Beaches in India

India is a blessed land with nature’s exquisite beauty spread all over in various forms. The unswerving mountains, pristine waters, tranquil backwaters, mystique woods, breathtaking landscapes, golden deserts, explicit natural vegetation, and beaches.

Owing to the longest coastline stretching from east to west, India has a good number of beaches, each one unique in its way. The waves wash the coastline leaving away their mark beautifully on white, golden, or brown sands, depending upon their various types. Some of the Indian beaches even hold good ranks among the world’s top beaches.

Top Beaches of India

Some of the beaches must be visited at least once before you die. These beaches offer all ingredients for a fun-filled time there like the Sun, the sand, lively green surroundings, and the mighty waves that bring alive the kid in you.

Kovalam in Kerala

Top Beaches in India

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Running along Malabar Coast, Kovalam Beach has a long stretch of white sandy beach. It is one of the most popular sea beaches in Kerala. Situated at a distance of 16kms from Thiruvananthapuram, Kovalam has 3 beaches separated by a rocky landscape. 

Varkala in Kerala

Best Beaches in India

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Located between Alleppey and Kovalam, Varkala is one of the must visit beaches of India. A photographer's delight, the winding stretch of cliff and the beauty of the setting sun will take your breath away! Read More

Palolem Beach in Goa

Best Beaches in Goa

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If you are looking to spot dolphins, the Palolem Beach in Goa is one of the best places in India to spot one. The most beautiful and picturesque beach of Goa, Palolem Beach, is covered by a thick forest of coconut palms.

Baga Beach in North Goa

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Baga Beach is the most popular one and usually stays crowded. People enjoy all sorts of water sports here like parasailing and windsurfing; while some bask under the Sun lying resting on the sand-bed.

Calangute Beach in North Goa

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Just a few kilometers from Baga beach, there is Calangute beach, which is yet another top one that attends to huge crowds, especially during the carnival season. Read More

Puri Beach in Odisha

Popular Beaches in India

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This beach is very close to the Puri temple or Lord Jagannath temple. Lord Jagannath is very revered among people and the place is considered to be one of those Chaar-Dhams that every devotee wishes to pay visit to, before leaving this materialistic world. During Jagannathji Rath Yatra, all of the Puri city, especially the Puri beach, stay heavily crowded. Read More

Radhanagar Beach in Andaman Islands

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This untouched and unspoiled beach of Havelock Island in Andamans holds the crown of being rated as Asia’s most beautiful of beaches. Its white sand and blue waters win all hearts at just one sight. 

Many water sports are not allowed here due to safety reasons. The beaches are clean, which makes it more special for the people who are concerned about the same. Read More

Candolim Beach in Goa

This beach has everything for the beach-lover like white sand, crystal waters, playfulness for water-sport enthusiasts, peaceful ambiance for those into meditation and Yoga.  Read More

Dhanushkodi Beach in Rameshwaram

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This place serves as a place for all those interested in mythology. This place is known as the point from where Lord Rama along with Shri Hanumana and Laxmana started building the bridge or setu, to reach Lanka. 

For explorers, it will be interesting to explore the ruins of the once-existed town Dhanushkodi which was washed off by the 1964 cyclone.

Ganpatiphule Beach in Maharashtra

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As a part of the Konkan coast, the Ganpatiphule beach presents lovely sights of the temple of Lord Ganesh in Swayambhu avatar and the natural vegetation that includes tall coconut palms. 

A good number of people mainly, the pilgrims pay a holy visit to the temple.  Konkan coast also makes most of this lovely beach.

Colva Beach in South Goa

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This is known to be the oldest and most lively beach of south Goa. It once used to be the relaxing point for high society people of Margao. Today, it serves as the partying area for all the party animals, who enjoy rave-parties dancing together. Read More

Marari Beach in Kerala

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Nestled in God’s Own Country, this beach is truly a blessed one. Marari beach holds the serenity of Kerala backwaters that certainly is a place of attraction for the people. Read More

Ramakrishna Beach in Vishakhapatnam

Beaches in India

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Also known in initials as Ramakrishna Mission Beach, this wonderful beach can be reached by covering just 5 kms from the main city. People come here to enjoy water sports and explicit natural beauty. 

Walking alongside the beach while pampering your taste-buds by the scrumptious food available from the shacks standing here, is pure bliss. Read More

Beaches of Different States in India

There are many coastal states in India. The coastline of every independent state presents beaches, some of which are clearly identified as part of the state they belong to. 

Some beaches are commercialized while some of them are still to be explored. The beauty of these beaches has been drawing a majority of tourists from different parts of the world.

