The Veda Samaj

The Veda Samaj was an extremely important social reform in the Southern India. The Samaj was established in Madras in the year 1864 mainly with the efforts of Sridharalu Naidu and Keshab Chandra Sen. The main philosophies of Veda Samaj were very similar to that of Brahmo Samaj, at least in their theistic principals.

Veda SamajAn important ideology of the members of Veda Samaj was considering marriage and the funeral rituals as matters of routine, destitute of all religious significance. 

They raised strong voices for discarding all sectarian views, of gradually abandoning caste distinctions, of tolerating the view of strangers and never offending anyone’s feelings.

Apart from the above theistic morals the two Samaj’s were against polygamy and child marriage and supported widow remarriage.

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