Snow, Sand & Road: Romantic Destinations In India

India is full of romantic places. A storehouse of peerless beauty, this land is never short on destinations worth traveling to. From the snow-capped Himalayas to an endless stretch of golden beaches. 

India is a vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes, misty mountain retreats, colorful people, rich cultures, and festivities. 

This ancient land is filled with romantic landscapes, awe-inspiring natural beauty, and grand monuments dedicated to love. Come let's explore some of the romantic destinations in India.



Our emperors knew how to immortalize love! Agra is not only a place that has some of the most important evidences of the Mughal Era; it is mostly famous for the Taj Mahal- the epitome of love. 

Ever since emperor Shahjahan made Taj Mahal to eternal the sincere love for his wife, Mumtaj Mahal, it has become the perfect place to rediscover the feelings for our loved ones too. Visit the Taj especially on a moonlit night to explore the beauty of pure love.



Who says Jaisalmeris all about historical monuments, puppet dance, dunes and scorching heat? If you’re on a couple-trip, Jaisalmer would be a special place to capture some of the most unforgettable memories for you two. 

Among the barren sand dunes and searing heat, you can observe the most tranquil and beautiful sunset ever. The sight of a blazing sun getting melted down of the dunes would definitely make your trip even more romantic.



Welcome to the world of regal elegance. Udaipur is a city boasting its glorious royal past through almost everything. 

The overwhelming grandeur of the palaces, the soothing Pichola and Fateh Sagar Lake, beautiful Jag Mandir and several other historical monuments, Udaipur is a perfect romantic destination for couples.

Nakki Lake

nakki lake

One of the most stunning lakes in India, Nakki Lake in Mount Abuwould make an ideal romantic getaway on the lap of beautiful natural abundance. Only a few places offer such a lovely view of the sunset. 

Any regular evening can become a romantic one when you witness the gleaming sun getting melted down from the backdrop of a mountain-row on the embrace of the pristine water of the lake.

Lonavala and Khandala


A mere three hours road journey from Mumbai,and there are these ever-beautiful twin hill resorts beckoning the couples to have some snuggling time together. 

Lovers could make the most out of the beautiful surroundings which become even more stunning during monsoon and share some moments of intimacy to make the getaway amazingly romantic.



Far from the madding crowd of the city-life, if you two need to spend a good quality time in a vividly romantic atmosphere, there is Coorg for you. Known as the Scotland of South India, Coorg is the most beautiful hill-station in Karnataka.

Coorg boasts some of the most stunning waterfalls, Rivers, lush coffee estates, aromatic spice gardens, old temples and Pagodas etc. which makes it so desired place. 

If you want to spend a tranquil time with your other-half just go for a long walk on the meandering hilly roads, or attend some meditation classes under the most natural ambience, or simply get indulged in some leisurely moments with your beloved.



Welcome to the beautiful world where tranquility transcends into a romantic juncture. Wayanad is a gorgeous hill station located at northern Kerala. As this piece of beauty is yet to be popular, the pristine glories of Wayanad are still intact. 

Driving along the winding roads, watching the sunset from the hilltop, getting soaked into the unpredicted quick shower or boating at the serene Pookkodu Lake- you can certainly be sure of an unforgettable holiday with your mate.



Far from the urban hustle-bustle, Chikmagalur is one of the most serene places in Karnataka. Chikmagalur which means ‘Young Daughter’s Town’ in Kannada is a vividly graphic hill station snuggled on the Mullayanagiri mountain range offering a perfect romantic getaway for the couples looking for a few days of intimacy under some privacy. 

The wide-spread coffee estates, roaring waterfalls and a misty climate, Chikmagalur can be an ideal place to uplift your romantic mood.


Tree House

Now this one is for those couples searching for a getaway to enjoy an unusual vacation. The Vanya Tree House is a lovely idea for the couples to spend a night or two at a tree-top cottage in the midst of a dense tropical rain forest at an altitude of 3000 ft from the sea-level. 

Sleeping inside a wooden tree-top cottage, waking up to the chirping of the birds, having a cuppa with your partner while enjoying the drizzling, Vanya is a perfect place to experience the wilderness up, close and yes, personal!



Located on the lap of queen of the hills, Nilgiri, Ooty has long been one of the most desired destinations for couples as a romantic gateway. 

Blessed with some of the most stunning natural luster, Ooty would be a perfect place to get melted with the company of your loved ones while enjoying the lush green tea estate, the gorgeous rose garden, beautiful lakes, sublime mountains and a diverse wildlife. 

The enthusiastic couples can even get mingled with the amicable local tribes to spend some rustic moments and making the vacation a unique one.



Plan for a trip to Munnarwith your partner; we bet you’d fall in love all again. Known for its amazing world of flora and fauna, Munnar is a paradise for the lovers. 

With the crisp hilly breeze, the lush carpet of tea plantations sprawling over a huge surrounding, Munnar would an ultimate place to rejuvenate and recharge your romantic self.

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