Beaches of Kerala

The Kerala coastline stretches to 550 kms with distinct

Alappuzha Beach

Also known as the 'Venice of the East', Alappuzha Beach is important for beach holidays, boat races and marine products. Houseboat cruise is an exciting one in Alappuzha. 

The original Kettuvallams which you can find in Alappuzha used to carry tons of rice and spices. The Kettuvallam or 'boat with knots' was so called because the entire boat was held together with coir knots only.

Marari Beach

A beach in the district with the same name belongs to a peaceful village, Mararikulam offers a nice and peaceful vacation to the tourists who visit here. Read More

Chavakkad Beach

Located only 5kms from Guruvayoor, it is bordered with coconut trees on either side with a mesmerizing beauty. Read More

Fort Kochi Beach

The beach is quite an interesting one with Colonial-style bungalows built alongside the coastline. As the name indicates, one can also spot the ruins of Fort Emmanuel from this beach. Read More

Kollam Beach

This beach also known as Mahatama Gandhi beach is one of the oldest of beaches and a very significant one, for playing an important role in the cashew trade. Read More

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam is an internationally renowned beach and has been attracting foreigners especially Europeans since the 1930s. It actually has three adjacent beaches Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach and Samudra Beach making it a must visit place in Kerala. Read More

Beaches of Goa

The Goa coastline stretches to about 125 km. The coastline is classified into several beaches belonging to North Goa and South Goa. In South Goa, many private beaches are part of super-luxury resorts. The most popular beach of south Goa is Palolem beach.

At night, all these beaches are beautifully lit up and people are seen partying. The skies get brightened up as well, with the fireworks that show the buzz is on. The majority of people seen on these beaches are honeymoon couples. Click here to read more on beaches in Goa.

Beaches of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu presents some of the finest beaches of south India. The blue waters beneath the bright skies look breathtaking. The Marina Beach of Chennai offers a 12 km wonderland full of lovely waves that have made this beach the ‘Pride of Chennai’. 

Elliot’s Beach

This one is the cleanest of all with suitably illuminated roads, sand and pavements. Read More

Mamallapuram Beach

Mamallapuram in Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu is only a 2 hour journey from the state capital, Chennai. Once a port city of the Pallavas, it is also important because of its rich history and the group of monuments in Mahabalipuram which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Read More

Kanyakumari Beach

Another popular beach of Tamil Nadu is the Kanyakumari beach that lies at the southern tip of India. Apart from being a well-known pilgrimage place, Kanyakumari offers a splendid view of sunrise and sunset. You can enjoy them the best during the full Moon days. The lighthouse standing firm at this beach looks amazing. You can capture a panoramic sight of the beach. Read More

Poompuhar Beach

Also known as Kaveripoompattinam, the Poompuhar Beach is filled with black sand, the place has great historical importance. Though not recommended for swimming, this beach is an ideal picnic spot for locals. Read More

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Beaches of Gujarat

Gujarat, the colorful and vibrant state has equally vibrant beaches. These include Ahmedpur-Mandavi Beach, Chorwad Beach, Somnath Beach, Gopnath Beach, Dwaraka Beach and Kutch-Mandvi Beach.

Among all these beaches, the Mandvi beach is the most beautiful with white sand that stays firm. This makes the beach good enough for walking, swimming and water sports.

Chorwad Beach

Located about 37kms from Somnath, the Chorwad Beach was once home to the Nawab of Junagadh. Rocky hills and thrilling boat rides are sure to enthrall both domestic and international tourists.

Gopnath Beach

Being the very beautiful one with clusters of limestone cliffs, gentle breeze and amazing charm of the birdlife, it is one of the bets beaches of Gujarat. Read More

Dwaraka Beach

Here, you would find a huge crowd of pilgrims who pay visit to the Dwarakadhish temple. You would love to find the extensive water life here while spotting lively dolphins, star fish, octopus and sea urchins.

Kutch-Mandvi Beach

Adorned with splendid blue waters and shining sands, the Kutch-Mandvi beach is an important sea-port too for trade and commerce. You can enjoy fishing by capturing the lovely sights of fish through its blue waters.

Beaches of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is not only about beaches about Juhu and Chowpatty in Mumbai. Its long 720kms association with the Arabian Sea extending from Dhanau and Bordi in the North till Goa in the south has several interesting options to lure the tourists!

Harnai Beach

This is pristine peaceful beach situated 15kms from Dapoli. Clear waters, natural harbour and fort at the northern end make it an important tourist spot for people living both in Pune and Mumbai.

Shriwardhan-Harihareshwar Beach

This is an irresistible beach for people who love sea food, clear water and gentle winds. If you are an adventure lover, you can take a small boat and travel to the land of the Peshwas where you can see the Peshwa Smarak in Shriwardhan.

