Beaches in Chennai

Chennai is the coastal city of Tamil Nadu and also its capital. Tourists flock from different regions of the country and outside to have a view of its renowned beaches and sea food. Chennai bears the credit of having a coastal stretch of 19 kilometers.

The beach road is accompanied by large number of historical monuments along with a large number of jogger’s park, aquarium and lovers spot. 

The famous beaches of Chennai are here

Popular Beaches in Chennai

The popular beaches of Chennai are:

Marina Beach in Chennai

Beaches in ChennaiMarina Beach is the most famous beach in Tamil Nadu and is the second largest beach in terms of the coastline it covers which is 13kms. 

One can take horse ride down the beach and there are a number of sights to witness near the beach.

The best time to visit is during the months of November to February. 

In 1880s the first facelift was given to this beach by Mount Stuart Elphinstone Grant Duff who was the governor at that time.

Elliot’s Beach in Chennai

Beaches in ChennaiThis beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the city, situated near Beasant Nagar and also called as Adyar Beach. 

The beach is famous for its night life, and there are a number of eateries near the beach. 

The Ashtalakshmi Temple is also located on the sand of the Elliot’s beach. This temple is dedicated to eight manifestation of Mahalaxmi.

Elliot's beach is also known as "bessei" among the inhabitants and is one of the most significant landmarks providing visitors with an opportunity to see historical monuments, churches and other landmarks.

Velankanni church built in the honour of the lady of health is present on the southern part of this beach. There is a stone monument on Elliot's beach constructed as a mark of honor to a Danish sailor,Karl Schmidst.

Covelong Beach in Chennai

Beaches in ChennaiThe beach gained popularity a couple of decades ago. It is situated on the way to Mahabalipuram. 

For long weekends and holidays, people flock to this area, and there are a number of posh resorts.

The resorts offer a lot of fun and options to play a variety of games like snorkelling, surfing and boating. 

Lot of fishing activities, take place in this area. Crocodile farm, is another attraction in the area; its houses a number of these reptiles and is a place for its breeding.

Thiruvanmiyur Beach in Chennai

Beaches in ChennaiThis is a beach the Thiruvanmiyur residents are proud about. It is an area for all the health freaks to come together to take a walk around the beach.

The trip to Chennai is completed, only if you make a visit to the famous beaches of Chennai.

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