Paleolithic Era of Indian History (till 8000 BC)

Paleolithic Era is the earliest period of Stone Age also referred as Old Stone Age. Historians believe that this period of Indian History lasted till 8000 B.C. 

Paleolithic Era

It is believed that early part of the period called  Lower Paleolithic Era was inhabited by Homo habilis and related species of Homo genus around 2.5 million years ago while the modern man like today the Homo sapiens originated in the Middle Paleolithic Era.

Paleolithic Era represented the nomadic and hunting-gathering nature of the man as people used to roam from one place to another in search of food by hunting and collecting fruits and didn’t use to settle at one place. 

The human beings living in Old Stone Age were totally dependent on nature for food by gathering and hunting for food using stones as weapons and later in the Late Paleolithic Era they excelled in hunting by using crude stone weapons.

Weapons were further modified into specialized tools by shredding the sides of a stone with a heavier stone. These specialized weapons were more pointed and sharp. 

Paleolithic Era also marked the discovery of fire as people in this era invented the fire by rubbing two stones together and started using the same for different purposes.

Strong evidence of the Old Stone Age in India can be found in the various sites having several rock shelters and caves used by the Paleolithic people. Historians have found some of the famous sites in:

  • Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh
  • Soan Valley of northwest India
  • Attirampakkan near Chennai
  • Adamgarh in Narmada valley

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