Shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Shopping and 'variety' are almost synonymous. If you are visiting Hong Kong and have not devoted a day or two for shopping, then your visit is not worth! All those who visit the country return with bags loaded with gifts and goodies! 

Shopping in Hong Kong is so infectious that one who is not a shopaholic is bound to be bitten by the shopping bug! Most of the goods sold in Hong Kong except for wine and cigarettes are tax free. So go all out and enjoy a never before shopping experience!

Shopping in Hong Kong

Malls in Hong Kong

The Central Landmark

Malls in Hong Kong
It comprises of five huge levels, with many breath taking brands and rare antique products. 

Landmark also known as "Central" must be visited for its Louis Flagship. The enormous store offers branded items at very low rates.

Best Buys : You must visit the mall for its huge collection of boutiques. These shops have exclusive brands at rock bottom prices. Fashionistas will fall in love with Landmark. 

Facilities : The mall welcomes everyone with a warm entrance, that leads to many boutiques and eateries. Benkay, Kiku, Cova and BRAT are three important food outlets in the mall. Moreover, you will come across a stylish food court and free WiFi in the mall.

Entertainment : The mall is known for its frequent exhibitions, product launches and promotions. Evening in the mall will keep you completely entertained. From International DJ shows to innovative cocktail feasts, the mall has everything a youngster could dream off!

Opening Hours:
 Mon - Sun 10:00 - 22:00
Address: 15 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong Island

Harbour City

Malls in Hong Kong
The mall also features a couple of cinema theatres in its four breath taking levels. 

Best Buys : If you are shopping for your little ones, you must visit Ocean Terminal. The place has fashionable items for the young ones. 

Facilities : The place has a sprawling food court with more than 60 restaurants that span across international cuisines like Chinese, French, Japanese, Western Varieties and Vietnamese.

Entertainment : Famous brands like Dior, Benz and Clinique tend to have frequent shows in the mall. Also, you will come across art exhibitions and photography contents inside the mall.

Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 10:00 - 22:00
Address: 3 - 27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Pacific Place

Malls in Hong KongThis is one of Hong Kong's most visited malls. The mall has three departmental stores. Some of the city's finest jewelry stores and brand names can be found in Pacific Place. 

A unique feature that distinguishes Pacific Place from the rest is the movie house that features stylish seating and serves a wide range of gourmet canapes.

Best Buys : Shopping in Pacific Place will seem like a never ending dream. From high class designer brands to stocked supermarket, the mall has many things on its plate to serve. 

Lane Crawford, Harvey Nichols and French Connection are three trending stores in the mall. However, the mall is more or less meant for people who can afford high priced designer wears.

Facilities : The mall is a great place for food. Since the mall is close by to a bustling street, you can opt for cheap food items at anytime. The mall itself comprises of cafes, restaurants and bars to delight your taste buds. However, remember that parking will cost you HK $ 1000 for three hours!

Entertainment : The stadium sized cinema halls in Pacific Place will entertain you all through. The movie hall has French Leather seating with lots of leg room. Apart from movies, the mall hosts frequent art events and promotions.

Open timing :
 10.00 am to 20.00 pm
Address: 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong Island

IFC Mall

Malls in Hong Kong
The place will give you a spectacular view of the Victoria Harbour. Apart from its unique shopping experience, the mall comprises of rooftop gardens and trendy bars, where you can sit and soak!

Best Buys : IFC Mall is a perfect destination for picky, budget conscious buyers. The mall offers a great mix of eateries and stores. 

In spite of whether you want formal office wear or cutting edge tailor made clothes, the mall will help you find something. 

Names like Club Monaco, Jill Stuart, Boss Orange, Shiseido, Chanel, Carat and Kate Snade have stores in IFC.

Facilities : Dining in IFC Mall will soothe your mind and ooze your soul. The mall's public rooftop garden will let you enjoy a fantastic meal with a picture perfect background. IFC is well known for its traditional dining establishments.

