortable tent is just a few yards away. There is really something about the dunes here that takes you back in time, as if you are alone on a remote and solitary journey.

Things To Do

Just hang out by yourself to see the awesome sunrise and the sunset. Apart from this, traditional dances and activities are arranged here. There are story telling sessions within the local tribes and you can be a part of something solitary.

Where To Stay

Osian Sand Dunes Resort and Camp
Pratap Nagar, Osian,
District Jodhpur,
Rajasthan, INDIA.
Mobile no- +91-94144 28613
+91-99298 18060
Email Id:

Welcome Heritage

P.O. Khimsar, Dist. Nagaur, Khimsar
Rajasthan 341025
Tel: +91-11-46035500
Toll Free No: 1-800-102-2333

Monasteries of Ladakh

Some times, the spiritual journey is the solitary journey and what can be better than the monasteries at Ladakh. It is an ideal getaway from the world and you will not have to worry about crowding or interacting with literally anyone else but your spiritual self. There are plenty of monasteries here where you can go as a guest and stay for a few weeks. However, for doing so you really have to prove your worth. Don’t think that you can just walk in and walk out when you feel like it. Hemis, Thikse and Phugtal monasteries in Zanskar are some of the places that are really worth checking out for commencing this solitary journey.

Where To Stay

Leh, India
Phone Number: 9419178966

Thikse Monastery
Leh Manali Hwy Thiksey
Jammu and Kashmir 194201
Telephone: 0194-2472449

Alleppey in Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala are another delightful option for spending a remote or solitary holiday. It is not really very crowded because in the backwaters you are really on your own as you head out on the boat. There are plenty of boat rental options available in Alleppey where you can check out the amazing views and hang out while you connect with yourself and your partner or friends. This is really the capital of the gorgeous backwaters of the region. It is also one of the most expensive places to be. These luxurious houseboats here are not going to be cheap so be prepared for some solitary self to curb your budget. You can get everything here from luxurious food to being all by yourself as you explore the lush greenery and lagoons here.

Things To Do

Hang out in the boat all day listening the local songs and the rare boats passing by. You can also sit by the paddy fields and get off the boat for a while. Drink lots of coconut water and see the grooves here. You can also take a dip in the water if you want. On the whole, the experience is simply a one to take out time for yourself. And if you have company then perfect to strike the right chords with your partner on a solitary holiday!

Rann of Kutch

Rann of kutch for solitary holidays india

The salty marshes of Kutch are still areas where few people dare to go. But very few people do dare to go on solitary trips or be by themselves too. But this is one place where nothingness gives you so many things. The salty marshes simply thrill your senses and give you a sense of belonging. As you gaze at the full moon on a starry night, you just imagine yourself sitting by the beach. But only here, there is no beach. What is there is the lovely air with a breeze of salt that reminds you of the sea. This is the largest salt desert in the world. It comes to life somewhere around the month of October as the watered locals dry up during this time.

Things To Do

You should definitely try reaching out or making it to the Black Hill or Kala Dungar here as it gives you a breathtaking view of the entire area from 458 meters above sea level. You can take a guide with you or just heat out by yourself. You can simply hang out alone in the night as you play your guitar or just laze around here while meditating or even getting some me-time.

Where To Stay

Rann Riders
Dasada 382750, District - Surendranagar,
Gujarat, India
Cell: +91 9925236014
Telefax: +91 2757 280257 / 280457

Western Ghats Karnataka/Kerala

The Western Ghats start near the plateaus of Maharashtra and Gujarat and go right through Goa, Karnataka and Kerala, where it really intensifies. If you are looking for a solitary venture, then you should be definitely heading deep in to the ghats in the southern part of India. There is nothing like getting lost in the heart of nature. Recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site, the Western Ghats are truly bio-diverse and provide a scenic and untouched view of nature at its best here. Over here you will come across 1600km of thick untouched forests that are dense and green. It is a visually appealing sight to see from top of the mountains. It is also the home to more than 1000 species of animals and plants along with birds and insects.

Things To Do Here

There is no end to the things that you can do here. For starters simply explore nature and forget that there is a human colony across. You can hike here, go trekking or even go camping with friends and partners. The lush forests are a perfect getaway to help you connect with nature and yourself too. Apart from this, there are plenty of scenic waterfalls and lakes in the area where you can sit for hours and explore your creative self or simply meditate. Keep a track of the number of different bird sounds you here or the new insects that you see (of course, avoid touching them). Maintain a new diary of your latest hobby as a nature lover on this solitary journey.

