Faraizi Movement

Faraizi movement was a religious reform movement founded by Haji Shariatullah during the nineteenth century. The term Faraizi has been deduced from`farz`, standing for compulsory and mandatory duties ordained by Allah. 

After seeing degradation of Muslims, Haji Shariatullah called up muslims to give up anti-muslim practices and perform their duties as like a true muslim.

Faraizi MovementHaji Shariatullah's son Muhammad Mohsin, known as Dadhu Mian, organized the movement in a systematic way and thus popularized and strengthened the movement. 

Dadhu Mian with the support of other Muslim peasants and craftsmen, opposed the taxes imposed by the landlords on Muslim peasants for the decoration of the Durgah.

The movement was also concerned with the British influence upon Muslims and a call for social justice was raised. The movement continued from 1830 to 1857.

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