Best Tea Bars in India

India is a proud owner of vast tea estates and at the same time producing various flavors of tea.  Tea is not only popular in India but it’s the most consumed hot beverage at a global level. Despite that, India continues to be a major tea producer within the nation with a vast network of market.

India has an incredible influence of the western culture dominating over our culture but when the change is for good, everybody appreciates. Modern tea bars can be seen nowadays in the shopping malls or along with book stores. 


The tea bar is basically a place where you can enjoy a cup of tea with light food and some conversation with friends and family. Here are some places that you can definitely check out, if you are willing to visit a tea bars in India.


Chai Garam
Among all the tea cafes in Delhi, this tea cafe is specialize in serving more than 20 varieties of tea and a long list of cuisines to mesmerize tea lovers.

Started in year 2012, Chaayos has been  most popular concept of ‘Tea Cafe' or ‘Tea Room' in India. These company has launched almost 12000 varieties of tea at any of their outlets.

Chai Break
Since 2010, they have launched about 18 shops across Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Durgapur, and Guwahati. They also serve hookah and alcohol along with tea.

Haazri is a popular place for tea lovers in Mumbai. From their self- service setups, they serve lip-smacking snacks and eateries. They also have variety breakfast menu which is served along with the tea

Tea Halt
The founders' goal was to serve authentic 'ghar ki chai' to the people of Delhi. This place serve more than 25 varieties of teas to their customers and providing them with the option of customizing the brew's spices and strength.

Chai Thela
Tea lovers love the healthy and affordable varieties of tea served at this tea cafe.

Chai Point
You can now find a 'Chai point' tea shop in Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai, taking the total number to around 100 shops. You can find every Chai Point simple and authentic. They only focus on just 5 to 6 varieties of tea.

Tpot Cafe
This tea cafe is a paradise for tea lovers due to its chai nashta' food style.

Chaipatty Tea Cafe
It's the perfect place to visit if you want to feel the roadside tea stall's vibe but in a refined manner. It also ensures to source genuine tea leaves from the Assam tea company. This place is also famous for authentic kulhad chai.

Tea Trails
Their menu is specially designed for erotic tea flavors from in and around the World. From Oolong to Five Spice Tea, their menu boasts 100 different varieties. Besides, they also serve several tea-infused snacks.

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