Beaches near Chidambaram

Chidambaram is a place that is famous for many things like temples, historical places and the festivals happening all round the year. The little town is abundantly filled with various interesting places to visit with one’s loved ones. If you are seeking some peaceful time to enjoy with your family and friends, then you can head over to the beaches such as Silver Beach, Velankanni Beach, Poompuhar Beach and Villupuram Beach.

Silver Beach near Chidambaram

Beaches near ChidambaramThe locally famous Silver Beach is situated around 46 kms away from the town of Chidambaram. It is one of the longest beaches in Asia and is the second longest beach on the Coromandel coast. Stretching around 57kms, this beach almost looks like an island with beautiful backwaters to explore. Boating fans can hire a boat on a rent or have an adventure packed trip by trying different water sports such as canoeing. Apart from the beach, one can enjoy various other marvelous sites with their loved ones and enjoy their trip in Chidambaram.

Trekking lovers can opt for a trip in a dense mangrove forest just near the beach which is filled with the bounties of nature. The sightseeing at the beach along with the old rustic light house in a corner is certainly a treat for the eyes. There are pleasant and beautiful resorts that have come up in the area with the help of government and private groups. Summer festivals are celebrated every year in the month of April or May in the beach.

Poompuhar Beach near Chidamabaram

Beaches near Chidambaram

Poompuhar is also called as Kaveripoompattinam and it hosts the beautiful Poompuhar beach that is around 40km from Chidambaram. The beach is well known for being the meeting point of the famous river Cauvery and Bay of Bengal. It is also one of the major ports in use since the medieval and the Chola period giving a wonderful glimpse of south Indian history.

The beach looks stunning with its black sand, obviously appearing as a very good place to go on a picnic with your family and friends. The architectures you see here will remind you of your old school history lessons. This beach is not a suitable one for swimming as the water is very rough. The other places for sightseeing near Poompuhar beach are Silapthikkara Art Gallery, Zion Church and other Dutch monuments depicting their architectural skills.

Poompuhar beach, being very close to Chidambaram is definitely a best option for everyone as its holds great historic value. There are also many temples near the beach having beautiful design and architecture which are built by the Indian geniuses. This place is also very good for people with a craving for photography because the rocks, black sand and the historical monuments are a treat for the camera lenses. All facilities for food and stay are available near the beach and also within the town making it a comfortable trip.

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