Modern India Timeline


Modern Indian History consists of many important dates like 1799 AD when the British defeated Tipu Sultan, 1769 AD when a famine killed ten million people in Bengal and many more such dates.

Give below is the list of all the important dates of Modern Indian History-

Britain gets colonial power in India

1751 AD

British defeat Siraj-ud-daulah

1757 AD

Marathas rule over northern India

1761 AD

Britain expands to Bengal and Bihar

1764 AD

A famine kills ten million people in Bengal

1769 AD

Regulating Act passed by the British

1773 AD

Permanent Settlement of Bengal

1793 AD

British defeat Tipu Sultan

1799 AD

Prohibition of Sati by law

1829 AD

East India Company takes over Mysore

1831 AD

Lord Dalhousie becomes Governor-General

1848 AD

Railway, postal services & telegraph introduced

1853 AD

First War of Indian Independence

1857 AD

British Crown takes over Indian Government

1858 AD

Queen of England proclaimed as Empress of India

1877 AD

First meeting of the INC

1885 AD

Lord Curzon becomes Governor-General

1899 AD

The First Partition of Bengal

1905 AD

Muslim League formed

1906 AD

Capital shifted to Delhi from Calcutta

1912 AD

Jallianwalla Bagh massacre takes place

1919 AD

Non-cooperation Movement launched

1920 AD

Chauri-Chaura violence takes place

1922 AD

Simon Commission comes to India

1928 AD

Salt Satyagraha launched

1930 AD

First Round Table Conference

1930 AD

Irwin-Gandhi Pact is signed

1931 AD

Second Round Table Conference

1931 AD

Civil Disobedience Movement called off

1934 AD

Cripps Mission is formed

1942 AD

Quit India Movement launched

1942 AD

Indian National Army is formed

1942 AD

Independence from British rule

1947 AD

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