Be a Citizen Journalist

Are your local problems still not taken up by your MLA? Are your complaints for the frequent power cuts still unheard? Or the goons' activities have become rampant in your area? Do you wish to highlight your village’s or city's achievements but don't know how to do it? To give you a voice India Online Network has come up with a platform - interactive and effective.

The conventional media cannot highlight local issues because of the paucity of space or time. But we can! We can give just the right platform to narrate your story!

We cover all aspects of news - events, culture, festivals, politics, art, history, etc. of each city of the nation. This gigantic mission won’t be achieved in an effective way unless we have an effective participation from you. With this aim we have created this unique platform for you to join our Network as a Citizen Journalist. Read More

We are Looking for You

Yes, you read it right. We can see the zeal in you to bring about the difference in your city which directly or indirectly is related to the development of our nation.

All you need to do to become a India Online CJ is to spot the news be it a local problem, an event, poor public infrastructure or even a first person account of a mishap, write a story, click a photo, capture the video - you can even post the audio - we will publish your news on our website. Not only this, you can debate, interact and form an opinion on what all is happening around your locality.

The best contribution of the month will be awarded a lucrative prize as well.

So here is the platform concerned about the events of your region and locality. Share the stories, become a Citizen Journalist and see your stories get published with your bylines.

You can even download the India Online CJ App on your mobile phones and report the news on the move. Be it the local politics, the traffic jams or a celebration in your society, you can even submit your stories directly from your mobile phones. No matter if you are driving or on way to college and witness an incident, all you need to do is click a picture or make a video and submit it there and then. Share the stories as the events unfold!Less text

Who Are We?

India Online Network has set up the largest India centric network of nearly 475 websites to facilitate a variety of services to the users. Apart from the major cities of India, we cover over 4000 towns as sub-domains under their respective states. India Online Network goes deep into every village and every city of India to highlight the latest happenings in your locality or city. Achievements and successes, failures and trials, big and small – all get importance in India Online Network of 475 websites. To become a Citizen Journalist Click Here to Register

Download IndiaOnline CJ App

The users of iPhone, Android or a Windows phones can now download the
India Online CJ app and post their latest news stories on-the-go.