Singers of India

"Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa", these are the tunes that make every Indian sing and dance. Indians are the ultimate lovers of songs. Indians are mad about songs be it classical song, Hindi song, Bollywood song or regional songs. 

Singers in Bollywood

Alka Yagnik: Alka Yagnik is one of the best-known playback singers of Hindi cinema. She is a 7 time recipient of  Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer a two-time recipient of the National Film Award.

Angaraag Mahanta: Angaraag Mahanta was born in a musical family to music duo and legends of Assamese music, Khagen Mahanta and Archana Mahanta. Read More

A.R. Rahman: A.R. Rahman was born on 6 January 1966. He is an Indian composer, singer-songwriter, music producer, musician, multi-instrumentalist and philanthropist.

Asha Bhosle: Asha Bhosle is a versatile singer. She has done playback singing for over a thousand Bollywood movies. In addition, she has recorded several private albums and participated in numerous solo concerts in India and abroad. Read More

Beauty Sharma Barahu: Beauty Sharma Barahu is a popular folk, Indian classical, Ghazal ad Bhajan singer from Assam. She is popularly called beauty Baideo. Read More

Begum Akhtar: Begum Akhtar was an Indian ghazal, dadra and thumri singer. She immortalized her own style of singing that has been unmatched by anyone in the field of ghazals. She is known as the Mallika-e-ghazal. Read More
Bhimsen Joshi: Bhimsen Joshi was a renowned Hindustani Classical vocalist.  He was poplar for the khayal gayaki and for singing bhajans and abhangs. He was one of the most prolific exponents of the Hindustani classical music. Read More

Bhupen Hazarika:
Bhupen Hazarika is known as the “Son of Assam. He was the singer of the masses with the mission to change society through his songs and films. His songs had one theme, one purpose- that of mankind and humanity. Read More
Bishnu Prasad Rabha: Bishnu Prasad Rabha was a multifaceted artist and revolutionary singer of Assam. He was a singer, poet, dancer, actor, music composer, playwright and great artist that Assam has ever produced. He is popularly known as Kalaguru (teacher of arts). He is the Leonardo da Vinchi of Assam.

Geeta Dutt: Geeta Dutt was a singer of the Indian film industry. She has sung in many regional languages including in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Punjabi and Nepali. Read More

Jagjit Singh: Jagjit Singh was a ghazal singer. He was also a song writer and musician, composer activist and entrepreneur. He is known as the Ghazal King of India. Read More

Jayanta Hazarika: Jayanta Hazarika is one of the most prominent personalities of Assamese music fraternity. He is considered as one of the melodious singer and composer in Assamese music world.Read More

Joi Barua:  Joi Barua is a popular singer and a musician from Assam. He is the lead vocalist of the band Joi. He has lent his voice to many Bollywood movies and popular ad jingles. He was invited as a fellow at the first INK Conference in 2010. Read More

Khagen Mahanta: Khagen Mahanta is an exponent of Assamese music industry. He is credited to have popularized the folk and traditional music front of Assam. Khagen Mahanta is one of the respected music personalities in the field of Assamese folk music. Read More

Kishore Kumar: Kishore Kumar was a playback singer, actor, lyricist, composer, producer, director, screenwriter, script writer of the Indian film industry. He was the younger brother of actor Ashok Kumar. Kishore Kumar was known for versatility and uniqueness in singing. Read More

Kumar Sanu: Kumar Sanu is one of the most popular playback singers of Bollywood. He holds the Guinness Book world record for recording the maximum number of songs in a day, which are 28.

Laishram Mema: Laishram Mema is a singer from Manipur. She is considered the melody queen of Manipur. She is the first ever Manipuri singer to sing in a Bollywood movie. Read More

Lalsangzuali Sailo: Lalsangzuali Sailo is a writer, a singer, a musician and song writer of Mizoram. She was awarded the Padmashree by the Government of India in 1998 for her contribution in the field of literature. Read More

Lata Mangeshkar: Lata Mangeshkar is one of the best playback singers of India. She has recorded songs for over thousand Hindi films. She has sung in over 36 regional languages. Read More

Manna Dey: Manna Dey is undoubtedly one of the best singers that India. This versatile singer has sung numerous songs and shared the limelight with some legends like Mohammed Rafi, Talat Mehmood, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, etc. Read More

