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Medical Tourism in India


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Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism is a multimillion dollar industry. Today, it is the fastest growing sector in the Indian economy. It is believed that in the year 2015, medial tourism will make an impact of over $2 billion to the economy. And by 2020, the industry will grow to $280 billion. The main reason for India being the first choice of destination for medical tourism is quality procedures being offered at affordable prices. Medical treatments are very expensive in the developed nations like United States followed by other western countries. People from these countries can get the medical procedures done for 1/10th of the cost in India. And people from under developed nations cross borders to get treatments in India that is not available in their countries. Every year, 150,000 medical procedures are done in India to the people visiting from other nations.

Advantages of Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism in India

India is becoming popular hub for medical tourism. Many other smaller countries in Asia also offer treatments for lesser price to the foreign patients. But, most of those countries lack qualified professionals and up to date technology.  A person suffering from heart problem can get his/her bypass surgery done for a very little cost in India as compared to the high cost of treatment in developed nations. Most of the physicians who work in the super specialty hospitals are trained in countries like the US and UK. The most sought after treatments in India include:
  • Cardiac bypass
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Eye surgery
  • Hip replacement and
  • Alternate Medicine

Trained Doctors and Medical Professionals

The healthcare system in India is one of the best around the world. The treatment and procedures are carried out by highly qualified and trained doctors. The post-operative care is taken by nurses who are trained to be the best. Most of the Indian hospitals are equipped with state of art facilities and modern technology that are required to carry out the complicated operations. With the doctors and nurses being highly qualified along with the advanced technology in the super specialty hospitals the success rate of the procedures done are very high.


Language is not a barrier in India. Most of the people in India can speak fluent English and the communication with the doctors/surgeons and the hospital support staff is easy and comfortable. For patients from neighboring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, Delhi and Kolkata are preferred destinations. Pakistanis find Delhi a better place because Hindi is spoken largely and some can even speak Urdu. Similarly, people from Bangladesh find communication in Kolkata easy because Bengali is commonly spoken by the people of Kolkata and Bangladesh.

Less waiting time

Apart from being cost effective, the waiting time in India is also very less. So is the cost of travel and accommodation. As the aging population is increasing in the countries like UK, US and Canada, the time taken to get an appointment for regular checkups as well as for surgeries is quiet long. So, people prefer to travel abroad to get the procedure done on time by passing the long wait.

Cost Effective

One of main component that is fueling the success of medical tourism in India is the cost effectiveness of treatments. The cost of treatment is cheaper by five to ten times in India as compared to the cost in the developed nations. An open heart surgery will cost about $150,000 in US and $70,000 in UK. But, the same procedure will cost $10,000 in India. A knee surgery will cost $18,000 in US and UK whereas in India it can be done for $7,700.

On average a cosmetic surgery would cost $12,000 in US. But in India, same surgery would cost $3,800. A hip replacement surgery will cost $40,000 to $65,000 in US as compared to $8,000 to $16,000 in India.

Medical tour packages

Healthcare companies in India are encouraging the patients in other countries to consider treatments in India by offering affordable and attractive tour packages. These packages include, flight, hotel stay, treatment cost, hospital stay and post treatment vacation. The tour planner helps the patients by fixing the appointments with the concerned doctors, booking the flights and accommodations, obtaining Indian visa, arranging transportation and escorting the patient from airport to the hospital.

Growth of Medical Tourism in India

India today is definitely emerging as the leading destination for medical treatments in the world. Serving an estimated 250,000 international patients annually, the medical sector in India is growing at a speed of 30%. As per the report generated by FICCI and KPMG, India ranks one of the top three countries in the world for medical tourism.

Medical Tourism in India

Even though there is a steady competition from other Asian countries like Singapore and Thailand, India is still leading the race.  On average a patient can save 65 to 90% of the treatment cost in India depending on the type of treatment needed. As per the global demand, the US-based joint commission has started its own affiliate, the Joint Commission International (JCI) that accredits the hospitals for their international standards. Most of the hospitals in India offering treatments to the international patients are accredited by JCI.

Metros like Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad are the favored destinations for medical treatments. Super specialty hospitals like Fortis Wockhardt, Apollo, Max and Tata are the leading providers of treatments for the medical tourists. These hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International for their standards and quality of service. Many patients return happy having their health problem cured successfully.