Dahanu-Bordi Beach and Vijaydurg-Sindhudurg Beach

Those interested in history, may choose to go to Dahanu-Bordi beach and Vijaydurg-Sindhudurg beach. Dahanu beach is blessed with Chiku orchards and is 145 ms from Mumbai. You will also find the ruins of forts and traces of Portuguese culture that one existed here. Apart from this, they will also find some pilgrimage sites of historical significance.

Ganpatiphule Beach

One of the most spectacular beaches of Maharashtra, this beach is an excellent alternative to the more crowded beaches of Maharashtra. Besides its clean, blue waters, Ganpatiphule is famous for its rich mangrove trees and coconut palms.

Mandwa Kihim Beach

This beach has nice coconut palms that offer pure and pollution-free breezes to breathe and nature’s artistic scenery to capture.

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach is one of the most popular attractions of Mumbai. Apart from the usual activities, one of the main reasons for visiting Juhu is because it houses some of the top Bollywood celebrities. The beach is often crowded which increases during weekends.

Madh Island Beach

Madh Island is also one of the most popular beaches of Mumbai and is also the cleanest in the state. The mangroves lined across the beach separates the beach from the mainland other than adding beauty to it.

Some of the other beaches of Mumbai include:

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Beaches of Karnataka

The Karnataka coastline is about 320 kilometers long. There are some very fascinating beaches in the line, for you to enjoy. Some of the major beaches are explained below.

Om Beach

Located about 2kms from Gokarna, the Om beach is named after its natural shape that resembles that of the symbol ‘Om’.

Panambur Beach

Named after Panambur port in Mangalore it is one of the safest and cleanest beaches of India. This beach is crowded during the evenings for its magnificent view of the sunset along the Konkan coast. Camel rides, boat rides and kite flying are very popular at this beach.

Someshwara Beach

Located at the confluence of the Arabian Sea and Netravati river, Someshwara Beach is famous for its golden sand and long stretches of greenery.

Bhatkal Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches, Karnataka Bhatkal beach is located in Uttara Kannada region near Murudeshwar temple. It was once an important port for trade in the 16th century during the Vijayanagar kingdom.

Kurumgad Beach

Situated 4kms from Karwar, Kurumgad Beach is a tortoise shaped Island popular for Narasimha temple. Thousands of people visit the temple during Pushya Purnima in January when the beach also remains crowded.

Beaches of Andhra Pradesh

The Vishakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh is blessed with many beautiful beaches, namely, the Rushikonda beach also known as the ‘Jewel of the East Coast’, Ramakrishna beach, Lawson’s Bay, Tenneti beach and Sagarnagar beach. These beaches look so beautiful that tourists visit here in large numbers.

Ramakrishna Beach

A popular beach of Visakhapatnam, Ramkrishna Beach is more famous for the INS Kursura Submarine Museum. Commonly known as RK beach, it attracts tourists all round the year.

Uppada Beach

The beach can be reached at a distance of just 5 kms from Kakinada, it is famous as a fishery spot. It is a wide beach and quite a safe one to play. The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation is developing this place as a tourist hub.

Vodarevu Beach

This beach runs along the Bay of Bengal coastline and is lined with coconut trees on either side. It is just 6 km far from another one, the Ramapuram Beach. It is one of the best places to enjoy the rising sun and a place where people can enjoy a quiet time.

Krishnapatnam Beach

Though Krishnapatnam in Nellore district is more famous for the port than the beach, yet its calm and tranquil atmosphere attracts tourists who want to spend some moments of solitude.

Mypadu Beach

The beach stretches 25 kms alongside the Bay of Bengal coastline with greenery in abundance. These days, a lot of efforts are being planned by the government to develop this place as a tourist destination.

Motupalle Beach

The beach is known for Casuarina plantation. In Kallingapatnam, the beach has a light house and Buddhist Stupa. Earlier, the port played an important role in trading activities by European traders.

There are many other beaches belonging to various districts. These are namely, Bheemunipatnam Beach, Perupalem beach, Manginapudi Beach, Suryalanka beach and Mypadu beach.

Beaches of Odisha

The beaches of Odisha are characterized by bright sands, nice natural ambiance, bountiful coconut palms, exotic marine life, naughty waves perfect for surfing, and weather that is very pleasant to enjoy this place the best way. 

The beaches are adorned by shops that sell shell-made goods too good to resist. Some of the beaches like those in Paradeep are the most peaceful of all. 

