Rana Sanga

Maharana Sangram Singh (April 12, 1484 – March 17, 1527) popularly known as Rana Sanga was the last ruler of medieval India and was famous for his chivalry and generosity. He united the Rajput states to fight against the foreign invaders.

Rana Sanga.jpgRana Sanga succeeded Rana Kumbha as the king of the Mewar. He defended his kingdom bravely from the invasions of Muslim rulers of Delhi, Gujarat and Malwa. 

He was such a high spirited soldier that in spite of losing one arm, one eye and numerous other injuries he showed tremendous valor and continued fighting in the battle.

His generosity can be seen by his treatment of Sultan Mahmud of Mandu, whom Rana Sanga helped to restore his kingdom even when he was defeated and taken as a prisoner by Rana.

Rana Sanga along with other Rajput rulers fought the Battle of Khanwa against the first Mughal Ruler Babur.

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