About Panaji

Panaji the capital city of Goa. Goa is an international standard exciting focal point in India and the most visited place in our region by the westerners. Goa’s largest city Panaji usually known as Panjim on banks of Mandovi River with a touch of its old conqueror Portuguese is one of the few places in India which has an atmosphere and setting to make it a distinct experience under its roof. Goa is world renowned for its beaches but Panjim just doesn’t have quality beaches like Dona Paula, Miramar Beach near its area.

It also have places like Baroque Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church built in 15th century, sixteenth century Adil Shah Palace, the Chapel of St. Sebastian and the Fontainhas area which is considered to be the old Latin Quarte, which will take you back in time of its inception for a time traveler.

The classical style villas, artistic buildings and narrowly designed streets are still stamps the presence of Portuguese rule. Panjim’s cultural standards are not less impressive than any other city with its literacy rate touching 90% shows the effect of its standard educational infrastructure. The presence of spots like Goa Science Centre, Institute Menezes Braganza, Kala Academy by government of Goa proves the point.

It’s not all it has an Indian flavor of its own kind which gives the chance to visit places like the Mahalaxmi Temple, the Jama Masjid Mosque, Hanuman Mandir at Mala on the hill top and its annual zatra . A place like this cannot be marked as good if it lacks  proper facilities for tourists who visit here but this problem carefully resolved by government providing good arrangement of transport, residence, security and everything which is required a government’s hand for a better experience for their guest. 18th June Road in the heart of the town is a shopping area for tourists and locals which will add colors in your shopping bag this is one of the most crowded places here.

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary will complement the experience not just for bird lover but also for them who wants to try bird watching for the first time. It’s a full proof holiday destination for any kind of  visitor who looks for a good place to explore with many types of verities available. It’s not a place to be missed if you land in India’s fun hub Goa particularly on carnival celebrations in February night before Diwali is a time when this city  is its  most colorful.
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