Homen Borgohain

Homen Borgohain (1932-2021 ) is a prominent Assamese novelist, writer, poet, critic, journalist columnist and editor. His is one of the important names in the field of Assamese literature and is a living legend. He received the Sahitya Akademi Award for his novel “Pita Putra”.

Life of Homen Borgohain

Homen Borgohain

Homen Borgohain was born in a small village in Lakhimpur. He has studied at Cotton College, Guwahati. He is married to Nirupama Borgohain, one of the most celebrated writers and an exponent of early feminist writings in Assam. 

They have two sons Aditya and Pradipta Borgohain. Nirupama has also won the Sahitya Akademi Award for her novel “Abhijatri”. Pradipta Borgohain, also a writer, teaches at Guwahati University.

Homen Borgohain along with wife Nirupama Borgohain has written a novel “Puwar Purabi Sandhyar Bibhash” which is the first joint novel in Assamese. Borgohain presently lives in Dispur, Assam.  

Literary Works of Homen Borgohain

The works of Borgohain have attracted the attention of the readers and critics. The magic of his words and his dignified personality has earned him apposition in the field of Indian literature. He is one of those rare artists who have allowed the flow of his life to find its own form in art. 

His novel, short story and poetry are works of sheer genius. “Pita Putra” is one of the most important works of the celebrated writer. For the novel he was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award. 

Borgohain’s autobiography “Atmanuxandhan” is considered to be one of the most valuable contributions to the Assamese literature. He wrote the autobiography in the 80s decade. It was one of the most read and discussed books of the time.

“Matsyagandha” is another of his most famous works of the celebrated writer. It is the story of a low caste woman Menaka. The story of the novel has been made into a motion picture. In “Astarang”, and “Edinar Diary”, he successfully scans the existence of man with all its complexities. 

In “Astarang” Borgohain he depicts the pain and sufferings of people in their everyday life. In the very novel Borgohain portrays the agony of old age. The portrayal of the agony of old age is so vivid that the readers empathize with the characters of Dilip and his father. In “Edinar Diary” Borgohain tries to understand the essence of human existence. 

The sense of alienation, despair, and boredom find expression in the novel. “Subala”, “Timirtirtha”, “Kushilab”, “Saudar Puteke Nao Meli Jai”, “Halodhiya Soraye Baudhan Khai”, “Bisannata”, “Nisongota”, “Gadyar Sadhana”, “Manuh Huwar Gourob” are some of his prominent works. He first edited an Assamese weekly newspaper “Nilachal”. Later he edited Assamese weekly “Nagarik”. 

He also served as a senior staff of Bengali daily “Ajkal”. Presently he serves as the editor of “Amar Asom”. He exercises influence on the literary and journalism world of Assam. 

He died on 12 May 2021 at the age of 88 due to complications from COVID-19.

Awards and Honour of Homen Borgohain

The writer is the recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award for his novel “Pita Putra”. He was also awarded the Assam Valley Literary award and the Nilomoni Phukan Award from Assam Sahitya Sabha.

Other Awards are: 
  • Sahitya Akademi Award
  • Assam Valley Literary Award
  • Nilamoni Phukan Award from Asom Sahitya Sabha
  • Srimanta Sankardev Award
  • Matshendra Nath Award

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