Mohammad Rafi: Mohammad Rafi was one of the greatest playback singers of India. He is considered the man with the golden voice”.He was India's best and most versatile playback singer. He is known for singing songs of different moods and variety. Read More

MS Subbulakshmi: MS Subbulakshmi was a renowned Carnatic vocalist. She was also known as MS to her admirers.Subbulakshmi has made phenomenal contribution to the world of music. She enthralled audiences at home and abroad for over 5 decades. Read More

Mukesh: Mukesh was a popular playback singer of the Indian film industry. He won the National Film award for best male playback singer for the song "Kai baar yu hi dekha he" from the film Rajniganda. Read More

Parveen Sultana: Parveen Sultana was born in 1950  in Daccapatty in Nagaon town in Assam. Begum Parveen Sultana is a renowned Assamese Hindustani classical singer of the Patiala Gharana. She is one of the well known classical singers of India and is known as Queen of Classical Vocal.

Pratima Barua Pandey: Pratima Barua Pandey is a popular folk singer from the royal family of Gauripur in Assam. Barua is a national awardee. She is credited for reviving the folk form in Assam. Read More

Pulok Banerjee: Pulok Banerjee is a popular singer of Assam. His baritone won the hearts of listener for more than three decades. Pulok Banerjee is known for songs based on classical music. Read More

Rameshwar Pathak: Rameshwar Pathak was born on 3rd March 1938 in Nagaon village of Bhella in Barpeta district. Rameshwar Pathak was a popular Kamrupi Lokageet singer from Assam. Read More

RD Burman: RD Burman was a music director and music composer of the Indian film industry. He is called Pancham Da by his admirers. He was the son of the great music director SD Burman. He is credited for revolutionizing the Hindi film music. Read More

SD Burman: SD Burman was a music director, music composer and singer of the Indian film industry. He has scored music for 89 Hindi and 31 Bangla movies. He is lovingly called Burman Da by his admirers. Read More

Shaan: Shaan was born into a Bengali Hindu Kulin Brahmin family on 30 September 1972 , he is a famous Indian singer. Apart from singing on his own albums, Shaan has provided the voice for many of Bollywood's movies.

Shillong Chamber Choir: Shillong Chamber Choir is an Indian group of chamber singers based in Shillong in Meghalaya, a city known for its close association wit rock music and often called the rock capital of India. Read More
Shreya-Ghoshal: Shreya Ghoshal is best known as a playback singer in Hindi films. She has also sungs in other Indian languages including Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Odiya, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu language.

Skendrowell Syiemlieh: Skendrowell Syiemlieh was a Khasi folk and gospel singer. He was a singer, composer and musician per excellence. He was posthumously awarded the Padmashree in Arts by the Government of India. Read More

Sonu Nigam: Sonu Nigam was born in Faridabad Faridabad district of Haryana on July 30th, 1973. He is one of the most popular singers of Bollywood.

Sunidhi Chauhan: Sunidhi Chauhan was born in New Delhi. An Indian playback singer, best known for her Hindi film songs in Bollywood, she has recorded songs for Urdu Oriya, Punjabi,  Marathi, Kannada,  Tamil,  Telugu,  Bhojpuri, Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati and Nepali films,which made her a leading singer in India and across the world.

Tansen: Tansen is one of the greatest composer-musician in Hindustani classical music.  Tansen was among the Navratnas at the court of Mughal emperor Akbar. He was given the title Miyan by Akbar. Read More 

Tarali Sarma: Tarali Sarma is a singer from Assam. She is a versatile singer and a music director of the Assamese film industry. Read More

Udit Narayan: Udit Narayan is one of the most popular singers of the Hindi film industry. This multi talented playback singer has sung in numerous films and in many different languages.

Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan: Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan was born on April 2, 1902 in Kasur, then India now in Pakistan. Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan was a Hindustani classical vocalist belonging to the Patiala gharana. Read More

Yumlembam Gambhini Devi: Yumlembam Gambhini Devi is an eminent dancer and singer of Manipur.The Government of India honored her with the Padmashree in the filed of dancing and singing in 2005. Read More

Zubeen Garg: Zubeen Garg is a popular singer and composer from Assam. He is well known in the Assamese and Bollywood music scene. Read More

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