Singh Sabha Movement

Singh Sabha Movement was started in seventies of the 19th century after the Nirankari and Namdhari movements and proved to be the turning point in the history of the Sikhs.

Singh SabhaThe Singh Sabha intended to reinstate Sikhism to its past purity by promoting Punjabi language to propagate knowledge in the form of historical religious books, magazines and journals. 

The movement was also aided by the missionaries’ activities of Mohammedans and Christians.

Sardar Harbans Singh also believed that Singh Sabha had a deeper influence on the Sikh community as the movement touched the roots of Sikhism and shaped the Sikhs attitude for nearly about a century.

The Singh Sabha Movement was successful because of the strong dedication and motivation of Sikhs to take the Sikhism to a separate identity rather than considering the religion as just the sect of Hinduism.

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