Must Try Street Foods in India

Street foods in India are sold at every nick and corner of the city you live in. They are sold by hawkers and vendors in the market, at portable stalls and other public areas - in front of cinema halls, famous hotels and saloons! You know some of these street food stalls by their name.  

College students going out to study in other cities return to their home city and feel at home standing comfortably in front of their favorite stall and remembering their golden childhood days! 

So, it is more than food - street food brings in countless memories of time spent with your family and siblings. You feel so nice when the vendor recognizes you and you in turn make him feel so important by calling him by his name.

Best Street Foods in India

Your trip to various places in India will be complete only when you savour street foods - there is a long list of really tasty and tangy dishes you must try. You can never have enough of them and will want to go back for more the next day. You can bet on this!

Chole Bhature

Street Food of India

This is a Punjabi dish and is really a sought after dish in India. You can have chole bhature for breakfast or for lunch and dinner. 

The dish is served hot with salad and you must taste it to know what a mouth watering recipe this is! It is one of the most popular dishes eaten during lunch. Read More


Best Street Foods of India

Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh is famous for poha-jalebi. Poha is compressed rice which is very light on the stomach. It is served hot with topping of coriander leaves and 'sev'. 

Generally, it makes for a great breakfast. Eating poha with jalebi is quite a good proposition as it satisfies your sweet tooth too! Jalebi is prepared using maida and dipped in sugar syrup. Read More

Aloo Tikki Chaat

Street Foods of India

Aloo-tikki chaat is a dish from Uttar Pradesh. The famous vendor selling aloo tikki is always crowded and surrounded by loyal clients. 

This is a mouth-watering dish which tastes sweet and tangy at the same time! Well, this dish is a blend of boiled potatoes, sev, curd, chole, mathri and topped with spices and coriander leaves. Read More


Street Foods of India

A non vegetarian dish, it is prepared with meat and grilled on a skewer. Great to have kababs on a rainy day served with green coriander chutney. Read More

Vada Pao

Best Street Foods of India

This is a famous dish of Mumbai in Maharashtra state of India. However, the dish has captured the hearts of Indians all over the country. Bun or pao is served with green chutney and fried potato dumplings along with fried green chillies.It is also quite a healthy dish.

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Street Foods of India

A Gujarati dish, it is prepared by boiled potatoes with spices added to it and this mixture is put between the pao or buns. You will find many vendors in Ahmedabad and even in Mumbai and Pune selling Dabeli.

Egg Rolls

Street Food in India

A non vegetarian dish, it is one of the most popular dishes on the streets of Kolkata. Fried egg is wrapped inside a paratha and served with chutney. this is a 'anytime food', quite healthy too.

Idli Sambar

Top Street Foods in India

A South Indian dish, this is one dish loved by everyone. Vada sambar and dosa sambar served with chutney are also sold by vendors. Have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner - you will still want to relish the dish the next day.

Sambar has all the vegetables available during the season and coconut chutney gives you the right tangy taste you crave for!

Mirchi Bajji

Top Street Foods of India

This is a snack or appetizer sold by street vendors in Hyderabad and rest of Indian cities as well. These are stuffed chilly fritters. 

The stuffing inside the chillies may differ from place to place but the longing to have more remains the same for everyone! Hyderabadi style mirchi bajjis are very famous just like 'bonda' and 'hyderabadi biryani'.


Street Food of India

This is one dish which can be prepared both - vegetarian and non vegetarian. Though this dish is originally from the north-east part of India, it has gained immese popularity in places like Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai. 

For vegetarians, grated and spiced vegetables are stuffed inside dumplings while for non vegetarians, chicken or meat pieces are filled inside the dumplings which are served with really hot momo sauce.

Keep a glass of water before you start your momo meal! Yes, momos can be either steamed or fried - whichever you may prefer.

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Pav Bhaji

Top Street Foods of India

Pav or pao is bread heated on a pan with a light application of butter. Bhaji is the word used for mashed boiled vegetables with spices added to make the dish really tasty. Add to this tomatoes, onions, butter and you get a delectable dish. This dish has originated from Maharashtra.

Pani Puri

Street Foods of India

This must be the most popular street food in India! Each helping is full of taste and tang and you can term your experience of having pani puri as sheer bliss! Your mouth will start watering even if you stand beside the vendor selling the dish. 

Small crispy puri is stuffed with mixture of chickpeas, spices, boiled potatoes and tamarind chutney. Rest will be magic inside your mouth. Since it is very spicy, you have to keep the number of pani puris you gulp in control.

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Bhel Puri

Street Food in India

Puffed rice (muri) is mixed with raw and finely cut tomatoes, onions, tamarind and tomato sauce. The dish is readily available on the beaches of Mumbai. Well, bhel puri is loved all over India.

Another street food very famous in parks and picnic areas is jhaal muri which originated in West Bengal. Puffed rice is mixed with spices, chillies, tomatoes, boiled potato, a drop of mustard oil and yes, the small paper pouch full of jhaal muri is indeed a delight.

Pyaaz Kachori

Street Foods of India

This is a snack that can be enjoyed any time of the day, best with tea and coffee! Pyaaz ki kachori is a fried pastry which is filled with spicy onion filling. 

This dish is specially famous in Jaipur (Rajasthan). Some people also prefer to bake the kachori instead of frying it. It is delicious and so big and filling that you won't be able to eat more than one... though your heart will long for more! 

Ingredients used for preparing Pyaaz kachori include flour, lots of onions, potatoes, spices and oil for frying. The steaming hot kachoris are crispy, smell great and taste heavenly.

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Street Food of India

Everyone loves the 'samosa'! It is a baked or fried pastry made of maida flour filled with a mixture of peas, onions, spicy boiled potatoes, lentils etc. There is a variation to it too - the non-veg samosa filled with mashed lamb, beef or chicken. 

It is triangular in shape and available at a modest price. Samosa makes for a great snack and is available in almost all sweet shops in India. Samosa is served with mint chutney or sauce. 

The snack is also known as 'singada' in some places. Another variation of this dish is 'samosa chaat'  which is served with yogurt, chutney, coriander, chaat masaala and chopped onion. Hmmm... mouth watering dish, no doubt.

Papri Chaat

Delicious Food of India

This is one dish which will make you lick your fingers! You can bet on this! Papri refers to crispy fried dough wafers from refined white flour. 

The dish comprises of papris which are served with boiled potatoes, sprouted moongs, boiled chickpeas, yogurt, finely chopped chillies, tamarind chutney and topped with sev and chaat masaala

What taste, eat it to believe how a simple dish can win over your heart! In Mumbai the dish is known as Sev puri.

When you taste the street food of India, you also get a glimpse of cuisine, culture, love and brotherhood that binds everyone here. You will just love to stand amidst people belonging to different cultures, speaking varied languages yet smiling at each other and relishing some really simple but really, really tasty preparations.

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