Syed Muhammed Sadullah

Syed Muhammed Sadullah was the first Chief Minister of United Colonial Assam. He served as the Chief Minister from April 1937 to September 1938 and subsequently again in the year 1938 to the year 1942. He was the chairman of Gauhati Municipality in the year 1919 and Minister-in-Charge of Education and Agriculture for Assam from the year 1924 to 1934. He was appointed as the Chief Minister (then called as Prime Minister) of Assam in the year 1937. 

Syed Muhammad Sadullah was born in the year 1885 and was the son of Khan Bahadur Syed Muhammed Taiebulla of Gauhati and was educated in Cotton College and in Presidency College in Calcutta. He was knighted in the 1928 as the Knights Commander of the Order of the Star of India.


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