Shopping in the Pearl of the Indian Ocean - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to a rich artistic tradition, which cannot be found anywhere else in this world. The place is built amazingly with many shopping malls and bazaars. The beautiful island is well know for its antique batiks, lace and lacquer from the Dutch period. 

Moreover, modern designers have included a novel twist to these antique collections and traditional crafts. Sri Lanka is a great place for souvenirs of slapdash quality. 

Shopping in Sri Lanka

Where and What to Shop in Sri Lanka

Antique Crafts

If you are in Sri Lanka, you should buy antique crafts. This is one of the island's most powerful sales items. The giant Government Emporium Laksala has branches in and around the country. Stocks at Laksala are a clear symbol of Sri Lankan craftsmanship. 

Colombo has many boutiques with fresh crafts. The contemporary offerings will undeniably add more charm and color to your handicraft collection. Another important place that is renowned for its crafts would be Kandy. 

Moving on, you should visit Galle for very old manuscripts, compasses and wood works that were once a part of the Dutch Reign. Galle is known as a hub for smart designers and enticing boutiques. 

Shopping in Sri Lanka


Masks play an integral role in Sri Lanka's tradition and culture. This is one of the country's renowned treasures. Masks are used during most occasions in the country. From kolam rituals to bali cermonies, colorful masks are in abundance in the country. 

Sri Lanka masks would have wild eye demons that gaze with a mix of awe and anger. These faces are used to scare away bad spirits and negative energy. Ambalangoda is a hub for masks. Sons Mask Museum and Ariyapala are two more interesting places with high quality masks that are sold at reasonable rates. 

A place that is built solely for tourists would be Southland Masks. The contemporary shop has an excellent collection of breath taking mask varieties. Thus, if you are in Sri Lanka for the first time, you should take back at least one sensational mask!

Shopping in Sri Lanka


This is another important produce in Sri lanka. The country's batik varieties will blow you off your feet. Batiks from Dutch and Indonesia are sold at amazing rates in Sri Lanka. There are many factories and shops that sell original price in the island. 

The batik varieties are designed with vivid pictures and designs. At any scale, you will find the rich finish of Sri Lankan batik enticing.

Batik clothes are dyed and the fabric is washed carefully before the pictures appear and develope gradually. The shop is located in Ambalangoda. Also, you will find a rich collection of batik varieties at Jezlook in Matara.

Shopping in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka's lace making industry was incepted during early 16th century. Lace from Sri Lanka would symbolize a pinch of fineness and richness.  The intricate designs will definitely add more charm and value to your clothes.

Galle is well known for its lacemaking shops. Here, you can see your lace being produced in real time. Shops like Shoba Display Gallery in Galle homes many local lacemakers. 

Another important lace production unit in Dickwella would be the Sewa Lanka Lace Showroom. This is a village renowned for its small lace shops. Sewa Lanka is present along the island's Dickwella Coast.

Shopping in Sri Lanka

Lacquerware and Metalwork

An inert yet splendid industry in Sri Lanka would be metalwork and lacquerware. Metalwork is produced extensively in the country. However, Kandy is an important place filled with a rich mix of shops and homes that produce ceremonial brass lams for weddings, temples and weddings. 

The work will not give you a pinch of Western tastes. This can be attributed to the famous and glorious nature of Sri Lanka Metalwork. Also, breath taking metalwork statuettes can be found in the country. 

Lacquer bowls were once found only in Kandy. Nevertheless, now you can find the unique piece of art almost anywhere in the country. Lanquer bowls are made, coated and painted carefully. 

It is quite interesting to note that Lacquerware are made of certain tree barks. The resin is carefully melted down and removed out to uncover the soft pigment inside.

Marine Products

Sri Lanka is well known for its export business. Conversely, the country sells marine products like shells and corals. Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka is a special place that preserves coral reefs. 

Nevertheless, remember that corals should be taken from the country with lots of care and concern. Check with the immigration department, if you would be allowed to take processed, polished coral reefs from Sri lanka to your country.


Shopping in Sri Lanka

All throughout history, the Pearl in the Indian Ocean has been renowned as a land of exquisite gems. There are several thousand shops with more than 85 different types of Gems, out of which 45 are found only in the island and not anywhere else in this globe!

The most impressive and beautiful varieties of glistening Rubies and Sapphires are found in Sri Lanka.
A place that is filled with street gemstone hawkers would be the mining town - Rathnapura. This is an exquisite place that will give you a glimpse of every other gem in the country! Locally, Ratna means "Gems" and Pura means "Area". 

Remember to check if the shop is certified by the Sri Lankan Gem Traders Association and the International Coloured Gemstone Association. Also, check if the "Tourist Board Approved Certificate" is displayed in the shop. Never buy gems from shops that dont display strong signs of genuineness or authenticity.


This is another important export from Sri Lanka. It is quite rare to see tourists without bags and bags of Ceylon Tea! However, you should be aware of the knack in shopping for Tea in Sri Lanka.  Factory in Nuwara Eliya and St Clair Estate are two important consigns with attractive tea rooms! 