Entertainment : Unlike other malls, you can bring your own food into the mall. The rooftop terrace is famous for its frequent dine shows and food festivals. Also, if you are an ardent fitness freak, you will admire the mall's Pure Fitness Studio with a state of art equipment. Moreover, the mall offers plenty of classes like Jazz, Salsa and Boxing for fitness enthusiasts.

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 - 22:00
Address: 8 Finance Street Central District, Hong Kong

Times Square

Malls in Hong KongWith two enormous basements and 14 well spread floors, Times Square is a spectacular Mall in Hong Kong. 

The uniquely designed outlet is connected using long escalators. Tourists tend to visit the mall to get a sight of these escalators. 

Best Buy : With 14 floors to be explored, you will come across wine, jewelry, apparels, electronics and everything you could think of, in this mall! 

Times Square has a grand offering for footwear and sportswear. Moreover, you should step into Lane Crawford that is spread across the entire Level 1 and Ground Floor in Times Square.

Facilities : Located from floor 10 to floor 13 are twelve royal dining spots. These gastronomical restaurants will delight your taste buds! The food courts can be classed as rich chocolate houses, pit-stop food centers and coffee shops. Of course there are few outlets to suffice the needs of people, who crave for junk food!

Entertainment : The mall is famous for its sculpture installations, road shows and fair. This opens doors for tourists, consumers and corporates. Time Square must be visited during the end of November. This is when the New Year's Eve countdown begins with fancy eye grabbing deals and discounts.

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 - 22:00
Address: 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Malls in Hong KongThe five zoned mall revolves around a Chinese theme! It is surrounded by stunning view, a grand range of shopping options, much sought after brands and a fantastic collection of food courts. 

The mall features one of Hong Kong's largest theatres with a capacity of 1600 seats. 

As you walk through the mall, you will come across decently carved wood sculptures, decadent fountains and rock structures.

Best Buys : Elements is a place for glamourous buys! The mall has around 125 shops with branded accessories and footwear from famous names like Jimmy Choo, Mulberry and REISS. Elements is a perfect place for men and women, who love Rolex. Meanwhile, if you are a studious freak, you should pay a visit to Element's ThreeSixty and Metro Books.

Facilities : Elements has amazing washrooms for men and women. For instance, female shoppers can spend several hours grooming themselves in Element's lavish washrooms with cosmetics and fragrances. Similarly, men washrooms are decked with electronic shavers and branded aftershaves.

Entertainment : Apart from the 1600 seater cinema screens, Elements is a place for ice rink! The specially crafted glass wall will give you a perfect 180 degree view of the harbour. This is when you can listed to great music and enjoy the sport.

Festival Walk

Malls in Hong Kong
Festival Walk is one of Hong Kong's spacious malls with lots of natural light and people. If you want to stroll around with your kid, you should hit Festival Mall. 

This is because you can stroll around with your kid in broad daylight, amusing over a unique shopping experience.

Best Buys : The place is renowned for its fashion accessories, health products, beauty items, jewelry, watches and sports products. You will find all kinds of brands in the mall.

Facilities : Food is a major highlight in Festival Walk Mall. From fine dining to sandwiches to Espressos, the mall will treat your taste buds. The ambience is well maintained. Thus it wouldn't be an issue enjoying the environment's eateries and ice creams!

Entertainment : Hong Kong's second largest ice skating rink is found in Festival Walk Mall. The Glacier is paired with splendid music and lots of theatrical lighting. It would be a perfect place to relax and enjoy. All throughout the year Festival Walk Mall features entertainment events, fashion shows, art exhibitions and expos.

New Town Plaza

Malls in Hong KongNew Town Plaza is a combination of three different malls. I

New Town Plaza is undeniably a place to be visited, if you have young kids in your family. 

New Town Plaza is undeniably a trendsetter when it comes to mall fun. The mall is arranged strategically. 