Top Super Specialty Hospitals in India for Medical Tourism

Most of the metro cities in India have super specialty hospitals that treat both domestic and international patients. These hospitals have separate departments that deal with the international patients. If the patients require any translator, the hospital also provides one. The hospitals make sure the stay of the patient and their family in the hospital during the course of treatment is comfortable.

Hospitals in IndiaFortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital, A Block
Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi – 110088
Contact Numbers - +91 124 4921021, +91 124 4921071, +91 124 4921033
Fax number – +91 124 492 1041
Email id –

Hospitals in IndiaHiranandani Hospital

Hill Side Avenue
Hiranandani Gardens Powai
Mumbai - 400 076
Phone : +91 22 25763300 / 33
Email :

Hospitals in IndiaManipal Hospitals

Manipal Hospital,98, HAL Airport Road
Bengaluru – 560017
Ph : 080 - 2502 4444/3344
Fax : 080 - 2526 6757
Email :

Medical Tourism in IndiaBatra Hospital & Medical Research Centre

Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre
1, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, (Near Saket Metro Station),
Mehrauli Badarpur Road, New Delhi – 110 062.
Emergency +91-11-26053333 / +91-11-29956885

Hospitals in MumabiLilavati Hospital & Research Centre

A - 791, Bandra Reclamation
Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400 050
Emergency: 2656 8063 / 2656 8064

Medical Treatment for Cancer in IndiaTata Memorial Hospital

Dr. E Borges Road, Parel
Mumbai - 400 012
Phone: 022-2417 7000
Fax: +91-22-24146937
E-mail and

Medical Tourism in IndiaApollo Hospitals

No. 21, Greams Lane, Off. Greams Road
Chennai – 600 006, Tamil Nadu
International +91-40-4344-1066
National - 1860-500-1066

Hospitals in IndiaKokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Rao Saheb Achutrao Patwardhan Marg,
Four Bunglows,Andheri (W)
Mumbai - 400053
Toll Free - 1800-3000-3333
Emergency Number: +91-22-3099-9999

Cardiac Hospitals in IndiaNarayana Hrudayalaya
Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences
258/A, Bommasandra Industrial Area,
Anekal Taluk
Hosur Road
Bangalore -560099
Emergency Dept.: Extn - 1380, 1381, 71222684/09980807980
Helpline: 080-71222222

Hospitals in IndiaSankara Nethralaya (Main Campus)

No. 18, College Road, Nungambakkam,
Chennai - 600 006, Tamil Nadu , India.
Ph No: +91-44-28271616 (12 lines)
Fax No: +91-44-28254180
e-mail id :,

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Cardiology in India

Medical Tourism in India

Cardiac treatments are specialty in India. The unmatched expertise of Indian cardiologists combined with the latest technology and medical electronics provide comprehensive cardiac care. The cardiologists in India provide preventive cardiac care to complex surgeries to high risk patients with innovate and sophisticated curative technology like robotic surgery and minimal invasive surgery. The contemporary technology used is world class with the success rate of 98.50 percent.

  • Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research centre, New Delhi
  • Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore
  • Asian heart Institute and Research Center, Mumbai
  • B.M Birla Heart Research Centre, Kolkata
  • kerala Institute of Medical Science, Trivandrum, Kerala
  • Manipal Heart Foundation, Bangalore
  • Medica Super Specialty Hospital, Kolkata
  • N.M Wadia Institute of Cardiology, Pune
  • Apollo Cardiac centre, New Delhi
  • Batra Heart Centre, Delhi

Pediatric Heart Care

Pediatric Treatment in India

The pediatric cardiac surgeries are carried by world renowned team of cardiologists, critical care specialists, cardiothoracic surgeons, anesthetists and electro physiologists. The pediatric cardiac hospitals in India offer minimally invasive cardiac surgeries, minimally invasive beating heart surgeries, and awake-bypass surgeries using latest technologies. Top hospitals proving pediatric heart care in India:

  • Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Center
  • Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore
  • Asian Heart Institute and Research Centre, Mumbai
  • B. M. Birla Heart Research Centre, Kolkata
  • Apollo Cardiac center, New Delhi

Oncology – Cancer treatment in India

Oncology in India

Cancer treatment in India is at par with that of any cancer institute world-wide at a much lesser cost. India provides finest treatments for all kinds of cancer related health problems.

