Best Train Journeys Across Western India

The Indian Railway system is believed to be one of the largest and busiest rail networks in the world. Introduced by Britishers, it is one of the best examples of innovative transportation systems in the whole world. Called the lifeline of India, trains provide the best tourism opportunity to travelers with privacy, hygiene, and comfort. 

It is a perfect option for travelers who seek to have an insight into the Indian culture and heritage. The best of western India can be experienced via the West India train tour that takes you to major cities of Maharashtra with Mumbai and Goa

These trains are considered the best train with the best route to explore regions of Western India. Have a look at some of the famous trains that connect various destinations and attractions of western India.

Vasco da Gama, Goa to Londa, Karnataka


Undoubtedly the best rail-journey in India which no one can afford to lose, the route from Vasco da Gama in Goa to Londa in Karnataka is filled with some of the most mesmerizing natural diversities. 

This wonderful journey takes you through the meandering curves of the mighty Western Ghats, stunning waterfalls and dense forest. 

The journey becomes even more awe-inspiring during the post-monsoon season as the falls start flowing in full motion. The water sprinkles brush your faces and soak you in a luxurious experience of the beauty of the nature. 

Madgaon to Mumbai on Mandovi Express

India on Trains

A stunning trip awaits you to take on the Mandovi Express to reach Mumbaito Goa or vice versa. The journey takes us through the enchanting Sahyadri hills and the ever wonderful Arabian Sea piercing through numerable quaint villages, eye-soothing greenery, and 92 tunnels and on 2000 bridges! Each moment you spend on this route would be a memorable one.

Neral to Matheran on the Toy Train


From Neral to Matheran offers one of the most beautiful toy-train journeys in India. Matheran is a piece of beauty snuggled in the Western Ghats painted in greens and is one of the most popular weekend destinations in Maharashtra. 

Interestingly there is no other commutation medium is allowed at Matheran, hence one has no option but to either walk on the hilly and muddy roads or to travel via toy-train to reach the town. 

The beautiful panoramic view of the area during this one and half an hour of joy ride would make your vacation even more excellent.

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