If you are in Colombo, you should search for Mlesna Outlets and Dilmah branches. Meanwhile, remember that the Airport sells fine tea at exorbitant rates. Hence, it would be wise to buy Tea from local factories or outlets that are within the city.

A Unique Shopping experience in Sri Lanka

Shopping Malls in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a handful collection of shopping malls. However, these malls will undeniably make your day! Here is a list of famous shopping malls in Sri Lanka. Almost all these malls are located in Colombo, which is the commercial city of the small, yet stunning island.

Majestic City

Shopping Malls in Sri Lanka

The list of malls in Sri Lanka begins with Majestic City. The seven storied shopping complex was opened in 1990 and has being a perfect consign for shopping since then.

Majestic City is a must visit for all those who intend to shop in Sri Lanka. The mall offers a wide range of items, from clothes to shoes to handicrafts to furniture items to electronic products to decors. Located in the heart of the city, you can reach Majestic City easily.

Best Buys : The mall is a great place to shop for greeting cards, books and cotton shirts. Famous retail outlets like Odel, Cotton Collection, Hameedia and Lakshmi have shops in the mall. Also, you will be awestruck to see a huge collection of original DVDs at rock bottom rates in the mall. If you are a fan of reality shows and movies, you will find Majestic City as an ideal venue.

Facilities : The mall features a well maintained food court, with a selected collection of restaurants. The food court features local and international cuisine. This en covers over Thailand menus, Malaysian recipes and Indian varieties. Also, you will come across western outlets like KFC and Pizza Hut in the mall.

Opening Hours : 10.00 am to 10.30 pm on all days of the week
Address :
Majestic City, Galle Rd Colombo 00400, Sri Lanka

Liberty Plaza

Shopping Malls in Sri Lanka

Another interesting shopping mall that is present close to Majestic City would be Liberty Plaza. This is a mall worth mentioning about. The attractive shopping complex is located in Colombo 03. 

It sells a wide range of products at affordable prices. This is a feature that distinguishes Liberty Plaza from other malls like Odel and Majestic City. When compared against MC, Liberty Plaza comprises of relatively small sized shops. 

Best Buys : In Liberty Plaza, you should visit Tea Tang and Mlesna Tea Counter. These are two exclusive shops that sell packaged Ceylon tea. Few other important outlets in the mall would be Alankara, Stone and String, Cotton Collection, Lakehouse Bookshop, Leather Collection and Antonio.

Facilities in the mall : The fully air conditioned mall comprises of ample parking space. There is a massive supermarket located near the shopping mall's basement. The supermarket sells a wide range of local and imported products. Additionally, the mall features many bank counters and ATMs. WiFi and Internet Cafes in the mall are off commendable quality.

Opening Hours : 9:00 am - 9: 30 pm
Address : R. A. de Mel Mawatha; 00300 Colpetty, Sri Lanka.

Crescat Boulevard

This is a chic looking five star hotel that lures and attracts tourists. The shopping mall is barely 35 km from the Country's Main International Airport. 

If you are an ardent shopper, you will fall in love with the mall's latest products. Many leading brands have an outlet in the mall. For instance, Prasanna Batiks has a opening in Crescat Boulevard.

Shopping Malls in Sri Lanka

Best Buys : You should take home fresh batiks from Crescat Boulevard. Secondly, Mlesna Tea Center in the mall will give you bags of freshly packed, flavorsome Ceylon Tea. Similarly, Reebok, Bettans, Pearlrich and Lakshmi are four important stores in the mall with premium products for buyers.

Facilities : The mall has a fully air conditioned food court with counters that sell diverse types of cuisines. It is a great place for families and friends to enjoy their evenings. If you are in the country, you should set out for Crescat for its casual atmosphere and in-house bakery!

Opening Hours :
10.00 am to 11.00 pm
Address : 89 Galle Rd, Colombo 00300


The splendid shop features the country's most recent fashion trends. Odel is regarded as a premier spot for clothes and shoes. It is a place where people who search for cutting edge fashions flock into. 

Shopping Malls in Sri Lanka

Best Buys : Odel is well known for its bags, clothes, perfumes, shoes and cosmetics for ladies. Men will find the departmental store's watches, casual wear, shirts, suits and shoes extremely useful. 

Also, Odel has a special section with swimwear and winter clothes. Apart from fashion, the shopping center delights shoppers with smaller items like handicrafts and gifts.

Facilities :
Odel will rejuvenate new life through your shopping experience. It has a sushi bar, hair salon and Italian ice cream parlor. If you are a foodie, you will find Odel's in house chocolate store and candy bar tempting.

Popular Shops in Sri Lanka

Lakpahana Handcraft (Private) Limited
Address: 14 Philip Gunewardena Mawatha, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 112 698 211

Urban Island
Address: 181 Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 76 442 0000

Arcade Independence Square
Address: Independence Square, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 71 896 9523

Paradise Road
Address: 213 Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 112 686 043

Uptown - Liberty Plaza
Address: 2nd floor, Liberty Plaza NO 14, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 112 574 306

Marino Mall
Address: 590 Colombo - Galle Main Rd, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 112 595 595

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