Best Buys : You must visit New Town Plaza for its sports gears from Adidas, Quicksilver, Converse, The North Face and Kettler. 

Facilities : New Town Plaza is not short of food options or entertainment. From trendy South Wing Restaurants to casual food courts, you can expect anything and everything in this mall.

Entertainment : The mall has 10 cinema screens, a musical fountain and plenty of space for outdoor games. New Town Plaza's Gym Amusement Arcade and Snoppy World is a perfect place for kids. The outdoor area features a boating canal and plenty of rides with party pavilions.

What and Where to Buy in Hong Kong


Upper Lascar Row and Hollywood Road are two ideal destinations for antique products. The Lascar Row is also known as "Cat Street". It is a narrow alley that runs alongside with Hollywood Road. The land is filled with Indian restaurants and small boutiques. 

However, remember to be prepared for the huge crowd at Upper Lascar Street. Also, get ready to bargain your throats out! If you are not a bargainer, Lascar Street is not for you!

Antique Shopping in Hong Kong

Located in Central Sheung Wan, Hollywood Road is a perfect place for antiques too! You can identify this place using its Man Mo Temple. This is a very old temple, with lots of historical significance. Hollywood Road has a sales history that dates back to early 1900s. 

Hollywood Road is meant for people who wish to get hold of Tibetan rugs, porcelain ware, coromandel screens, Ming Dynasty Ceramic, Japanese Netsukes, Kitsch Maoist Memorabilia and Buddha Sculptures.

Tip - These streets are filled with many small shops and narrow alleys. You should be prepared to cross tough traffic and packed roads. Thus, remember to be sure with the routes for a better and safer shopping experience in these streets. Also, it would be wise to stick onto the "No phone" policy.

Best Time to Visit : Open 11am-6pm Monday-Saturday.
How to Get There : MTR Central Station, Exit D2
Address : Hollywood Road and Upper Lascar Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island


Wan Chai is a well known metropolitan centre for computers and video games. The city offers many medium sized shops with plenty of cheap computer accessories, software packages and games.

For instance, you will find more than 298 Computer centers and 188 Oriental computer stores int the road. These numbers have come a long way. Overall, Wan Chai has the city's tallest 78-storey skyscrapper building with plenty of computer shops!

Computer Shopping in Hong Kong

Sham Shui Po is another destination for computers. The street is located to the NorthWestern Part of the Kowlook Peninsula. The place is well known for its street market, which is filled with electronic devices. 

Sham Shui Po is a hotspot for both tourists and local buyers. If you want a market with cheap computer items, you should visit Apliu Street in Sham Shui Po! This is an open air market with a wide range of computer gears at affordable rates. 

A well known spot for computer accessories in Sham Shui Po is "The Golden Shopping Center". Golden Center is Hong Kong's first center for computer products. 

How to Get There : MTR Sham Shui Po Station, Exit C2

Branded Fashion Wear

Times Square is an important shopping mall in Hong Kong, which sells many branded items and high end products. The office tower is one of its kind in the city. It is configured across 9 stories with international high-end brands. International Finance Center is another amazing place for high end shopping. 

The 800,000 sq.ft mall has four stories and plenty of luxury retail outlets. Officially, the city's first Apple Store was opened in International Finance Center. Moving on, Elements is a spectacular place for branded shopping and high end fashion. 

Famous brands like Gucci, Diane von Furstenbery, Prada, Mont Blanc, Karen Millen, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Pringle of Scotland, Brooks Brothers, Fendi and Chanel has huge shops in this mall. 

Vintage Fashion

If you want to get hold of old styled fashion, you must visit Tung Choi Street. This is place packed with tapered silk slacks, floral print materials and the old fashion cuts. 

If you want an eccentric styled outfit, Tung Choi Street is what you want. The place is also known as "Mee & Gee" which translates to "Me and George" in English. Japanese fashion is another highlight in this area. 

Fashion in Hong Kong


Hong Kong has a special market for costumes. Running in the middle line of Central along the lanes of Pottinger Street is a costume market. The place is managed specifically for artistic costumes and accessories. 