Where To Stay

Western Ghats Villas
30, Top Slip Road
Sethumadi, Pollachi Taluk
Tamil Nadu 642133, India

Emarald Western Ghats Resorts

Near sale tax check post, Muthanga,
Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad,
Kerala 673592
Reservations: +91 9747548966

Manali in Himachal Pradesh

Manali for solitary and remote holidays in india

Manali as the main city is not your destination. But through Manali begins your journey of self exploration and a desire to find some solitude. A few kilometers from Manali are places where you can go Paragliding. One such area is the Solan Vallye where you can simply go and try out new adventure sports like para gliding and soar in the air. Then there are also various camping and trekking places here that take you away from the crowded town. On these journeys you can explore your solitary self and head to some of the remotest locations. The lush forests here along with the unexplored hilly terrains give you the perfect venture out. With your base in Manali, you can start heading up towards exploring newer roads. You can try hiring a bike and go right up to the Leh And Ladakh. If you are not that keen on going the solitary route, then head to one of the trekking and camping sites from Manali to try out the solitary adventure for a couple of days. These trips are safe and the guides keep a track on your whereabouts.

Things To Do

Just forget everything that you know and try something new. That’s the idea of heading into these amazing solitary holidays! Go para gliding and skiing. If sports are not your thing, then go on try a trek or camp out the night alone. You will be in an enclosed area where other campers are so it is pretty safe, but being out there in that tent of your sure puts you on the adventure track. Explore the hilly forests and terrains. Feed the sheep and help the local herder to find a lost one!

Cave Exploring and Rock Climbing in Meghalaya

The hills of Meghalaya provide you with the perfect blend of exploring the caves along with going rock climbing too. There are many hidden caves and rock climbing areas in the region, which are exhilarating. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who is interested in exploring themselves and trying out new adventures. You can head out to the area on your own or even go with friends and family. The beauty of the area is that when you are cave exploring, you enter the hidden arenas of the earth, where very few dare to go. Some of the most popular caves here include Krem Mawmluh, Krem Phyllut, Krem Liat Prah, Mawsynram, Mawsmai and Siju. In these hidden marvels, you can check out the different kinds of rocks and stones. There are natural formations here along with scenic hills too. Once you are done with your rock climbing session, you can come and try a hand with rock climbing! It is another interesting sport. There is plenty of rock climbing destinations here where you can head to remote areas. The climb in itself is a solitary experience because you are making that effort to head up. Once you reach the top, the feeling of triumph along with the view are simply thrilling.

Things To Do

When you are going either cave exploring or rock climbing, do make sure that you take an expert guide along with you. These are not for the faint hearted and you need expert guidance to avoid accidents. Make sure that you carry comfortable clothing and a camera with you to capture these amazing moments. Take your time to sit and enjoy the feeling of triumph in the end.

Where To Stay

Hotel Pinewood
European Ward, Rita Road,
Shillong - 793 001, Meghalaya
Phone : (0364) 2223116, 2223146, 2223263, Fax : 0364 – 2224176
E-mail :
Website :

Hotel Polo Towers
Polo Ground
Ph. No: 0364 2222341, 2222342
Fax: 0364 2220090

Trek To Monasteries in Dzongri Sikkim

Monasteries of Sikkim for remote holidays Sikkim is another zone for the solitary or remote vacations seeker. There are plenty of isolated and unexplored terrains here that simply enthrall the senses. It is a nature lovers destination and is definitely underrated. The best thing to do here would be exploring nature in all its glory and trekking up to one of the hidden monasteries in the hills. You will be amazed to see what all nature has to offer. The Rumtek Monastery here is one of the most vital Tibetan Buddhism’s and is repository of countless invaluable artifacts.

One has the option to reside here for a few days, after taking permission from the monks. It is a place to really connect with your soul. You can drive or trek up to Tsmogo Lake or even take a rafting or rowing experience down the Teesta. The Dzongri trek is one of the most picturesque places to explore here. There are many shrines here in the temple town of Namchi that you can also check out on your remote holiday. Apart from this, the Northern parts of the state are still untouched and home to many flora and fauna. So work out your remote holiday in the beautiful state of Sikkim.

Things To Do

Trekking is one of the most popular activities here. You can head out to different areas and choose a day trek or eve night campaign trek too. Apart from this, there are plenty of adventure sports here too for experiencing the solitary adventure like rafting and para gliding. You can also stay at one of the remote monasteries on the hilly areas where the monks are very welcoming.

Where To Stay

The Hidden Forest
Middle Sichey
Gangtok - 737101
Mobile :(0)9474981367, 9434137409

Teen Taley Eco Garden Resort
Rumtek, Sikkim
Ph: +91-3592 252256,
Mob: +91-98320 14867,

Ashrams of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Ashrams of Rishikesh for solitary holidays india

In the foothills of the Himalayas lies the city of Rishikesh, which is also one of the most important religious tourist destinations in the county. It is an area where one sees the contemporary soul merge with the traditions of ancient times. It is a land where there are thousands of temples and the beautiful River Alaknananda, floating past in all its glory. In this town are also some of the most popular ashrams and healing resorts. If you really want a remote holiday, then you should definitely stay at one of these ashrams because you get to experience the real self in you here. At these ashrams, you can experience guidance from the real gurus of Indian and saints.

