Top 15 things to remember while traveling with Kids in India

Traveling with kids is a daunting task and you can ask this to any parent or grandparent who is accompanying them. A family vacation can be fun if planned the right way. 

Adult travel planning is very different from kids travel planning. You need to be more sorted, pre-planned and also ready for emergencies. So here are 15 tips  to make your traveling fuss free, yet fun-

1. Pre-Planning

Travelling with Kids

When you are traveling with kids in India, you really need to make plans according to your mode of travel, duration and even the place you are visiting. According this, you should work out school leave dates or even get the homework done. 

At least, you will have less of a headache when you get back home. Make sure there’s nothing left to done when you get back home like a pending project! 

Also, try to get back a couple of days before school reopens so that your child has a chance to settle back into the old routine instead of the holiday mood.

2. Pack Their Luggage Separately

Travelling with Kids

Kids are always packing and unpacking. The result is that if you have their stuff packed with yours, be ready to get a mess. 

A small suitcase or handbag should be packed separately for the kids so that they learn to handle their own packing and manage their luggage, if they are old enough for it.

3. Medicine Kit

Medical Kit for Travelling with Kids

Before anything else is done, medicine kits for the kids should be packed. This can include their homeopathy medicines or course medicines along with emergency medicines. 

These include medicines for fever, loose motions, dehydration, vomiting and other related emergency medicines. Having a kit handy means that you don’t have to worry about buying medicines in the middle of the night. Also keep the doctors number handy.

4. Water

Make sure that your child has his or her own water bottle, even if it is filled with packaged water. Carrying a water bottle is easier for the child and they can sip through at their own convenience. 

Some parents also boil packaged water although it really doesn’t make a difference. Carry extra water around because the last thing you want is your child drinking un-filtered water and falling ill.

5. Tissues and Sanitizers

Wet tissues are a must-have for all parents. Kids literally lay their hands on everything around them. Wet tissues and sanitizers are a great way to clean them up, especially when you cannot find water anywhere near. 

In fact, a sanitizer can be used for cleaning wounds in case you don’t have alcohol or other disinfectant with you.

6. Carry A Day Bag

Always carry a change of clothes during day travel or when you leave your hotel. Kids love experimenting the weirdest of areas and you don’t want to come back to the hotel from a sightseeing location just to change their clothes. 

Always carry a day bag where you can keep a change of clothes, some food and water for them. This way, if you are stuck up unexpectedly, you have sufficient stock with you to manage till you head back or find a more viable place to take your kids to for lunch.

7. Keeping Them Busy

It is a sensible idea to keep some toys, puzzles, books or games with you during journeys, especially train and road trips. Kids do get bored very easily and you don’t want them to get irritated because of being bored. 

Having some entertainment on the way like tablets or even music players is a great way to keep them busy. It also means that you are able to spend some time together as a family playing cards or board games.

8. Make Them Nap

Travelling with Kids

A long car, train or aeroplane journey takes a bigger toll on the kids than adults. They do tend to get tired and irritated sitting in one place or because of long hours. 

It is always wise to make then nap so that they can get charged up. For those who are traveling in India from abroad, the time different can get your kids jet lagged. Make sure that they sleep well and get some time to adjust to this new routine.

9. Follow A Routine

Since it is a vacation, it is definitely the time to let them sleep a little extra or tuck them a little later at night, but do not alter their routines too much. If they go to bed at 9 and get up at 7 in the morning, let them get an extra hour or two. 

But keeping them awake till midnight will only mean that you will get a cranky bunch of kids in the morning, who will not be listening you to and spoil your trip.

10. Make Them Eat Healthy

Even during trips, it is highly recommended to make sure that your kids are getting a dose of healthy foods. So breakfast should include milk, fruits, porridge, eggs, etc. 

Carry around some light snacks for them like cereal bars or puffed rice. Allow them to eat junk but only one meal a day or they can get an acute stomach upset. Also, carry packaged food around when you are unsure on when or where you will be stopping for your next meal.

11. Include Family Friendly Destinations

You should try to include family friendly destinations or sightseeing tours during the trip too. For instance, if you are heading to the Taj Mahal for a day of historic sightseeing, kids are definitely going to get bored. 

In the evening take them to an amusement park or let them enjoy the pool so that they have some share of their fun too.

12. Always Keep ID

Make sure that your kid is always carrying around some identification of his/ her or even your phone number and address.

In a rare chance that your kid gets lost or you are not sure about their whereabouts, having identification or other similar proof can help them get in touch with you. Also, warn them or prepare them for such situations, if they are old enough to understand.

13. Always Use The Loo Before Heading Out

Be it you heading out for a day trip from a hotel or going to another destination post lunch, make sure that your kids use the loo before heading out. 

For smaller kids, potty training is important before such trips because you really don’t know what kind of public toilet you will find. Wherever clean toilets are available, encourage them to use it so that they you don’t have to constantly stop enroute.


14. Be Prepared

Be it winter or summers, you should always be prepared for sudden weather changes. So carry an umbrella, a light jacket, swimsuit, etc. for sudden weather changes, especially in places where climatic conditions change drastically. 

The other thing is that you should always keep extra clothing and shoes handy for unpredictable damages. A swimming costume should be kept in case you case you need it.

15. Book Ahead

Do not make sudden plans or head to destinations without going to a new place sans booking. You really don’t want to be stuck in a hotel lobby hoping for a vacant room or expect seats on the next flight out, without a prior booking. 

So make sure that your tickets are booked and sorted, and do keep photocopies handy in case your child lays hands on your original.

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