Parvati Prasad Barua

Parvati Prasad Barua (1904-1964 ) was a poet, lyricist and dramatist of Assam. He was an icon of Assamese literature and the culture. 

Also known as Geetikavi- the lyrical poet of Assam, Baruah was a nature poet. He is often compared with William Wordsworth for his nature poetry. He was also a prominent filmmaker.

Literary Career of Parvati Prasad Barua:

Parvati Prasad Barua

Barua was known for his simple and sensitive use of Assamese language. His language appealel to all. Throughout his life he was dedicated to poetry and arts. The subject matter of his poems is based on the rural canvas of Assam. 

The mighty Brahmaputra is the foundation of many of his poem. The Brahmaputra with lonely islands, flowery reeds, and tiny boats were the themes of many of his compositions. Hills, rivers, forests, found place in his imagination and poetry. He was a nature poet.

He is compared with William Wordsworth. Baruah was always in love with the scenic beauty of Assam. This forms the basis of his poems. His love for the state is reflected in hi poems. 

His notable poetry include “Bhonga Tukarir Sur”, “Gungunani”, “Luiti”, “Sukula Dawor Oi Kohuwa”, “Lakhimi”, “Sonar Seleng”. Baruah’s poetry has been translated into English, Hindi and many other Indian languages. Barua was also a prominent filmmaker. He made the film “Rupahi” in 1941.

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