  • Adyar Cancer Hospital, Chennai
  • Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum
  • MIOT Hospital, Chennai
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  • P.D. Hinduja National Hospital
  • Kidwai institute of Oncology
  • Max Institute of Oncology, Delhi
  • Harshamitra Super Specality Cancer Centre, Trichy
  • Amala Cancer Hospital Thrissur


Opthamology in India

Ophthalmologists in India diagnose and treat all kinds of eye diseases. Eye care in India is very affordable. Eye surgery in India is fast gaining popularity abroad. Qualified doctors along with state of art technology provide treatments that are as per international standards.

  • Dr. R.P.Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences A.I.I.M.S - New Delhi
  • Shroff Eye Hospital - New Delhi
  • L.V. Prasad eye hospital – Hyderabad
  • Sankar Netralaya – Chennai
  • Aravind Eye Hospital – Madurai
  • H.V.Desai eye hospital, Hadapsar – Pune
  • Centre for sight - New delhi
  • Smt. Lilavati Mohanlal Shah (Billimorawala) Eye Hospital, Dudhia Talao,  Navsari- Gujarat
  • Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery in India

When a person undergoes cosmetic surgery, it changes the look and appearance of that person. With the advancement of technology, people today have an option to choose how they look. From breast implantation to hair transplant, everything is possible in India. The cosmetic surgeons in India can carry out these multiple surgeries with ease. Popular hospitals offering these multiple treatments in India include:

  • Visakha Institute of Skin & Allergy
  • The Apollo Clinic and Surgical Centre
  • Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital
  • Yashasvi Skin Cosmetics and Laser Clinic
  • Max Healthcare

Minimal Invasive Surgery

Medical Tourism in India

Minimal access surgery is rapidly becoming popular all over the world. It is a process where the surgery is done by entering the body either through skin, anatomical opening or body cavity. Endoscopy is the main form of Minimum Access Surgery. The pain will be less and the recovery will be fast when a surgery is done through Minimum Invasive process.

  • Columbia Asia Hospital
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Fortis Hospitals
  • Narayana Super speciality Hospital
  • Manipal Hospital, Bangalore
  • Max Super Specialty Hospital
  • BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore


Orthopedic in India

The orthopedic surgery corrects any problem that is affecting the musculo-skeletal system. The hospitals in India are popular for Knee replacement surgeries, hip replacement surgeries and spinal surgeries. The doctors are well trained and the cost in India is very pocket friendly. The leading hospitals in orthopedic surgeries are:

  • Apollo Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital
  • Artemis Hospital
  • Nova Hospital
  • Max Hospital
  • Medanta Hospital
  • Wockhardt Hospital

Alternative Medicine in India

Medical Tourism in India

India, being one of the oldest civilizations of the world is rich in cultural heritage. Alternative medicine is widely in practice in India. Alternate medicine refers to the natural and spiritual healing methods. This ancient method of treating diseases is also a great contributor to the medical tourism in India. Alternate treatment techniques like Yoga, Ayurveda and Therapeutic massages are popular among tourists.

The alternate treatments primarily focus on the causes of the problem to come with a solution that gives permanent or long term relief. Natural herbal remedies attain vitality by building a healthy body through good metabolism. Popular wellness treatments in India include;
  • Ayurveda Therapy
  • Naturopathy
  • Homeopathy
  • Unani Therapy
  • Yoga and Meditation Therapy

The health and wellness spas offer holistic and life enhancing treatments. Tourists can enjoy aromatic scrubs, ayurvedic treatments, soothing massages and body wraps in the health and wellness resorts that can be found in the foothills of Himalayas or the boathouses of Kerala or in the sandy deserts of Rajasthan.


Alternate Medicine in India

Ayurveda is the most traditional and ancient science that was originated in India many centuries ago.  It has remedies for small health problems to chronic and more serious diseases. Ayurveda studies the doshas in the body that cause imbalances in the system. These impurities in the body are cured with medicines that are made of herbs, metals, minerals and the ingredients of animal origin.  The oil massages of Kerala are popular all over the world for their relaxing and healing properties.


Unani is another form of alternative medicine that concentrates on the flow of elements in the body. The medicines in Unani are made of food and herbs - the main ingredient being honey. Honey is known for its healing properties. Unani has treatment every disease. It aims at achieving a healthier lifestyle with almost negligible side-effects. Unani promotes a better balance between mind and body.


