Medieval Age Timeline


With some important dates like Sikhism and the city of Amritsar was established in 1490 A.D. and Humayun succeeds Mughal emperor in 1530 A.D., the Medieval Age in Indian History has many significant dates. Given below is the list of all important years in Medieval Age.

Mohammad of Ghori defeats Prithvi Raj

1192 AD

Qutub-ud-din Aibak becomes sultan of Delhi

1206 AD

Chola dynasty ends

1250 AD

Jalal ud-Din Firuz establishes Khilji sultanate

1290 AD

Muhammad bin Tughlaq becomes sultan of Delhi

1325 AD

Southern kingdom builds capital at Vijayanagar

1343 AD

Muslim nobles revolt against Muhammad bin Tughlaq

1345 AD

Sikhism and the city of Amritsar established

1490 AD

Babur becomes the ruler of Ferghana

1497 AD

Humayun succeeds Mughal emperor

1530 AD

Humayun loses the empire to Sher Shah

1540 AD

Humayun loses the empire to Sher Shah

1540 AD

Humayun regains India

1555 AD

Akbar becomes ruler

1556 AD

Akbar dies and is succeeded by Jahangir

1605 AD

East India Company established

1611 AD

Prince Khurram receives Shah Jahan title

1617 AD

Shivaji establishes Maratha kingdom

1627 AD

Shah Jahan builds Taj Mahal

1631 AD

Aurangzeb seizes power

1658 AD

Death of Aurangzeb

1707 AD

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