From wigs to sequined dresses to spangled masquerades to feather boas to wigs, you will find everything required for a perfect drama in this street all year long!

Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kog is set as a place for women clothes, accesories and shoes. The place is a complete contract to the well known Ladies Market. 

Even during late Sunday evenings, you can walk leisurely through Fa Yuen Street! The place is less crowded and extremely spacious. 

Fashion in Hong Kong

Raw Silk and Fabrics

Cheung Sha Wan Road is a glamorous street where fashion designers from all over the world tend to flock in! The place sells raw materials and fabrics at rock bottom rates.

Address : Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Kowloo
How to Get There : MTR Shum Shui Po Station Exit C1

Budget and Mid Priced Wedding Dresses

Granville Road is a street dotted along the lines of Tsim Sha Tsui. The place is known for its fashion shops and boutiques, that will let you buy products at a budget friendly and mid priced range. 

The shopping arcade in Granville Road is located close to Beverly Shopping Center. Hence, if you want to be an innovative shopper visit the Beverly Shopping Center and then buy from Granville Road! 

Address : Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
How to Get There : MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station B2.

Fashion in Hong Kong


Located near a financial area, Li Yuen is a colorful, vibrant street market that considers space as money! Li Yuen Street West and Li Yuen Street East are two simplified lanes with exotic beauty! 

The street is packed with clothes and accessories that will give you a distinctive oriental flavor. It may be leather or silk, factory or ready to wear produces, the ancient bazaar is what you will not refuse to visit.

Address : Li Yuen Streets East and West, Central, Hong Kong Island
How to Get There : MTR Central Station, Exit C

Bird Market

A well known lane for birds at wholesale rates is Yuen Po Street Bird Garden. The beautiful street is designed to look like a stylish, traditional Chinese Garden. The park sells an exotic range of birds, bamboo cages and water dishes. 

All products required for bird care can be found in this street. If you are a bird lover looking for beautiful things that will delight your little friends, you should visit Yuen Po Street.

Address : Yuen Po Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon
How to get There : MTR Prince Edward Station Exit B1

Shopping in Hong Kong

Dry Seafood Market

Dried Seafood plays an integral role in Chinese tradition. The ingredients are used while cooking and during ceremonies. In Hong Kong, the trade of Dry fruits and seafood is very famous. Des Voeus Road in Sheung Wan is also known as the Dried Seafood Street. 

The area is packed with salted fish shops and rooftop areas where you will find rare solid fishes! From dried sausages to snakeskin to expensive scallops, you will find a replenishing variety of dried seafood in this lane.

Address : Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island
How to get There : MTR Sheung Wan Station Exit A2


When in Hong Kong you will find many Chinese women wearing a circular jade disc with a central hole which Chinese mythology attributes to magical qualities preventing ageing and accidents. 

Jade Market in Yau Ma Tei is very popular and you would be tempted to buy this precious gem, but a note of advice is buy only when you are absolutely sure of the product! Other things that you can buy are precious stones, opals and pearls.

Two Must Visit Markets in Hong Kong

#1 Temple Street

Temple Street is an amazing market that starts from the Temple Street Junction and ends at Kansu Street. The street is also known as Men's Street. Temple Street is packed with hawkers and brilliant light bulbs brighten the market place. 

At all times of the day, the street's traffic remains closed; thus, visitors can swarm into the market by foot! Finally, Temple Street is well known for its Street Festival. The Temple Street Festival was incepted in September 2003. It is a time of the year when you can enjoy the show of Cantonese Opera and engage in active shopping sessions. The street festival will help you buy great products at very low rates!

Opening Hours :
 Temple Street opens from 2 pm. However, the street will not be set until late 4 pm. Thus, the best time to visit the Street will be 7 pm. Most shops and stalls in the street closes at 11.30 pm.

Tips : The Temple Street Market is closed on the 1st day of the Chinese New Year.

