Mumbai Darshan

Mumbai Darshan is a one day tour package operated by Mumbai’s various private tour operators that let you explore all the important landmark and tourist destinations of Mumbai. Mumbai Darshan is immensely popular among tourists and non residential families visiting Mumbai, as they get to visit all the landmark places of city in quickest possible time and that too at a very economical rate.
MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) owned by Maharashtra state government also offers Mumbai Darshan tour. The special things about MTDC’s Mumbai Darshan tour is that entire tour is conducted on open deck bus. However, tour is conducted only on Saturday and Sunday. 

Famous Tourist Places to see in Mumbai Darshan

Gateway of India

This is by far the most popular landmark place of Mumbai and hence all tour operators make it a point to include this tourist destination in their Mumbai Darshan package.  Read more

Mumbai Darshan Places

What’s worth seeing & doing here?  The iconic Gateway of India monument overlooking the beautiful Arabian Sea is itself a major attraction. Also, adjacent to Gateway of India is the majestic Taj Mahal hotel building – another historical monument that will leave you feeling completely mesmerized.

Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai

Located just few minutes walking distance from Gateway of India, Prince of Wales Museum is the largest museum of Mumbai and is also one of the largest museums in entire country.It houses approximately 50,000 exhibits of ancient Indian history. With such vast collections, Prince of Wales Museum indeed holds some of the deepest secrets & priceless knowledge about the rich history of our country.

Mumbai Darshan operators usually halt at this venue for 35 minutes. So all you’ve is 35-40 minutes to explore this large museum.     

Museum Darshan Mumbai

What is worth seeing here? So we’re providing you priceless information about some antique items that are really worth experiencing.                
  • Personal armor of Mughal emperor Akbar
  • Gold coins used during the reign of Chandra Gupta Maurya.
  • Copper & gold coins used during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.   
  • Gilt Bronze statue of ‘Maitreya’, one of the most famous Buddhist monks during 13th century A.D.

Taraporewala Aquarium in Mumbai

This is a lone aquarium in the entire city of Mumbai. It preserves more than 100 species of fishes and other exotic aquatic animals. A visit to this aquarium is your rare chance to watch some of the most stunning and unusual sea animals, which you would otherwise only get to watch on National geographic & Discovery Channels. read more

Hanging Garden in Mumbai

This is a breathtakingly beautiful garden located in the posh area of Malabar Hills in south Mumbai. 

Mumbai Sightseeing

What’s worth doing & seeing here?

No other garden in Mumbai has such beautiful looking animal shape hedges.  Another thing that shouldn’t be missed here is the breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea – thoroughly worth capturing in your camera. To know more about Hanging Garden

Kamla Nehru Park

Bang opposite Hanging Garden is the Kamla Nehru Park. Since this garden is completely dedicated to kids, your kids are surely going to love this park.  Read more

What’s worth seeing here? The main attraction of Kamla Nehru Park is the giant structure of a shoe which is inspired by the nursery rhyme “There was an old woman who lived in a shoe”. Another thing that is worth experiencing here is the spectacular aerial view of famous Chowpatty beach & Queen's Necklace (Marine Drive).
Sightseeing Places in Mumbai

Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai
This is a very beautiful Muslim Dargah that is located right in the middle of the Arabian Sea. The beautiful Indo-Islamic architecture that sits so majestically in the middle of huge sea. This Daragh is connected via long causeway which only further enhances its beauty. Read more

This Dargah is also a proud symbol of Mumbai’s secularism and religious tolerance. People from all across the faith and religion visit this Dargah to seek blessings and peace of mind.

What’s worth doing here? Needless to say, this stunning Daragh is really worth capturing in your camera. Haji Ali in the middle of the Arabian sea.  To capture such stunning monument in the middle of the sea is indeed dream of any photographer. Besides, near Haji ali there are few eateries and market place that are very popular. 

Religious Spot Darshan in Mumbai

Nehru Science Center in Mumbai

This is another educational trip that is an integral part of Mumbai Darshan package. But, unlike other educational trips this educational trip has immense entertainment value to it. Read more

What’s worth doing and seeing here? Don’t miss the 3D Science Show which showcases near realistic visuals of exotic wildlife animals.  Another show you shouldn’t miss is the 30 minute documentary at Nehru planetarium, which will showcase you the breathtaking pictures of our universe. 

Nehru science center also has an exhibition gallery, which is actually the largest science exhibition gallery in entire India. Here many worthwhile scientific objects are kept which are really worth experiencing.

Iskcon Temple in Mumbai

Located in the posh area of Juhu, ISKCON temple is a beautiful and spacious temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. Spread across many acres of land, this temple is quite well maintained and is indeed spiritual oasis where you’ll find immense peace of mind. This Iskcon temple is also one of the most visited temples of India. 
What is worth doing here? Don’t miss the delicious Sri Krishna Prasadam (prasad), which is distributed freely to all devotees. It is a trademark prasad of Iskcon temple. Specialty of Iskcon’s bakery item is that it is 100% veg and is cooked in pure ghee.

Juhu beach in Mumbai

Just few minutes walking distance from Iskcon temple is Juhu beach. This is usually the last tourist destination in Mumbai Darshan tour and by far the most popular one.  In fact such is the popularity of Juhu beach that it always features among the highest visited beaches of India every year. The entire Juhu beach area wears a carnival like atmosphere. In fact you’ll feel like you’re standing in the middle of a huge fair where everyone is having a ball & time of their life.  Read more                   

Best Sightseeing Mumbai

Other major tourist attractions in Mumbai:

Mumbai is a huge city and hence it is literally impossible for tour operators to include all the landmark places & tourist destinations in Mumbai Darshan package. So mentioned below are these tourist destinations which are equally worth visiting.                  
  • Siddhivinayak Temple: unarguably the most famous temple of Mumbai – dedicated to lord Ganesha.
  • Mount Marry Church: located near famous Bandstand area of Bandra.
  • Mahalaxmi Temple: another very immensely popular temple of Mumbai, located near famous Haji ali dargah.
  • Asiatic Library Building: one of the most beautiful monuments of Mumbai.
  • Mantralaya building: the state assembly building of Maharashtra.
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