Best Places to Get Married in India

Weddings in India are a million dollar industry and with the concept of destination wedding fast catching up in India, the industry has started making profits in leaps and bounds.

For a country like India where weddings hold a huge significance, the planning starts much in advance. With each one wanting to make the wedding special, the concept of a lavish wedding venue or destination is much in vogue now. 

It is therefore no longer a surprise when even international tourists and celebrities choose India for their wedding venue. So,  if you are planning to tie the knot or take the plunge, here are some of the best places to get married in India.


Wedding Places in India

Udaipur is one of the best places to get married in India simply because it has a regal feel. It has been the city where many star celebrities and the who’s who of the country have got married. 

Udaipur is a romantic holiday destination that is majestic with a blend of architecture and charisma. The most luxurious ones are The Leela, Taj Lake Palace and Trident.

Taj lake palace in particular is very popular currently after the bollywood flick ‘Ye jawani hai diwaani’ was shot here.


Places to get married in India

Another destination that is extremely popular as a wedding destination in India is Jaipur. Like Udaipur, Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan offers historical locales, grand palaces and exotic destination wedding options. The Pink City has options for making private palace bookings to add that luxurious touch to your wedding.

It is also the home to some of the best hotels of the country including the Rambagh palace, Raj Palace, Oberoi Rajvillas, ITC Rajputana and Fairmont.

Apart from the luxurious stays, Jaipur is also the cultural hub for weddings, especially Marwari weddings. You can also shop away for bright and colourful outfits along with the classic Jadau and Kundan jewelry, which is unique to the city. 

So if you plan your wedding here, shopping can be done here too. Best time to get married here would be anytime from November to February. The weather is perfect for outdoor weddings. Celebrities from across the globe have chosen Jaipur as a destination for their weddings.

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Wedding destinations in India

The city of Jodhpur is called the blue city of India, and is also one of the best places to get married in India. The city boasts of some of the oldest palaces in the country. It has small hotels located on hill tops too, which suit wedding requirements for the budget friendly as well.

You can go for a traditional Rajasthani kind of wedding here dressed in colourful bridals. Rustic settings with traditional folk songs and dances are a part of the attractions here. Exotic delicacies along with global cuisines are a part of the celebrations.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Beach wedding in India

Andaman is one perfect beach location for couples who want to do something simple and yet romantic. The blue waters of the island are crystal clear and are a reflection of purity and sanctity like marriage.

You can book into one of the many resorts there and have a beach wedding. The white sands are the best way to exchange vows. A lot of people prefer taking smaller boats and cruises to the area as part of the celebration, which doubles as a holiday too.

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beach wedding in India

Jagganath Puri is one of the most holy and sacred places in the Indian Subcontinent. It has also emerged as a popular wedding destination. A lot of people do head to the Puri temple to take the blessings from the lord. 

Another fact that is a chosen option for weddings is because it has plenty of resorts and hotels to suit different budget needs. You can have a beach wedding or have a lavish beach reception, adjacent to the hotel.

Again, Puri is one of the places that is always crowded so make your bookings on time. Ideally the winters are the Summer months are scorching and should be avoided.


Best places to get married in India

Beach weddings and ceremonies in Goa are becoming immensely popular thanks to the exotic beaches and ideal climate. Goa has some of the best lodging facilities in the country including hotels like Taj, Trident and Hilton. 

In fact, boat weddings have become very popular here too. You can hire a yacht for a smaller but lavish ceremony too. The months of October through April are ideal for getting married here.


Getting married in the hills

For those who want to have a wedding set against the backdrop of the hills and watch the sunset as they are walking down the aisle. Shimla is a popular destination. Weddings in the hilly region are not really as cumbersome as you may imagine.

There are plenty of luxurious places to stay here including hotels from the Taj and Oberoi group. Budget friendly resorts are available too for making your marriage a memorable affair. You can get married here during the summer months. It is best to avoid the monsoons though.

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Wedding in India

Weddings in the city of Agra are truly a tribute to love. Emperor Shah Jahan made the historical monument, Taj Mahal as a symbol of love for his beloved wife Mumtaz. Since then it has become an eternal symbol of love for couples across the world. 

Along with the celebrations you can check  the historic destination too. Agra hotels and luxurious resorts include Trident, Sheraton, Taj, are ideal for wedding venues. There are plenty of budget friendly options too.

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Kerala Backwaters

Wedding in India

The backwaters of Kerala are a perfect place to be in ‘God's own country’ and get married there too. The lush and colorful backwaters make it an ideal and pleasant place to tie the knot. Be it the traditional Indian style or even a more contemporary wedding form.

Boats and ferries are available too for tying the knot the romantic way. The weather is warm almost all year through. Avoid the monsoons here as flooding can spoil outdoor wedding plans.


Wedding places in India

There are some who want weddings that are truly mesmerizing and there are some who do it for convenience sake too. Bengaluru really works as a cosmopolitan wedding destination because it is ideally located and affordable too.

You can get married at one of the resorts located outside the city. You can also find some of the best food caterers here along with state-of-the-art facilities to conduct contemporary weddings. 


Top places to get married in India

Another cosmopolitan pick for weddings is surely Hyderabad. Again, this is a city that most youngsters prefer because of easy accessibility and affordability. Hyderabad is also the city of the nizams and palace hotels here offer an exotic appeal for weddings.


Best Places to getg Married in Kolkata


Getting married on a ferry on the Ganges or heading to the suburbs or surrounding areas of Kolkata like Vedic Village and Raichak Ganges can be both exciting and offbeat. Both are located close to the city and offer a unique wedding ambience. 

They take charge of everything from wedding events to the pick up and drop facilities for guests. Kolkata is also the home to some of the best caterers across the country and prices are still affordable.

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Wedding in India

Located in Rajasthan, you may have already heard about the Pushkar Fair. However, it is also one of the most popular wedding destinations for traditional style weddings.

The beautiful city has some of the most famous temples in the country like Brahma Temple, Varah Temple and Savitri Temple. You can arrange for luxurious tent set ups here and get married in style and pomp.

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New Delhi

Weddings in India

Versatile, and simply fun is the motto of weddings in New Delhi. The capital city also has some fabulous and luxurious hotels like the Hyatt, Sheraton, Hilton, Imperial and many more to conduct weddings. 

Be assured that you will get everything that you need here for the wedding starting from plush wedding planners, local bands and even the best of hairdressers and designers. The city is easily accessible and is very popular for winter weddings.

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