Benudhar Sharma

Bender Sharma  (1894-1981) is one of the prominent literary figures of Assam. He is a distinguished personality in diverse fields as a writer of children’s literature, a perceptive essayist, a biographer, an autobiographer, and a writer of tales, a translator, an uncompromising journalist, and a keen historical researcher.

Life of Benudhar Sharma:

Benudhar Sharma

Bender Sharma was born in the year 1894. Due to his expertise and specialization in diverse fields he was considered by some critics as second to Lakshminath Bezbarua in Assamese literature. 

Bender Sharma also took part in the struggle against British colonialism and in the fight for Indian Independence.

Literary Career of Benudhar Sharma:

Benudhar Sharma also penned down significant literary works. His short story collections include ‘Moromor Kareng’ and biographies include ‘Jawaharlal Nehrur Bandi Jiban’ and ‘Maniram Dewan’. Apart from these, other works include ‘Kangrecar Kanciali Rodat (1959), ‘Dunori’, ‘Dakhinpat Sattrat Buranji’ and ‘Maniram Dewanor Geet’. 

Benudhar Sharma in the stricter sense is not an interpreter of history. In ‘Deshadroki Kon’ and ‘Purnananda ne Badan’, Benudhar Sharma tried to give some sort of interpretation of the forces that made the period significant. 

In ‘Maniram Dewan’ (1950), however, there is no single attempt to interpret the personality of Maniram Dewan whose ambitions were feudalistic and radically revolutionary. 

Benudhar Sharma’s other works are ‘Satawan Chhal’ (1946) and ‘Durbin’ (1951). Benudhar Sharma has a natural style and his prose style is ordinary. Benudhar Sharma was the president of the Assam Sahitya Sabha in the year 1956. He also won the Sahita Akademi Award for ‘Kangrecar Kanciali Rodat.

Awards and Achievements: 

He was a recipient of the civilian honour of the Padma Bhushan and was the second Assamese writer who won the Sahitya Akademi Award. He was the president of the Assam Sahitya Sabha in 1956.

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