Pay Commission of India

Pay commission is a panel comprising of the members of the Union Cabinet of India for benefits of Government employees and hiking their salaries. Since India's Independence, six pay commissions have been set up on a regular basis.

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These pay commissions have responsibilities to review and make recommendations on the work and pay structure of all civil and military divisions of the Government of India.
  • First Pay Commission: May 1946
  • Second Pay Commission: August 1957
  • Third Pay Commission: April 197
  • Fourth Pay Commission: June 1983
  • Fifth Pay Commission: 1994
  • Sixth Pay Commission: July 2006
  • Seventh Pay Commission: August 2018
  • Eighth pay commission panel will be expected to set up in the year 2024.

Members of the Sixth Pay Commission

Shri Vivek Rane (IAS), Dr Rathin Roy (economist, Director NIPFP) and Smt Meena Agarwal (administrative expert) as Secretary

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