10 Best Lighthouses in India

Old buildings and monuments in India always attract the attention of tourist; however, the tall-looking monument with the simplest architecture that to date stands still against the sea storm and ensure the safety of the sea travelers, somehow missing the attention of the tourist.

The lighthouses stand on unexplored beaches in India and serve as a navigational aid and alert the sea travelers of dangerous areas. This article talks about the 10 most amazing tall and fancy looking monuments in the country.

Manapad Beach

Manapad Beach Lighthouse

The Manapad beach is among the unexplored beaches, which is 60 km away from Tuticorin, the nearest city. The lighthouse stands in the beautiful stretch of beach in white and red stripes. 

The village is known for the Holy Cross Church and was a shooting spot for famous South Indian movies such as Singham 2 and Nee Thane En Ponvasantham. If you love to travel to capture view of great places then this is the right place.

Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

Lighthouse Beach Kovalam

The beach is in Kovalam, 16 km away from Thiruvanathapuram. The beautiful red and white tall monument stands amidst the lush greenery and on top of rocky terrains. 

Enjoy the serence beauty and the graceful charm of the beach as you walk along the shores of the Arabian Sea. This place is also an excellent picturesque spot for photography.

Kaup Beach, Muloor


The beach is located 12 km away from the Udupi city in Karnataka in a small village called Muloor. As the beach remains unexplored by tourists, it gives you a peaceful time. 

The lighthouse is a reminiscent of architecture of 1901 and the spiral stair case takes you to the top of the lighthouse for a breath-taking view of the Arabian Sea.

Mamallapuram, Chennai

Mamallapuram Chennai

Mamallapuram (formerly known as Mahabalipuram) is a UNESCO World Heritage City and houses many historical monuments. One of these ancient monuments is the Mamallapuram lighthouse which was built in the year 1894 atop small hillocks. This lighthouse is a site to enjoy a stunning landscape and the beautiful blue waters of the Bay of Bengal.

Pamban Island

Pamban Island Rameshwaram

The lighthouse is built with black and white blocks and a bright red top and does not escape the eyes of visitors. The Pamban Island, Rameshwaram is a peninsula between India and Sri Lanka. 

Surrounded by greenery; many fishing boats; and a gorgeous beach, this lighthouse is extremely amazing to look at.

Marina Beach Chennai

Marina Beach

The 46 meter tall lighthouse is one of the most iconic structures in Chennai. The lighthouse was closed to public and was reopened for tourists in 2013. 

The lighthouse is first of its kind to have a lift to its 10 floors. The ninth floor is open to visitors for beholding the amazing blue waters of the Bay of Bengal.

Rupen Creek, Dwarka

Rupen Creek Dwarka

The 18 feet tall lighthouse in Rupen Creek Dwarka was constructed in 19th century with a striking combination of black and white blocks. The lighthouse is nice to behold in the night, while looks quiet mysterious in the night.

Aguada Fort Lighthouse, Goa

Auguada Fort Goa

Do not get confused with its name; the 17th century Portuguese creation, Aguada Fort is also a lighthouse, which is situated on the upper bit of the fort. The lighthouse is not open to visitors but due to the very fact that many movies were shot there, this still remains as a place of attraction in Goa for many visitors.

Puduccherry Lighthouse

Pondicherry Lighthouse

The historical city of Puducherry is a house of two lighthouses. The ancient lighthouse which remains non-functional today was built in 19th century and is 29 meter tall. 

The new lighthouse was built in combination of black and white to a hexagonal shape. The lighthouses in Puducherry are incredible and must visit for tourists.

Muttom, Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari Muttom

You cannot afford to miss the incredible lighthouse in Kanyakumari which was built during the British reign. The lighthouse is 110ft above sea level and stands in the village Muttom in Kanyakumari. This is one of the most popular lighthouses in India.

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