Alternative medicine in India

Naturopathy as the name indicates believes in treating the aliments naturally through the power of Mother Nature – water, air, earth, sun and natural herbs and food.  It involves various treatments like acupuncture, herbalism and homeopathy. Naturopathy has the power to cure most comp. lex diseases. The rate of success depends on the person’s belief in this form of wellness treatment and the ability of the body to heal naturally. It believes in non-invasive treatments thus following holistic approach in treating patients. 

Yoga & Meditation

Alternative Tourism in India

Yoga and meditation have become popular for their capacity to calm and heal the body from different diseases. It is the management of breath along with some exercises that channelize the energies in the body. Whether the body is suffering from a physical aliment or mental disturbance, yoga and meditation has the power to cure it. A person performing yoga can undergo a positive transition that helps them to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

Spa Resorts in India

Spa in India

The latest fad of the country is a spa resort. A spa by definition is a place where spring water is used to give medicinal bath for treating various health ailments. The curative powers of using spring water along with other oils and natural ingredients like honey cleanses both the mind and the body! Some of the other health benefits of Wellness treatments in India are:

  • Massage improves the blood circulation in the body thus easing off the knots in the nerves.
  • The lymphatic system that carries out waste products is also stimulated.
  • A hormone called Serotoninis is released which causes the feel good state of mind and body.
  • The massage also reduces all the tension in the body and reduces muscles cramps.
  • Chronic ailments like arthritis and muscle spasms can be treated.
  • Skin can be exfoliated by clearing the pores and the massage can also rejuvenate the cells thus making the skin more healthier and beautiful.
  • The immune system and the lymphatic system can be stimulated with the hot and cold treatments.

Popular health and spa resorts offering wellness treatments to international tourists in India

Wellness Tourism in IndiaAnanda – In the Himalayas, Rishikesh
The Palace Estate, Narendra Nagar Dist. Tehri-Garhwal,
For Reservations Call: India Toll Free: 1800 102 5333
From Outside India: +91 124 4516650

This resort in the foothills of Himalayas is a place where the tourists can unwind and relax amidst nature. The spa offers traditional ayurvedic treatments along with therapeutic massages. They offer 79 different types of beauty and body treatments.

This resort is well known for Ayurvedic Ahbyanaga is a four handed body massage done by two therapists that eliminates impurities in the body. This resort is a 260 Kms drive from New Delhi. The cost of treatments range from Rs 22,101 to Rs 58,831 ($500 per person per night) depending on the package chosen.

Resorts in IndiaMoksha Himalaya Spa Resort, Parwanoo

Parwanoo Parwanoo Himachal Pradesh 173220

This resort situated at Parwanoo is a 90 minute drive from Chandigarh. You need to travel in a cable car to Shivalik Valley to reach this resort. This resort has 12 treatment rooms, a hair salon and a nail bar. The package starts from Rs.18,882.

Spas in IndiaClub Olympus at the Hyatt Regency, Delhi
Bhikaiji Cama Place, Ring Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110066
Phone:011 2679 1234

Pamper yourself in relaxing sessions of health and beauty treatments in this club. The treatments include holistic massages, reflexology, steam bath, and various other types of treatments. The cost of the treatments start from Rs.2,500.

Spa Resorts in IndiaWildflower Hall Spa, Shimla
Oberoi Wildflower Hall Resort,
Chharabra, Shimla
Ph: (91 177) 264-8585

This resort is one of the most important and well known spa resorts of the country offering luxurious treatments to its inmates. It uses plant and flower ingredients to give you a good head massage or a full body massage. The approximate cost is $90-$130 for massages, and $50 for body scrubs.

Wellness Tourism in IndiaKaya Kalp - The Royal Spa, Agra
ITC Mughal Hotel, Taj Ganj, Agra
Ph: (91 562) 233-1701

This spa offers a unique combination of meditation with ayurvedic treatment. With the beautiful backdrop of the Taj Mahal, this spa is a place of wonder! The approximate cost is $35 for a 30 minute tension reliever massage, $95 for a 90 minute facial, $105 for the 100 minute Royal Mughal Hamam Spa Journey.

Spas in IndiaMaya Spa, Kumarakom
Zuri Resort & Spa Kumarakom, Kerala
Ph: (91 481) 252-7272

This spa offers both western and oriental style of treatment which includes Shiatsu and reflexology. Relax your muscles and get a great head massage while floating on an enveloping water bed. Spa packages start from $500 for a double per night.


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