You can learn about yoga, divine living, leaving worldly desired, etc. Meditation and prayers are a part of the daily routine here. If you have been yearning for a spiritual getaway, then this is definitely your choice. Not only do you experience simple living, but you also come across saints who live in faraway caves, without any basic necessities, simply praying and meditating. There are treks available from here that you can take and head off to one of these far-fetched saints praying in a quaint cave. Of course, the city is crowded but at these ashrams, you can experience complete solitude.

Things To Do

The best thing to do here would be visiting temples and hanging out by your own. These ashrams offer solitary rooms and huts, where you stay in a remote and yet peaceful zone. Over here, you can pray and meditate for hours, without disturbances. You can also go white water rafting for some fun and head out to one of the camp bases at the bottom of the hills, once the ashram stay is over. Follow the pure diet suggested by the gurus here along with prayer and yoga and find solitude on the banks of the holy Ganges.

Rent a Yacht in Goa

Rent a yacth for solitary holiday in goa

Goa is probably one of the most crowded places in India, so you must be wondering how on earth can someone actually find solitude there or enjoy a remote vacation. But Goa also offers miles of coastline that is not explored. It is here that you can experience the best of both worlds. On the sea, you don’t have to worry about crowd or getting lost. You don’t need to really have to own one. The boat experience can be completed by simply renting one. A yacht is easily available on the Goan coast. You just have to make sure that you pick one in advance. It is a great option to really disconnect from the world. You can pick or rent a boat for a couple of days or more depending on your budget. Once you have the boat, you are out at the sea with the caption and may be a crew member. So there is really not much for you to worry about being remote. There are very few boats or yachts on the coast. It is a great remote getaway for newly weds or someone seeking some time off. But beware that if you have sea sickness, you might want to restrain the time you spend here.

Things To Do

On the boat you will get everything that you possibly want, including a kitchen, television, etc. Wi-Fi might be a problem if you head out to deep into the sea. But the idea is to simply relax and watch sunsets and sunrises. You can also go for a dip in the sea and watch sea birds and seagulls. Apart from this it is the perfect way to be alone with your partner or yourself. Do some cooking, exercising and simple relaxation.

Where To Hire A Yacht

Champions Yacht Club
Gera Imperium 1
Ground floor - G12 & G14
EDC complex,
Patto Plaza,
Panjim, Goa- 403001
Phone: 080-451 51201 or +91-777 406 2621

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Valley of flowers in uttarakhand India for remote holiday

This is one of the quietest getaways tucked right up in the Himalayas, Uttarakhand. The valley of flowers is a place, which makes you feel that you are simply not on earth. There is lush greenery everywhere and you can see an odd lamb trailing down a path. During the month of July, this snowed in valley starts blooming again and makes you wish that you could just live their forever. It is a paradise not only for those who are looking for some solitude but also botanists from across the world. It is the home to some of the rare flowers of the world like the blue poppy or the Bhramakamal. From here, you can get to see the panoramic views of the mountains and breath fresh air everyday.

Things To Do

At the valley of flowers, you really don’t have to worry about things do. You just have to spend your time doing nothing. Explore the panoramic views and enjoy the sights. Just hang out in the middle of the valley and see sheep grazing and birds flying. If you want, you can make a diary and note all the birds, flowers, etc. that you see here! Go on short treks and check out the lush mountainside. Take strolls deep into the woods to see nature at its best, while you enjoy your solitary holiday.

Where To Stay

National Highway 58
Joshimath, Uttarakhand 246443

Himalayan Eco Lodge
Ghangaria (Valley of Flowers)
Chamoli 246443

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

The Jim Corbett National Park is a remote and yet cozy enclosure to get away from the crowded world and get in touch with nature. The park is huge and spread over hundreds of kilometers. Over here, you can experience being away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is also the home to the majestic tiger. Based in Uttaranchal, a land of the Tigers, there are various species of animals and birds here too. Little streams flow down the hills and the rivulets cut through the pathway suddenly. Over here, you can find solitude in the little cottages designated to the guests. So even when there are a few people around, you can experience some solitary peace.

Things To Do

You can go animal and bird watching by opting for a safari. If you want to venture out on your own, then you have to take permission from the guards about safe routes and stick around. Since it is a national forest reserve, you will have limited access to the main forest area. But along the less denser parts, you can work out trekking and camping plans.

Where To Stay

Jim Corbett National Park
Nainital, Uttarakhand (India)
Postal Code - 244715
Contact Number(s) +91-8826678883 , +91-7409250836
Email Address :

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