Brahma Kumaris

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya also known as Brahma Kumaris is a unique university and a popular spiritual value based educational center, which is recognized world wide. 

The institution was founded in India in 1937. This reform movement is named Brahma Kumaris as it is headed by females only.
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This group of institution lays importance on value-based education and universal brotherhood. Two other institutions established under this movement are Raja Yoga Education and Research Foundation and Brahma Kumaris Academy.

The institution teaches to build up the inner strength, to grow the inner values and above all to teach Raja Yoga, a practical method of meditation, emphasizing on the growth of mental abilities to discover the true meaning of life and attain salvation.

The headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris known as Madhuban is in Mount Abu, Rajasthan which comprises the Administrative Head, Additional Administrative Head, Joint Administrative Head, a Governing Board and a Management Committee.

It contains three main centers as Meditation Hut (meditation place of Dada Kripalani), Tower of Peace (Samadhi of Brahma Baba), Om Shanti Bhawan or the Universal Peace Hall (main hall).

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