Pulok Banerjee

Pulok Banerjee is a popular singer of Assam. His baritone won the hearts of listener for more than three decades now. Pulok Banerjee is known for songs based on classical music.

Life and Career of Pulak Banerjee

Pulak Banerjee

Banerjee was born in 1950 at Guwahati. He started singing since his childhood. He had been singing on radio, TV, stage and films. At the age of 7 he sang a “Ragpradhan” song at a competition and won the consolation prize, enthralling everybody by his golden voice. He learnt classical music under Guru Tarashankar Bandhopadhyay at Guwahati.

The singing genre of Banerjee reflects the classical form of arts. He has learnt classical music which forms the basis of his singing. Pulok Banerjee started his music career at All India Radio in 1969. 

 Some of his popular compositions include “Swarrani”, “Kathare Geetore”, “Silpi”, “Niribili Abhisar”, “Jayashree”, “Bowati Noi” and “Pratidhwani” etc. His CDs “Sugandhi Pakhila” is one of the remarkable contributions to Assamese music.

Pulok Banerjee has given his voice to film songs also. Some of the popular films where he lent his voice are “Duranir Rang”, “Sewali”, “Sanskar”, “Mon” etc. He has also sung for a Bengali film “Ajab gayer Ajab Kotha”. Banerjee is inspired by lyricists like Nirmal Prabha Bordoloi and Kesab Mahanta.

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