Chandipur Beach

It is a calm beach with Casuarina trees and amazing dunes of sand. The characteristic of the beach is that the water recedes 1 to 4kms during ebb tide every time. As a result it supports a variety of biodiversity including the horseshoe crab which is rarely found anywhere else.

Gopalpur Beach

Gopalpur Beach popularly known as Gopalpur on Sea is located about 16ms from Berhampur. The beach of Gopalpur town is known for a lighthouse and Casuarina trees that give a scenic picture. The serene environment becomes lively with the rhythmic songs sung by waves that keep washing the sands. It is also an ideal place for sailing and surfing.


This beach is also known as the Chandrabhaga beach is very popular being just 3 kms from the famous Konark Temple or Sun Temple. It is one of the best beaches in India to enjoy the beauty of a sunrise and get lost in its charm.


The sacred beach of Puri attracts pilgrims in very large number, to offer prayer and have a holy bath here. A lot of sand art can be seen here as people practice it a lot. Read More

Paradeep Beach

This beach is a private one as it belongs to the biggest port, Paradeep Port. The beach is clean and looks beautiful in clear waters. You can take a long walk at the long stretch that becomes very enjoyable as the cool breezes and beautiful waves caress you.

Others are minor beaches like Aryapalli beach at a distance of 30 km from Behrampur, Astaranga beach at 91kms from Puri, Balaramgadi beach is just 2kms from Chandipur, Balighai beach at just 8kms from Puri and, Baliharachandi beach at a distance of 27 km from Puri. 

Others are Beleshwar beach from Puri, Ramchandi beach just Konark, Talasari which is about 88 km from Balasore and, Pati-Sonapur which is at a distance of 20kms from Behrampur. It is 4kms distance from National Highway no 5.

Beaches of Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a beautiful coastal region with equally beautiful beaches namely, Serenity Beach, Paradise Beach and Promenade Beach.

Serenity Beach

This beach is in the city itself. It is a peaceful beach visited by people who are seeking the same. The clear waters are the major attraction of the beach. 

You cannot resist taking a nice walk with your feet dipped in these waters. It is known for the Serenity beach bazaar that opens during the weekends. The bazaar is known for traditional handicraft items, clothes, bags, and lots more.

Paradise Beach

It is just 8kms far from the town that can be seen while moving on the Pondicherry and Cuddalore highway. The star attractions of this beach are crystal waters, sparkling sand, lots of adventure and some sights of Dolphins.


This is the most significant beach of Puducherry. You can walk your way out to this beach from the city; it is just at a walking distance via the Beach Road alongside the beach itself. While on the beach, you can also visit the war memorial, Joan of Arc and a statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

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Beaches of West Bengal

The coastline of West Bengal has some beaches which have been playing significant roles in trade and commerce. The beaches are namely, Shankarpur, Digha, Bakkhali, Mandarmani, Tajpur and Gangasagara. 

Many other small beaches are not that significant. There is a rare property on some beaches like in Digha beach. The sand is so hard that cars can be driven on them.


Lying in East Midnapore district in the northern end of Bay Bengal Digha is one of the most popular beaches of West Bengal. It is a famous weekend getaway for the people living in and around Kolkata.


It is located at 15 kms distance from the Digha beach. It is a less explored one though today, it is getting popular now. You can enjoy the lovely sunrise from here. Pleasant weather, gentle breeze and cool climate make it an ideal destination in West Bengal


This one comes under the district of East Midnapore. The 13 kms long beach is characterized by the red crabs crawling everywhere.


The beach belongs to one of the islands, the majority of which comes under Sunderbans. The 7kms beach has casuarina trees lined up. It stays crowded during the weekends as many tourists visit here. Apart from this period, which stays calm and peaceful. Cycling is a favorite sport enjoyed on this beach.

Beaches of Andaman Islands

Andaman islands are known for their exotic beaches that hold tremendous natural glamor. Tourists from all over the world love to be here and enjoy the corals. These corals are hundreds of years old and their huge variety look absolutely amazing. People enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling and glass-bottom boating and learning about the magical marine life.

Radhanagar Beach

The most beautiful beach of Andamans is the Radhanagar beach of Havelock Island. It ranks among the most beautiful beaches of Asia. The white sand and gushing white waters are very enticing and bring out the child in you. The beach though is quite wide. 

One should be careful while playing, as the high tide waves may take you over by extreme force and pressure. You can enjoy here a nice sun-bath. The beach is so clean that it feels like you are on a private one.

Vijaynagar Beach

This is another beach of Havelock island which is also known for the sparkling clean sand and crystal clear water. It is apt for the lovebirds who wish to spend some quality time amidst the beautiful nature. The beach can be enjoyed by families also.

