Zubeen Garg (1972-present)

Zubeen Garg is a popular singer and music composer from Assam. Zubeen’s music is influenced by both Western rock music and Assamese folk music. 

The singer has sung numerous songs in various Indian languages including Hindi, Assamese, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi and Oriya. He is a well known artist in the Assamese and Bollywood music scene.

Life of Zubin Garg:


Zubeen Garg was born on 18th November, 1972 in Jorhat to Mohan Borthakur and the late Ily Borthakur. His father was a magistrate and his mother was a talented dancer and singer though, however, she didn’t established herself in the professional way. Zubeen’s birth name is Zubeen Borthakur. 

However, he uses his gotra ‘Garg’ as his surname rather than his parental surname. He was named after the great Bollywood music composer Zubin Mehta. 

Zubeen Garg’s younger sister Jonki Borthakur was a well known singer and actress. Jonki, however, died in a car accident in 2001 near Tezpur while she was travelling to perform a stage show. 

Zubeen’s other sister Palme is a Bharatnatyam dancer and runs a dance academy in Guwahati.Zubeen Garg is married to Garima, a fashion designer and the couple presently is based in Mumbai in his flat which is also a part of his music studio named Sound and Silence.

Zubeen learnt singing from a very small age. His mother is his first inspiration and mentor. He also started learning the tabla from Guru Robin Banerjee and continued learning Assamese folk music from Guru Romoni Rai. Zubeen attended the J.B College in Jorhat and then B. Barooah College where he pursued his higher education. 

Zubeen Garg is also an accomplished keyboard player and he also plays dhol, dotora, mandolin, guitar and other percussion instruments. Zubeen Garg is also involved in various charitable organizations dealing with issues as AIDS and cancer. 

He is also the president of societies including Destination (for autistic children), the All Assam Cultural Organization and Vande.

Musical Career of Zubin Garg:

Zubeen Garg got his first taste of success and confidence as a vocalist when he received the gold medal for his western solo performance in a 1992 youth festival. Subsequently he entered the professional field releasing his first Assamese album ‘Anamika’ in the same year. The album was a great hit and gave a start to a new era of Assamese music. 

Zubeen’s music had influence of both western rock music and Assamese folk music. Zubeen’s subsequent albums ‘Asha’ and ‘Maya’ were also highly appreciated by the people. Another album of his ‘Mukti’ had traces of patriotism influences and albums like ‘Meghor Boron’, ‘Xobdo’, and ‘Rang’ have lyrics well blended with folk, romantic and tragic music.

His songs like ‘Xunore Xojuwa’ were influenced by Bihu and patriotism and the album ‘Dilruba’ by Sufi music. Zubeen Garg’s album ‘Pakhi' was dedicated to his late mother and ‘Shishu’ was dedicated to his late sister Jonki Borthakur. 

Zubeen Garg is also a well known singer in Bollywood music scenario. He gave his first Bollywood hit ‘Ya Ali’ which went on to become the top of the charts for a long time. Subsequently, he released an album titled ‘Ya Ali Remix Blast’. 

Zubeen Garg has sung numerous songs in various Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Oriya, Bengali, Marathi, Nepali, Bodo and Karbi. 

Zubeen also released albums like ’Zindagi’ in 2007 and ‘Mone Mone’, ‘Rumaal’ and most recently ‘Runjun’.  Zubeen Garg has sung all types of Assamese folk songs like Lokageet, Borgeet, Dehbisar Geet and Jikir.

Zubeen Garg has worked as a music director for a number of Assamese, Hindi and Bengali films. He also worked as a music director for the Bollywood film ‘Strings-Bound by faith’ directed by Sanjay Jha.

Zubeen Garg also has his own production house in Guwahati. He has also acted in many Assamese and Bengali films. In 2007 he acted in the Assamese film ‘Mon Jai’ which won the National Award. In the year 2000, Zubeen wrote, directed and acted the Assamese film ‘Tumi Mur Mathu Mur’. 

He also acted, co-produced and scored music for another Assamese film ‘Dinabandhu’, for which he received a National Award in 2005. His next venture ‘You are not my Julie’, an Assamese/Bengali film is slated to be releasing in October this year. Zubeen Garg recently published a book on collection of his own Assamese poems.

Awards and Recognitions of Zubin Garg:

Zubeen Garg was awarded the National Award in 2009 for Best Music Director (non film category) for his excellent work on the film ‘Echoes of Silence’. He also received the Global India Film Awards (GIFA) in 2006 as the Best Playback Singer for the song ‘Ya Ali’. 

For the same song, he also received the Max Stardust Awards in 2007 as the New Musical Sensation. He received the Best Music Award for the Bengali Movie ‘Shudhu Tumi’. 

He also acted, co-produced and scored music for another Assamese film ‘Dinabandhu’, for which he received a National Award in 2005.

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