Flora and Fauna in India

India has a wide variety of flora and fauna like the diverse cultures and religions in India. The Indian subcontinent’s flora and fauna is an eyecandy for its nature lovers. Around 23.68% of India is covered by forest. 

Flora and Fauna is the mirror of a country. The richness of flora & fauna is reflected in the mélange of India's climate and topography. The Flora (Vegetation or forests) provides home to many rare and unique species (Fauna or animals). 

These vast patches of forests vary from region to region and each have some unique feature, be it its flora, fauna, avi-fauna or aqua-fauna. Read More



All species of plant Kingdom that are found in a particular region, period, or special environment is altogether termed as ‘Flora’ deriving the term from the Roman goddess. 

None of country in the world grows such a rich variety of vegetation as it is found in India due to the wide range of climatic conditions in India. The Indian vegetation has around 15,000 species of plants. India lies in tropical zone hence it is mainly covered with deciduous forests.



All of the living beings that fall in animal kingdom of any particular region or time is known as ‘Fauna’ of the country.  Read more

Around 400 varieties of mammals, 1250 species of birds and 10,000 types of insects and 2546 variety of fish, 197 species of amphibians and 408 reptile species are found in India.

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