Bio Technology in India

India‚Äôs emergence as a leader in the biotechnological and bio-medical research and development has opened doors for investors to carry out research and development work in the country. 

It is one of the frontier technologies in India and is gaining tremendous success in the research and development wings. The technology is being utilized in many fronts namely, chemical industry,  agriculture and medicine.

indian biotechnology

In 1980, the government of India established separate institutional frameworks for the development of biotechnology research in the country. In February, 1986, a separate department called the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) was established and was offered the responsibility for research and developmental work in the country. The DBT has established a large number of facilities where most advanced research work in this field is being done.

Considerable success has been achieved in the identification of new genes, development of new drug delivery systems, diagnostics, recombinant vaccines, computational biology, and many other related areas.

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