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India's Largest Online Network of 500 Websites

What is India Online Network?

  • India's Largest Online Network of 500 websites covering each city of India with its own dedicated website
  • Provides a Unique Opportunity to target each city, state or region of India
  • One stop platform for daily internet needs of every Indian!
  • More than 20,000 pages of content articles created covering every City
  • More than 2 Million Page Views PER MONTH (growing rapidly every month)
  • 3.5 Million+ Ad Impressions Per Month
  • 1.5 Million+ Unique Visitors Per Month
  • More than 40,000 registered members
  • 100% Organic traffic

Who is an IndiaOnline User?





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Top Cities of India from where users visit India Online Network

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Why Advertise with India Online?

  • HUGE REACH: With India Online Network you can reach & target every nook and corner of the country with its network of 500 websites!
  • LOCAL TARGETING: No need to spend money for entire India reach, if your target market is only your own city or state - advertise only on your city or state Website. Perfect for Small Businesses!
  • CUSTOMISED PLANS: We understand each advertiser have their own specific requirements. We can create customised advertising campaigns as per YOUR requirements
  • FLEXIBLE BUDGET: We have a plan for you irrespective of whatever ad budget that you have.


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