Indo-Pakistan War (1971)

The military war between India and Pakistan is associated with the secession of East Pakistan to form an independent nation of Bangladesh. The 14 days long started on 3rd December 1971 and ended on 16th December 1971.

After the war, around 90,000 West Pakistani residents, 54,000 rmy officials and 12,000 civilians who were in East Pakistan during partition were all taken by India as the prisoners of War (POW).

The Indo-Pak war was closely associated or sparkled by the Bangladesh Liberation war. The Bangladesh Liberation war was fought in 1970 between the East and West Pakistani troupes over the issue of governance. The war finally resulted in the liberation of East Pakistan that formed Bangladesh on 27th March 1971.

The Bangladesh Liberation war did not end with the independence of Bangladesh as theIndo-Pak War 1971 West Pakistani Army started to conduct mass-genocide on the population of East Pakistan. Millions of people thus fled towards the Indian state of West Bengal to seek refuge. 

The then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi expressed her full support to the refugees of East Pakistan and promised to protect them. 

Many Eastern states of India organized refugee camps for East Pakistanis and even the Bangladesh-India border was opened for refugees to come in.

Finally, under Indira Gandhi’s leadership it was decided that instead of a refuge support, they would strike an armed rebellion against Pakistan. 

The period thereafter saw a series of Ground, Air and Naval operation from both sides that at a point seemed unending. Finally a “Instrument of Surrender” was signed by Pakistani Army to flee away from Bangladesh leaving it to claim independence.

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