Global Warming in India

Global Warming refers to the overall warming up of earth’s atmosphere by absorption of Sun’s rays as a result of a thick blanket formed by various Green House gases. 

Although the local temperatures fluctuates the overall earth’s Temperature has risen immensely in the past 50 years as compared to its past.

Global Warming results in submerging of low-lying islands, melting of glaciers, threatens the volumetric flow rate of many rivers of India. It is quite evident that the long-term effects of this phenomenon if not stopped is going to be fatal for life on earth.

global warming

Global warming in India

 The formation of Himalayas millions of years before resulted in blocking of Central Asian cool winds, making India a warm country. Over the years the Industrial development and atmospheric pollution has contributed in addition of various harmful gases like Carbon-di-oxide in the environment leading to Global warming.

Effects of Global warming

  • Environmental: Some of the major environmental concerns regarding Global warming include rising of Sea-levels, change in ambient temperature, increasing cyclonic activity, precipitation levels etc. Melting of glaciers pose serious threat to future generations.

  • Economic: The Indira Gandhi Institute of Development research has reported that if the predictions of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change come true about Global warming than India’s GDP will decline at an alarming rate. Due to results like submersion of land etc many citizens are supposed to get displaced. 
  • Rising Sea Levels: Villagers living near coastlines are threatened by melting of glaciers as it would first affect the low-lying areas. Thus, if no measures are taken to improve conditions on Global warming then India’s economy is sure to get hit.
  • Other causes of global warming are, melting of ice in Antartic region, Torrential downpours and more powerful storms, Heatwaves and droughts, Changing ecosystems, Reduced food security, Pest populations are on the rise.

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