Carbyn’s Cove Beach

This is yet another popular destination for beach lovers near Port Blair. It presents the unspoilt beauty of nature. The coconut palms and lush green grounds with the old Japanese bunkers make it a very attractive beach. It is very good for the adventure water sports.

Butler Bay Beach

It presents excellent means of surfing and camping. People also enjoy basking under the Sun.

Elephant Beach

This is another beach of Havelock island that is a least crowded one. People can enjoy snorkeling the most as a huge variety of exotic corals can be seen from here. Though, the Tsunami of 2004 has disturbed its coral life badly yet a lot of it still remains to be enjoyed and learnt about.

Red Skin Island Beach

It is also blessed with lovely coral reefs that can be seen through glass-bottom boat ride and snorkeling. It is absolute fun floating on the shallow waters with small fish surrounding you. The unpolluted charm of this island is expressed by this wonderful beach.

Beaches of Lakshadweep

Not much explored and commercialized, Lakshadweep islands offer unpolluted ambiance that even today belongs to Mother Nature. Its various islands namely, Agatti Island, Bangaram Island, Kadmat Island, Minicoy island and Kavaratti island present lovely beaches, you would love to spend your entire vacation on.

White Beach

This is the beach of Agatti island with coral waters look absolutely stunning, Just very close to it, is Bangaram island. It has bio-luminescent planktons deposited on it, which gives it a unique glow at night.

Kadmat Beach

This beach stretches to 8kms and is surrounded by lagoons on the east and western side. You can enjoy scuba-diving here which adds adventure to the pristine and peaceful beach.

Minicoy Beach

Minicoy beach is a popular tourist place because of the availability of water sports facility, bathing huts with changing rooms. The lighthouse here, attracts many people. The localities here perform lava dance, which is quite popular. The local fishermen and boatmen enjoy racing too.

These numerous beaches in India are significant in their own ways. Some are commercialized a lot while some still seem like untouched and virgin.

Honeymooners’ Delight - Top Beaches for Romance

Beaches have always been a dream destination for honeymooners. With the quality time being spent here, these lovebirds create a life-long pleasant memory to cherish forever.

Beaches in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Beaches in India

Get a fabulous start to your life with some marine life and adventure sports in this idyllic destination!

Beaches in Goa

Best Beach destinations for honeymoon in India

(Source: Flickr Creative Commons abhijit chendvankar)

Truly a place where earth meets heaven, the sun-kissed beaches and some great resorts of Goa are sure to spice your romantic life!

Beaches of Lakshwadweep

Top beaches for honeymoon in India

Pristine beaches, roaring waves, coral paradise and long stretches of white sand beaches are an excellent cocktail of a fantasy romantic destination!

Beaches in Puducherry

Have a relaxed romantic getaway with your beloved amidst an old world charm!

Daman and Diu

(Source: Flickr Creative Commons india untravelled)

Rediscover and rejuvenate in this less frequented place at the tip of Gujarat amidst fresh air and roaring waves.


(Source: Flickr Creative Commons Amit Kotwal)

Long walks, sun bathing or simply a quiet time with your loved one in your honeymoon will help you with memories to be cherished for life.

Unique Beaches in India

India is a fascinating country and it ceases to surprise! Beaches in India too have some unique characteristics which you will find rarely in any part of the world.

Neil Island Beach in Andaman

Neil Island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

(Source: Flickr Creative Commons Ankur P)

The uniqueness about this beach lies in the unique natural bridge made of rock; basically it is a resultant of rock formation that happens naturally.

Muzhappilangad Beach in Kerala

(Source: Flickr Creative Commons SandFlash)

The beach offers the longest drive-in stretch which is pretty hard; hard enough to be able to enjoy the ride on your own vehicle!

St. Mary’s Island Beach in Karnataka

(Source: redscarabtravelandmedia)

This beach in Karnataka is adorned with perfect sea jewels, the sea shells. The island has volcanic palm-fringes and rock columns of Basalt.

Dumas Beach in Gujarat

Usually the color of the sand on the beach is golden or brown, but the color of sand of this one in south-west Gujarat is, BLACK! During the dark hours it looks very ghostly, with many ghostly stories associated with it. Definitely, an excitingly scary place to be.

The beaches in India play a vital role in attracting people who come here from every nook and corner of the world. They provide a carefree ambiance that brings about that playful child from almost every adult.

The cleanliness of these beaches has always been the major cause of concern for the authorities owing to the time-to-time oil spills in the ocean. Extreme water pollution has affected marine life very badly. Several campaigns have been carried out to clean the beaches. Some have been effective while some needed some more drive. 

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