How to Reach Temple Street 
: You can reach the market easily from Yau Ma Tei or Jordan. There are many direct buses to the street.

#2 Stanley Street

This is a very lively market in Hong Kong. The street is more of less an up-market place because the it sells only high quality merchandises. The enticing market comprises of many walk-in stalls.

Some of the town's finest designer brands can be bought from the Stanley market. Some shops specialize in selling factory out runs, surplus stock items, large size footwear and clothing. 

Shopping in Hong Kong

At the end of Stanley Street is Graham Street, where many "Dai Pai Dongs" prepare mouth watering dishes. These professionals have being a part of the imperial shopping center since early 1900s.

Opening Hours : The shops will be open from 9 am. However, the place gets packed and lively only after 6.30 pm.

How to Get to Stanley Market : You can reach the market from Exchange Square Bus Station in Central Hong Kong. Buses like 6, 6A, 260 and 6X will take you to Stanley Market.

Hong Kong’s Best Shopping Places

Causeway Bay

This is probably Hong Kong’s best shopping area as almost every inch is covered with malls and neon signs. The top fashion designers, retailers and SOGO and Times Square are also located in Causeway Bay.


This is one of the most crowded streets of the world where every inch is covered with shops. From handbags to watches to clothes both branded and cheap are available in this place. The Ladies Market is also located here. Beware of touts in this place!


If you think Causeway is swanky then think again! Central district of Hong Kong has the country’s swankiest malls and shops. You think of a designer and there is a boutique and shop of that designer in Central district.

Hollywood Road

Though named Hollywood Road, it the best place to buy Chinese contemporary art. One is bound to find art work of contemporary Chinese artists on display in either side of Hollywood Road.

One-Day Middle Budget Shopping in Hong Kong

The one day tour through Hong Kong will help you keep your wallet and buy an exquisite collection of clothes, shoes and jewelry. The amazing mid-budget shopping spear begins from Nathan Street and ends in Temple Street Night Shopping.

You can start your shopping spree with computers and electronics from Star Hours and Ladies Market. Also, remember to buy accessories, shoes and clothes from Ladies Market. The Nathan Road Shops will let you buy an exotic collection of assorted items, jewelry, souvenirs and artwork.

This is where you will come across interesting sites, attractions, shopping opportunities and great places to eat! Start shopping from Tsim Sha Tsui Station. 

Asias Largest Shoe Departmental Store

Asia's Largest Shoe Department Store in Hong Kong!

The Continent's biggest shoe store is in Hong Kong! This is the Lane Crawford's Shoe Market in Canton Road Store. The Lane Crawford shoe shop in Canton Road features more than 200 brands and has a gigantic walk-in closet with shoes, even the world's pickiest lady would fall for.

Opening Hours : 10 a.m.-9 p.m.
Address : 3 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Shoe Library in Hong Kong

Tips to shopping in Hong Kong

Bargaining in Hong Kong is not much different from that in India. So if you are smart at bargaining in India, it should not be difficult in India too

  • Before you can even set a price for a product it is important for you to know the product thoroughly. This is not that important for branded goods but if you are buying from the streets or electrical and electronic goods, it is important to not only know the exact price but also the product.
  • You should always start with the lowest price and then gradually climb up to the point you think you will do justice with the product and quality. Most locals start their bargaining between 30% and 40% and you too can do the same.
  • As we do in India, if we are not happy with the price, we simply walk away. Similarly in Hong Kong if you walk away, the seller might come down to a compromise price.
  • It is best to pay in local currency rather than dollars or pounds if you are carrying.
  • Even if someone offers tea, one should not accept it not because it could be laced with some unwanted things, but it will give the seller to befriend you and not allow to bargain more!
  • First of all, check if the shops display a "QTS" sign. The sign board would state if the shop has passed the city's stringest quality tests. Shops with the "QTS sign" would provide a clear display of the prices, proper product information and flawless customer service.

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