Paramahansa Mandali

Paramahansa Mandali was founded by Dadoba Panderung in 1849 and was one of the most effective socio-cultural organizations that had its influence across the state of Maharashtra. 

During the phase of conceptualization, most of the leaders of Paramahansa Mandali and Manav Dharma Sabha were common and shared similar ideologies.

Paramhans Mandali

The basic philosophies of the society are :

  1. God alone should be worshiped Real religion is based on love and moral conduct Spiritual religion is one Every individual should have freedom of thought

  2. The daily words should be consistent with reason Mankind is one caste and that the right kind of knowledge should be given to all.
The Mandali also denied the polytheism of popular Hinduism, the caste system and the Brahmanical monopoly of knowledge. 

The Mandali promised for freedom of thought and insisted on reason as a base for moral conduct. The members of the Mandali might do so without adherence to a single doctrine.

For all their ideologies the Mandali worked on two basic principles. Firstly, that the members of the Mandali would not attack any religion. The second principle was that, they would reject any religion which claimed that it had `the infallible record of God`s revelation to man`.

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