Major Reforms in Indian History

India has been a land of various cultural transformations. Looking back to the history of India, there have been some major reforms that proved to be the turning point in making changes in the Indian society. Some of these changes were accepted with the full swing while some created major uprisings.


Whenever the tolerance of any particular community or sect reached its brim, some charismatic leaders took charge of bringing change to the existing dogmas or to prevent the fading cultures. Some of these reforms, societies, sabhas, mandalis are existing till today while some lost their luster over time.

Many reforms like Arya Samaj, Theosophical Society, Brahmo Samaj, Manav Dharma Sabha, Nirankari Movement and many more worked towards preventing existing religions, moving ahead of any social discrimination. While, reforms like Izhava Movement were inclined towards fighting justice for some depressed classes in society.

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