Nishita Goswami

Nishita Goswami is a popular actress of Assamese film scenario. She has a large fan following in Assam.



Nishita Goswami is the daughter of famous yesteryear actress Moloya Goswami. She was born on 19th October. As such, she inherited her acting genes and good looks from her mother. Nishita Goswami developed a passion for acting from a small age. 

Nishita Goswami learnt dancing from an early age. Nishita Goswami is married to Sayan Chakravarty, an engineer and family friend of the Goswami’s from Shillong. 

Nishita Goswami has a very charming and cheerful face and she has been able to gather a great fan following through her cheerful nature and her subsequent success.

Film Career:

Nishita Goswami started her acting career at a very small age of six years as a child artist in the film ‘Rati Phula Phul’ directed by Sagar Sangam Sarkar. 

Though the role was not much serious, yet she made her presence felt in the movie which also starred her mother Moloya Goswami. Nishita Goswami has also been a part of a number of Assamese feature films, movies and VCDs. 

Her latest Assamese hit film is Ramdhenu. Nishita Goswami’s appearance in the film ‘Dinabandhu’ was widely acclaimed by both audiences and critics alike for her stupendous performance in the film. 

The film which was based on the story of Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia’s novel ‘Zowtuk’ and directed by Munin Baruah also starred Zubeen Garg, Tapan Das, Gayatri Mahanta and Prastuti Parashar.

Nishita Goswami ImageOthers:

Nishita Goswami is also a great Bihu dancer and has featured in a number of Bihu VCDs. 

She has a good combination of skilled talent and good figure which makes her stand out and get her success in her movies. 

Nishita Goswami was recently signed by the Election Commission for their campaign to highlight the importance of exercising one’s voting rights and convey the message to all the Assamese people to vote. This was during the Assam Assembly Election 2011. 

Nishita Goswami teamed up with co actor Jatin Borah and recorded the audio video campaign clips for the campaign for the people of Assam.

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