Mountain Ranges of India

Indian Sub-continent is bestowed with tremendous natural beauty and abundance of all beautiful creations of Nature. Mountain Ranges are a group of mountains closely connected, and separated by passes or rivers. These mountain ranges are a source of various rivers in India.

Mountain RangesThe North Indian Sub-continent is defined by Himalayas, Hindu, Kush and Patkai ranges. Some of these ranges include extremely tall mountains that are even tallest in the world.

Apart form being the source of natural rivers these mountains act as a barrier against the cold Polar Winds and also facilitate monsoon Winds both of which are strong factors affecting the climate of India. 

Most of the rivers that originate from these ranges flow towards the Indo-Gangetic plains. 

There are eight Mountain Ranges in India, namely the Himalayas, The Karakoram, The Patkai, Vindhya, Satpura, Aravalli, Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats.

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Mountain Ranges in India

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