Other Trade Agreements in India


Trade Agreement:  Trade agreement is any contractual arrangement between states concerning their trade relationships. These agreements can be bilateral or multilateral that is, between two states or more than two states. international trade.

India currently has 12 FTAs and India-UAE CEPA is the latest one. India opted out of the giant Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership of the Asia-Pacific nations in 2020.

Other trade agreements include:

  1. CECA between The Republic of India and the Republic of Singapore
  2. Global System of Trade Preferences GSTP
  3. India Chile PTA
  4. India Afghanistan PTA
  5. India Bhutan Trade Agreement
  6. India Korea CEPA
  7. India Nepal Trade Treaty
  8. India Sri Lanka FTA
  9. India ASEAN Agreements
  10. Framework agreement with Chile
  11. Framework Agreement with GCC States
  12. Framework Agreement with Thailand
  13. India Bangladesh Trade Agreement
  14. India Ceylon Trade Agreement
  15. India DPR Korea Trade Agreement
  16. India Korea Trade Agreement
  17. India Maldives Trade Agreement
  18. India Mongolia Trade Agreement
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